UOB Bankthreaten customer


To global uob team,

Appreciate if you can assist to look into this case and revert to me.

I have received my statement last week which asking me to make the payment to my credit cards statement. After looking at the detail of the statement, I found that uob charged the uob master card which was supposed to be cancelled by uob few years back. I have never used this card before and wondering why there is charges occurs. I have call the hotline clarify on the account, then the officer started to threaten me.

Below is the detail of the conversation:

- call to uob hotline and spoke to a lady named rebecca kong (Employee id: 43330). (Rebecca’s tone was very rude)
- I have informed her that I have never used this card and this is supposed to cancel long time ago as I have requested it few years back.
- rebecca responded to me that cancelling the master card has to go to the branch. (Could not explain why can’t I cancel via phone)
- I have told her that it is not possible as I do not want to take a day off to just handle this issue. (She insisted me to go to the branch)
- I have also informed her that why it is not so much hassle when I applied the card, but it is so trouble when I want to cancelled.
- she claimed that this is process and policy.
- she also threaten me that I will be charged for $270 as annual fees if I do not keep my master card. (Start threaten me by charging me more fees)
- she also insisted me to either go to the branch to cancel the card and nothing much she can do.
- I asked her whether there is any supervisor / manager on duty. She told me that there is no supervisor working during the weekend. (Curious: such a big call centre, and no manager/supervisor is available)
- she claimed that nothing much she can do
- I requested her to get the supervisor to call me on monday

- a lady from uob called me claimed that she can only do the cancellation on my master but not visa. (I doubt that she is the supervisor, and she spoke fast like machine gun)
- I asked her why? She said that this is policy and cannot do anything about it.
- I have then requested her to drop me an email with the detail. She promised me that will send it to me by 23-aug-2010. (I do not receive her email at all)

All I request is to cancel my uob credit cards as I am very upset about the services provided. Why would uob bank doing so much hanky-panky things to retain the customer? Is this the way uob retains the customer by providing hassle cancellation process to customer? My family business has been using uob premier banking services for more than 20 years, I guess it is time to consider in switching to other bank as such worst customer experiences and services may impact our confidence to uob bank.

Few concern I have on my mind which I doubt that uob did really fulfill the banking policy:
1. Why my master card did not get cancelled in few years back?
2. Why uob wants to charge customer additional $270 when customer wants to cancel the card?
3. Why uob is using threaten tactic in retaining customer?
4. Why there is no supervisor on duty during the weekend?
5. Why uob did not send me email as promised?
6. Why the officer was so rude to the customer?
7. Why uob simply charge me the government tax on the card which I have already cancelled long time ago?


  • Le
    Lee Boon Kwan Oct 30, 2012

    地点在Thompson plaza.
    我代他们问boldwim关于贷款之事而惹怒了他 结果他用很凶的眼光.及流亡的态度回敬我
    我也很生气的问他你是银行代表还是流亡 他
    我承认浯气是重了点, 但他也不致于用那态度对我。之后我向他要求名片可是他不给
    我们是在谈关于 74, jalan gelenggang 的贷款

    LEE BOON KWAN hp93881548

    [email protected]

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  • To
    tonyLTH Dec 24, 2013

    Date 24 dec 2013, around 6.30 pm to 7pm something

    >i Call to UOB Hotline and spoke to a guy, activate my new card is done, 2nd card is my mom and my dad also need activated a new card as well that guy very rude, all information from my mom & my dad can provide that guy say want to talk to principle card holder then i pass to my mom specking that guy ( my mom cant speck english and malay not very well ) after that pass back, i specking with the guy, what info u still want to my mom details . that guy reject me and still want to specking to my mom ( that guy is very very rude) after that i ask him that guy do u still want do my business, that guy say if cancel credit card that guy say no problem .im very angry, that guy is very bad service UOB( i forget ask his name ), i hang up the the phone .

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  • Ch
    chia021 Jun 19, 2014

    Reading the above confirms my exact thoughts that UOB is not interested in having your business. My experience in signing a credit card with them has been by far the worst. Not only did it take over a month to process a card, but it involved me having to call them several times to make them 'look' into WHY my application was rejected. Apparently, my application was rejected because of insufficient documentation. Really? Why is it I didn't receive an email about it then? Fine, I dropped the case since maybe it went into junk mail. I sent my documents, got a acknowledgement letter that they have received my documents. about 2 weeks later, I receive in my letter box that they are still waiting for documents. WHAT? Mind you, this is already 4 weeks down the road. Again, I call customer service asking why is it taking so darn long. I am a Singaporean and I'm fully employed. I'm not going to run away with the bank's money for goodness sake. A few days later, I received mail with my credit card but guess what?! I can't even activate it over the phone because the system does not have my phone number. And the only way to get it activated is to go to the branch. I'm thinking... I am not going to take time out of my busy schedule to go to a darn branch just to activate my credit card. And I remember well that I have provided my credit card in my application form, so why must I make an effort to go to the bank AGAIN for a stupid thing like this? I call the customer service again and wow, this time I was really pissed because not only did the lady talk to me in a negative manner, but she insist I go to the branch to activate my card. At this point I'm thinking that this bank is useless and I should just forget about even giving them my business. I am a customer of HSBC, Citi and DBS and none of these banks have been able to make me furious like this. So yes, I understand very well why you're pissed at UOB because clearly they can't get their act right even after all these years.

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  • Ch
    cherrygm Apr 13, 2016

    1. 我去K.D Branch 问他们我公司需要换地址,他们说负责人不在,叫我留下电话会在今天内Call回我。我等了2天,没任何消息。Ok 没问题,我在去他们那边,那人才说“哦,你要换地址需要写信给银行表明你要换的地址,和老板签名就可以”,OK 我觉写信然后老板签名,交了上去给UOB,他们说会有人Call来公司确认地址。我等了2,3个礼拜,没收到任何电话,我在去UOB 那边问,他们才说要我老板亲自来确认地址才可以。。妈的,,那当时为什么没告诉我,我一直问他们是不是写信了,老板签了名就可以,他们说是。这是什么服务?
    2. 我去KD Branch 问他们,我公司员工需要开UOB 户口,因为方便出薪水。可是出乎我意料的是那UOB的人和我说“其实你不用开UOB 银行的户口也可以,其他银行也可以用,况且UOB 银行很难找到ATM的” ,那请这是什么问题?
    3. 我需要开通公司网上转账,他们和我说需要3-4星期,我真的不明白为什么开个internetOnline banking 也要等将就?没关系,现在我公司已经等了2个月了,没任何消息,如果我没call 去问,也没人会联络我们。4月头我问那人进行到怎样,他说在等着回复,我等了1给礼拜多没给我答复。我老板已经完完全全对UOB bank 很失望。。。申请一个很简单的Online internet banking 也将难,也要等2个月都还没弄到出来?为什么其他银行的Online internet banking 申请可以很快?为什么UOB会将难?我真的不明白。是不是UOB 银行都将对待我们这些小公司?

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  • Gm
    gmcos Apr 13, 2016

    1. 我去K.D Branch 问他们我公司需要换地址,他们说负责人不在,叫我留下电, 没问题,我在去他们那边,那人才说“哦,你要换地址需要写信,然后老板签名。Ok,我就回公司写信,然后给老板签名,再交了上去给UOB,他们说会有人Call来确认地址,我等了2个礼拜,没人打来,我再去 那边问,他们才说要我老板亲自来确认地址才可以。。妈的什么东西,当时去问的时候我已经一直问他们是不是只要写信,然后给老板签名就可以,还需要什么资料吗?他们说没有了。那为什么之后又和我说要老板亲自来确认呢?
    2.我去KD Branch 问他们,我公司员工需要开UOB 户口,因为方便出薪水。可是出乎我意料的是那UOB的人和我说,其实不用开UOB 银行的户口也可以,其他银行也可以用,况且UOB 银行很难找到ATM的” ,那请这是什么问题?
    3. 我需要开通公司网上转账,他们和我说需要3-4星期,我真的觉得很奇怪,申请Internet banking 也要等将久?没关系,现在我公司已经等了2个月了,没任何消息,如果我没打 去问,我想是没人会联络我们。4月头我问那人进行到怎样,他说正在等答复,等了一礼拜也没给我任何答案,今天我在打去问,他还是和我说在等。。到底等什么呢?我真的很失望。。。申请一个很简单的Online internet banking 也将难,也要等2个月都还没弄到出来?为什么其他银行的Onli... internet banking 申请可以很快?为什么UOB会将难?我真的不明白。是不是UOB 银行都将对待我们这些小公司?

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  • 慕肜紫 Apr 19, 2016

    刚才下午我和妈妈去了jurongpoint uob 银行,

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  • 慕肜紫 Apr 19, 2016

    刚才下午我和妈妈去了jurongpoint uob 银行,

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