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I booked a 'vacation package' from Chicago to San Diego, so that I could go see my Daddy at UCSD La Jolla before he suddenly passed away. He passed in his sleep the day
before I was to leave on my very last minute trip. As you can imaging my family and i were going through enough with the untimely death of my father alone. I tried to contact
United Vacations to cancel my trip in time. I spent an entire day on hold with customer service...sometimes given a hold time of up to 4 hours. WHile I was waiting I was
intermittenly sending emails to the customer support email supplied by them. I was trying to do everything right so that I could get my trip cancelled and refunded, since I
would now have to drive to California to take care of all of his arrangements. Not only did the hold time keep increasing, I never got one single repsonse to any of my emails. I
even called United directly only to be told they could not help with the United Vacation issue. To date no response of any sort received. All the while I am mourning my Dad
and trying to arrange his burial as that cost was all on me as well. This was by far the absolute worst experience I have ever endured. So unprofessional. My final call to them
stated I was next in line, yet was kept on hold for 72 minutes. I will not let this go. I will report them to every single agency/bureau until I get my full refund back. I will provide
any documention needed (death certificate, etc). This is the most inhumane treatment I have EVER received and will NEVER fly United again. I am sickened by this behaviour. I
highly recommend that NOONE ever use this United Vacation package. I was under the impression in would be easier to bundle everything, since, keep in mind all I could
thing of was getting to my father before he passed. I have spread the word to many of my colleagues who did use United. I will not give up until I get a FULL Refund. I am
unemployed due to Covid 19, therefore money does not come easy right now!

Jun 24, 2020 5:45 am EDT

As a followup I just filed a complaint. I will stop at nothing. I am offended, insulted and beyond frustrated.

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