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K Sep 07, 2018 Review updated:

UO's ordering process works like this: I submit an online order and receive an order number via email; 5 minutes later I receive an email "order cancelled." This has happened multiple times. So, just to make sure I'm clearing bank approval and understand what's happening - I brought bank account up on desktop and ordered on phone; watched on the desktop while the bank approved the order (OK, there's plenty credit limit there so of course transaction approved) but UO still cancelled the order. Again, again, and again.
Strangely, this has happened about 5-6 times.
I've called multiple times; received no information or reasons for this. So, if an order is cancelled, it seems to me someone would be able to explain why? UO doesn't want to deal with it (apparently). This is just poor customer service where employees don't want to help with the problem. Unfortunately, it has been on multiple occasions with UO.


  • L
      Sep 08, 2018

    This exabt thing just happened to me

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  • I
      Dec 20, 2018

    apparently uo uses accertify sw that checks ip address among other things then cancels automatically. i've trying to buy a couple of items last several days w out luck because of this crappy sw. i'm stuck w a gift card so have to use it. not your credit history but their flawed sw algorithm is the problem.

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