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I have been receiving mail for a former tenant that was forced to move out of my home due to extenuating circumstances. She has obviously been using my address for any junk mail or other companies that she has been frequenting to harrass me by receiving her mail. I NEED IT TO STOP. She no longer legally resides at my address and somebody at the Post Office needs to send it back or forward to any new address that she would have put on file (if any). How do I make it stop permanently? I DO NOT want to see her name on anything coming to my house. It's MY HOME and I would like the right to enjoy it without seeing her name or mail coming to my adress anymore!


  • U have to contact the post office directly. Thats the only way it will stop and then they cant guarenttee it

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      Dec 05, 2010

    as a retired mailman in syracuse ny, I can tell you that the problem comes from washington DC. no hiring is allowed unless it is approved by washington. when someone retires his route is obsorbed by the exsisting routes. the routes are being timed right down to the second, and being retimed every 2-3 months so there is no spare time. when the carrier is given extra to do, due to retirement, sick call, or vacation time, it tacked on to an exsisting route and the carrier is told to do the extra 1st, thus putting his regular deliverys behind for the day. Also having a differant person deliver part of a route everyday results in undelivered and misdelivered mail. Its only going to get worse. In my own personal opinion, I think the government is trying to make the service so bad that the public will want it turned over to public enterprise, which is what the government wants.

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  • J
      Jul 12, 2014

    Sat. [protected] mail for 3603 was in 3606 mail box and 3606 mail was in 3612 mail box.

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