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RE: SAX000627

- 3/6/19 Vacation Club Purchased based on stating future nites would only be $87/nite but when I called, was over $300 for same resort that was promised to be ONLY $87.
- 3/16/19 Vacation Club cancelled over phone. Told "Someone would call me back to complete." No call! Phone bill with proof of call available.
- 3/17/19 Received email and I responded I cancelled. Again, proof I cancelled the day before but I am not in the scam business and did not know I had to have an actual letter of confirmation.
- 3/20/19 No response until 3/20 saying my account is active.
- Disputed credit card and lost because I don't have cancellation letter. Unlimted Vacation Club response to dispute, " Customer cancelled on 3/17/19 and needed to cancel on 3/16/19. I have this for proof as well and all emails. INCREDIBLE. I was scammed again.
- 7/16/19- I am being harassed for money and threatened court, legal action, and promises of credit ruin if I don't pay further monies ASAP!

I have asked and asked for corporate contact to assist in resolving this and have not been provided the information requested until today 7/16/19 but incomplete so I have to do more search. Haha. Just called the customer number I found for the "corporate address", 9450 Sunset Dr., Miami, FL 33173 and the CSR says no corporate officers even go to that building and that it is only customer service.

I want my $1180 back and harassment for further money collections to stop! I have been scammed and am continuously harassed by these people threatening bad credit and collections unless I pay them more $. I Not only HAVE not RECEIVED ANYTHING FOR the money they stole from me at the presentation, I had a horrible vacation on the resort that was clearly only 2 stars. It was not what I booked as BookVip changed the resort after I paid. Yup, said it was full and a comparable resort would be provided. NOT TRUE. HOLE IN THE WALL was substituted. In addition, I lost 1/2 day of my valuable vacation time with my dying son. (YUP 1/2 day, NOT 90 minutes) Then, I get back home to learn I have been scammed with false expectations then again when I cancelled and they did not call me back to complete the cancellation, which apparently was the last day!

I am appauld at this company taking advantage of Americans. It's not enough to scam someone out of $1, 180 and go your way but to continue to harass and threaten for more. The last email I received was hostile and said "This is the 4th notice and threatening credit issue without payment"... Unethical representatives.

I request:
1- Return of funds paid for false reporting and representation
2- Formal cancellation letter and apology
3- Removal of my information from all data bases and harassing emails to stop.

  • Unlimited Vacation Club's response · Jul 17, 2019

    Hello JM42779!

    Good morning.

    Thank you for contacting UVC. We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you. Your opinion is very important to us and we would like to assist you in any possible way. We have verified in our system that you already are being assisted by the corresponding area. however, we will share the situation with the specific area again. We appreciate your patience. Regards. GK

  • Updated by JM42779 · Jul 17, 2019

    Please note, 2 other important bits of information.
    1- I asked for written contract at presentation and was denied this where representative indicated it is “only electronic”. I did not receive the pdf contract until day of cancellation 3/16/2019 after I called and had to request it. My rights to review and exercise an option to cancel were withheld from me. Upon receiving contracts, I cancelled on 3/16/2019.

    2- i was promised 87 a night for same resort presentation was at. I wanted to search rates while onsite and was denied this option. Again, representation indicated I had to wait 10 days until I received email with members logon.

    The only reason I bought into buying this was for the discounted days but after receiving email, the price was NOT 87 and I’m fact the night pricing was nothing special and I found better deals online.

    Again, I called in 3/16/2019 and canceled and was told someone would call me back but of course, no one did.

    I am a realtor and do NOT lie to my clients and expected same honesty and believed the sales people as I believe most people are good.

    I am so disgusted and am a victim of a scam by your company.

    1- I want my money back or a
    Vacation week for my son of his choosing.
    2- a written apology
    3- written letter of cancellation
    4- harassing emails to stop please.

    Thank you


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    Mike Boo Boo Aug 17, 2019

    Ditto. Hey, you paid $280 per night for your trip. When you join the cost will be like $70 per night. LOL

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