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Census taker trespassed on my property
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United States Census Bureau complaints 70

United States Census Bureau - Census worker

A "supposed" male driving a small white car, wearing a white "marines t shirt and hat" approached my door knocked and told me he was with the census. I told him "I filled out my census and you are not wearing a mask, get off my property"

What is wrong with you people - trying to kill us? This worker must be fired! He is trying to infect people

United States Census Bureau - Employment

I would like to make a formal complaint for this year and the last census. Both times I was officially hired but never worked not one day. The last census in 2010, I even went through training and was never called for the actual job. This year they did it to me again. The interveiwer called, went through his spiel and offered me the job of census numerator, but never called me for training. Someone did call and said that training was to start on the following week. I never received another call as to where and when. I'm glad I didn't because I would not have wanted to go through another training and not work.

United States Census Bureau - Manager being unprofessional

My name is michael koehler, I am filing a formal complaint against district field manager donna daub. After signing with the census back in april 2020, and after all the fingerprinting and checks I did. Ms. Daub acted in an unprofessional, bitter, short worded phone call, even to the point of ending our call by slamming the phone down. I kindly asked about getting my schedule for training and she went off wildly about how she is pressured about getting enumerators training. I am seriously concerned about having this kind of leadership doing our census and the immediate need to correct it utilizing your complete attention. — questions please call me at6106833151, that kind of behavior is totally not acceptable

Hi Michael. I'm Francine. My census field manager, Brenda, out of the State College Area in Pennsylvania was also unprofessional. I asked her why enumerators keep coming to the address across the street. I even enumerated it. The couple who lived there were dead even before the 2010 Census. Instead of saying "I don't know." She went off about how computers can't think and other procedural stuff. She then said my question was ended in a flustered sounding voice. I challenged her and I filed a complaint I haven't heard back about. Then I learn my time and expense sheet for this past Thursday were rejected. So I won't be getting paid for the 2.75 hours or 35 miles I drove. It reeks of retaliation. As a result I'm read to tell her to take her Census and shove it. If the Census has questions her number is [protected]. Mine is [protected].


United States Census Bureau - Census taker

I am all for census takers but what I can not tolerate is a worker that walks onto my property with out the proper protective gear during a PANDEMIC, this is outrageous behavior.
She walked down our driveway with no mask or gloves on. She puts a mask on by our home and then stands out here for at least 5 min. I ask her to please leave any information in our Dropbox at the end of our driveway and please step away from our home. She refuses and then leaves a package on our garage door, of course wearing no gloves.
This is medically unsound procedure during a pandemic to needless expose people to someone who will not take the proper precaution. I have an elderly person at this address.
Symptoms may not show for two weeks so unless she is being test prior to leaving her car to come to my house (right, what testing) your policy is way off and unsound.
June 2 2020 5 pm ish in a black crossover suv


I live in a senior housing complex and the other day I had one come up to my front door and stand outside without knocking or ringing my bell. I could see the census bag thru my living room window.. They stood there for about a minute then left. Today a man shows up (without protective gear) rings my bell and when I answered asked if I could provide information about my neighbor (which I refused to do)...that's not my place to help them do their job.

United States Census Bureau - Census ethnicity title

All other ethnicities that reside in the US are distinguished by their country of origin and not strictly by a 'color' or vague term but 'white' people.

'White' people no longer want to be referred to as a color. Other ethnicities recognize this as derogatory and racist.

People whom live in the US and whose ancestors are originally from European countries want our categorical ethnic Identity to reflect that and we want to be referenced as European American.

We should not be bunched into a category from people from any other region when we select an answer or are counted.

This minimizes our specific needs and representation.

We demand an end to this.

United States Census Bureau - Supervisor (Tom Duncan)

Date of Incident: 05/17/2020 Tom Duncan failed as a supervisor dramatically. He provided me no information during the whole work phase. All information was given to me from another fellow employee...

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United States Census Bureau - Census survey

I filled out the survey and received a confirmation that it was submitted on 11/4/19 @3:30 pm yet I am still getting phone calls and postcards saying that someone will come to my house if I dont respond. If I respond then I will be counted 2x and that will not be an accurate count- so why am I still being harassed? I am asking you to contact whoever and tell them to STOP!!! CHECK THEIR RECORDS. I ALREADY PARTICIPATED.

United States Census Bureau - Office manager adding additional forms of id

I went for my finger printing appt at: Cca-234 area census office 1605 spruce ave Riverside ca 92507 9:07 am Arrived on time, checked in. Ids were checked and ok'd by cleck. Manager came...

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United States Census Bureau - us census caretaker

I received your envelope for the census, but haven't had a chance to fill it out yet due to just having cancer surgery. I am getting harassing phone calls and constant notes on my door every day from...

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United States Census Bureau - Unethical behaviour

On Friday, October 11, 2019, a person came to my address at 214 Charles Fisher Road, Opelousas, Louisiana 70570, representing himself as a United States Census Bureau Field Representative wanting to...

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United States Census Bureau - Census representative not identifying themselves and trespassing

I had an issue with a Census bureau representative coming to my residence. I have completed the form and submitted it. I received no notification that the Census bureau would be coming to my...

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United States Census Bureau - Unethical behaviour

A Census employee named Rosa Arroyo has come to my home harassing my my 83 year old mother. It would seem that Mrs. Arroyo did not like comments my mother made to her the first time she came to my...

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United States Census Bureau - us census field representatives

US Census Bureau Field Representives, Sam Boyadjian, trespassed into my property approximately 10 times. After advising him that Census will be done via internet or mail, he stubbornly comes into my property harassing my parents. Most recently he came into my property 8pm in the evening, spooking and disturbing, and adamant of his agenda. Do these guys get commission for each report. We will be calling the police.

United States Census Bureau - Too many calls

I was sent a form to complete by the us census bureau and had filled it out, but forgot to send it in. The following week, I get a phone call, while at work, from my husband stating a lady from the...

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United States Census Bureau - Harassment from abigail triana regarding completion of census survey

Abigail Triana came to my home multiple times knocking and demanding I complete a US census survey. On March the 9th she knocked several times after being asked to leave, and stated "This is a...

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Mar 06, 2016

United States Census Bureau - Don't subscribed for their plans

I checked the website www.census.us.org and I found the plan, which I searched for. I indicated all my details after I checked their prices. It was mentioned that they would take only $2 for the plan. However, they charged me for $19.99 and didn’t warn me about it. I asked for the refund and said that I didn’t see this fee, but the customer services ignored my requests.

United States Census Bureau - They are have crossed the line into harassment

We have been receiving phone calls from the United States Census Bureau of up to three times day for several weeks. They are calling at multiple times, day and night to include Sunday. Sometimes they...

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United States Census Bureau - I am beyond frustrated with the u.s. government

So a Census worker came by my house a few months ago, bit my lip as she's asking WAAYY too many questions than the Constitution calls for, and then my phone number. I should have known better. I...

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United States Census Bureau - This is a terrible business practice, and harassment

A lady from the census bureau came to my house and my boyfriend talked to her because I was in bed sick. She asked him about the vacant townhouse next to my house. He said yes, it was empty. The...

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United States Census Bureau - Repeated census calls

We received our census forms in the mail. Both my husband and I filled them out and returned them. Next someone showed up at our door. Again, we answered all questions. Then my husband received a...

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