Unlimited Vacation Clubmembership cancellation

My wife and I unfortunately signed up for Unlimited Vacation Club at Secrets the Vine Cancún on 10/9/2019.

We had no intentions of signing up, but the sales rep promised great rates for travel and many incentives including switching our room to Master Suite Ocean View at the Secrets for rest of our stay in town (our original stay was at Reflect Cancun).

90min was the scheduled duration of the tour, and yet it took about 5-6hours until we signed the contract. We thought it was worth the time, due to all the perks that we will have for the next couple decades.

Once you say yes to the contract, they'll pull out and iPad and make you sign a 52 page contact via DocuSign. There were no time to go over the details, just instructed to initial/sign here and there.

I wanted to learn more about UVC so later that night, I did a google search. It didn't take long before I realized what have I got myself into.

At that point, I had already paid $7200 for 25% and closing cost. I ended up staying up all night to read what other people experienced and planned a way to get myself out.

I drafted a letter based of and decided to take it to the office of UVC at the Secrets first thing in the morning.

We went to the office so early that there weren't any other customers and asked for our sales rep. Told him that UVC isn't for us and would like to cancel membership. Smiles were gone and his face became serious, he now looked intimidating. We were told that his boss will arrive at 9:30am so come back at that time.

With 2 hours to spare, we enjoyed our last breakfast at the Secrets and decided to check out of the room because we had no intention of spending another night there.

At 9:30, we went back to the office and talked with the boss. She took it more maturely and tried to explain what great deal we will be missing out. We respectfully declined again and again. Her concern was that we have already began to use one of our incentive offers, that master suite.

A customer service rep then showed up (big, very intimidating, and no smile) and told us we can withdraw from the UVC club, but owe them the full amount of the master suite of whopping $6500 for 7nights. He pulled out the contract and pointed out that part where it says something in the line of if termination occurred due to ourself, we owe the full price of the incentive and that we should stay at the hotel if we're going to pay anyways.

I then told him we've already checked out and willing to pay for 1 night, which was still $921. He then went to go check with his supervisor and came back saying I don't owe them all, but cost for 2 nights because I checked out early. I checked out at 9am that day so I won't have to pay the 2nd day, but he pointed out in the context where it says "Cancellation less than 24 hours before arrival. 2 night penalty."

So I told them "No where in the contract mentions about early check out. That is a policy for cancellation and not early check out." I ended up negotiating to where we only owe them for 1 night. It was probably the worst $921 we've spent.

As for the cancellation of the UVC club, a different gentleman came and told us he needs a letter from us. Being prepared by reading all over the internet, we handed it over. We received an email from him saying UVC membership has been cancelled and will partial refund of the deposit (deposit minus 1 night of hotel).

From signing the contract to receiving the cancellation email took less than 24 hours, but that was the most stressful night in recent years. Not only we wasted a day of our precious vacation time and ended up paying a master suite room. I was told that this room was an ocean view, but the actual room was located on the lagoon side and there was only partial ocean view, which was visible only from a certain part of the balcony.

UVC may be a great fit for some people, but it didn't seem right for us. Now that I think about it, they try really hard to bribe you to sign a contract and once signed, all they give you is a membership card and a usb that apparently "Has everything you need to know about it." When someone spends a fortune for your service, I think there should be better customer care. We were never actually shown how to look up and book vacation and use other services they offer. "Everything could be done if you call this phone number" just won't cut it.

I'm waiting for the refund as I write this and still mad at myself for signing the contract and paying for a master suite, which I never asked for (they upgraded it because other rooms weren't available). I had to learn the hard way and paid the price for it.

Other than the pressured atmosphere they created, the tour of the resort was nice. The Secrets hotel is definitely a luxury and would love to spend some nights there in the future.

I hope sharing my experience will help others too. You CAN cancel it so don't give up!!

  • Unlimited Vacation Club Customer Care's Response, Oct 14, 2019


    Good morning. Thank you for contacting UVC. We are sorry to know your intention about canceling your membership. To provide proper assistance, please send your member ID through email: [protected] We thank you in advance for your patience.

Oct 11, 2019

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