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United States Census BureauPrivacy rules broken.

She came to my door and I answered regular questions. She then went to the apt. Below me. 10 minutes later, my doorbell rang again, it was her. She wanted to know who used to live in the apt. Below. I told her I didn't know. She kept asking, then I finally told her to contact the landlord, which she should have done in the first place. She then began to talk in a louder voice than before, and stated my full name, while the new people in the downstairs apartment were at their open window listening.
Very inappropriate! I am a private person, and like to keep it that way, but she went way over the line.

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    United States Census BureauAn attempt to count our household again on 11/27/20 in Lake County, MT.

    A woman, appeared tribal, came to our door and claimed she wanted to do our census report. My husband informed her it had already been done. Then she claimed they are trying to confirm the census and asked again if he wanted to. My husband told her no.
    AI am seething with anger because it looks like attempted fraud is going on. Furthermore, you people claimed to have finished the census, didn't you?

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      Oct 03, 2020

      United States Census Bureau — Census taking

      This is the sixth visit from a census taker and frankly it is tiring! I was polite the first few visits from...

      United States Census BureauCensus takers

      Call from census person at 1:55 pm. Phone number [protected]. I explained that I already took the census online back in April. She lied and said I didn't. I said we don't answer the door or allow entry to anyone. She responed by saying she would "escalate" the matter. She needs to be reprimanded.
      I called the Census bureu and they said she is not allowed to say that.
      To be on the safe side, I retook the census online. My original user ID is [protected].
      Bruce Mattsson
      6910 Sheridan Road, Melbourne Village FL 32904
      Cell # [protected]
      Email is [protected]@gmail.com

      Census takers
      Census takers

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        Sep 30, 2020

        United States Census Bureau — I am complaining about unacceptable behavior wayne goodman

        Dear Sir/Madam: I owned a small bakery/restaurant at 2109 Broadway W74th Street, NYC, Margot...

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        United States Census BureauCensus communication.

        I filled out our census back when we received a post card in the mail telling us to go online and be counted.
        Since then we have had 2 census workers come to our house. The first one was satisfied with the fact that we had already been counted online.
        The second one did not he insisted knowing how many to count. So now I'm wondering how many of us are counted 2 maybe 3 times and what that is going to result in.

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          United States Census BureauCensus taker

          Yesterday, September 25th, a census taker pounded on my door. When I answered the door she asked me about my next door neighbor who apparently never responded to the census. I answered her questions and before she left she told me to make sure I voted. That's fine and I told her I was definitely planning on doing so. Then she said, We have to keep him in office. And ran off. She's a census worker (although I never asked for ID). Not a Trump campaigner.

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            • Quannell Johnson Sep 26, 2020

              Hi Barbara!

              Thank you for participating in the United States Census. As I'm sure you understand, census takers are private citizens who are free to say whatever they want to while taking the census. The freedom of speech is one of the core tenets of the United States of America.

              I hope this clears things up!

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            United States Census BureauInterrogation methods

            I filled out the form answering the required question of how many live at my house and sent it in. Then a month later I get someone at my door asking the same questions. Told them I mailed it. Another month later someone shows up again. Out of frustration I tell them the number in my house and ask them to leave. I have received the forms by mail several times. Now census shows up at my house today (sept 25, 2020) asking information about my neighbors. What??? I will never give someone else's info, especially to the government. I am not a spy or a rat and I actually value privacy of all us citizens!!! You, obviously do not. This is abuse of power, harassment, and unconstitutional.

            If census shows up at my house again I will call the police and take legal action for harassment.

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              Census BureauEmployee payroll

              Name: Philip A Mclaughlin
              Address: 224 14th Avenue, Nekoosa, VWI 54457
              id: daay816545

              I as well as other employees have not received a pay stub since the first week of august. Our checks are deposited into our bank account, however, i have also not been receiving the bonus pay i earned, I received only $100.00 of $800.00. No matter who i or any of us enumerators or field supervisors call, nobody has any answers, whether it is the Madison, WI office, or the Chicago office - they all pass the buck and say to call my supervisor or a different office. There is an incredible lack of communication and accountability. I sincerely urge you to contact my supervisor - Ginger Brown - she also is very frustrated. Her phone number: [protected].

              Respectfully, Philip A McLaughlin

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                Sep 21, 2020

                United States Census Bureau — Census worker visit

                On 9.21.2020 at approximately 12:30 pm, I was driving pass my home. I noticed a gentleman standing on my door...

                United States Census BureauCensus taker

                September 19th
                This man came into my fenced yard to bang on my door. It says beware of dog on the fence. My dog runs away when out and it's a miracle she didn't get out or bite him. I answer the door and he keeps drilling me for information about my neighbors. I was sleeping and he just wouldn't shut up. Asked all the same questions as last time he was here and went through our gate then as well. Rude, obnoxious, I am still so mad at him coming into a gated yard with animals. What a jerk.

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                  Sep 17, 2020

                  United States Census Bureau — 2020 census worker asking about neighbors

                  A census worker visited my house this evening asking about my neighbors, who were not home. I told him that...

                  United States Census Bureau2020 census

                  I received a call from [protected] in early Sept. from a woman with a very strong accent. She said she was from the Census Bureau and proceeded to ask me a host of questions I did not think were appropriate. Such as our individual income, interest income, property tax amounts, health insurance payments, electricity bills, etc. I told her I had already completed 2 census requests and didn't understand why I needed to do this. She said I did not complete the form correctly. I told her I didn't think she needed this info since the IRS had all that info on our tax returns. She kept me on the phone for at least 45 mins. I was very upset. I believe I was scammed.

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                    United States Census BureauWas a census taker the important word is was.

                    I was a census taker in Henry County VA. I had many issues and will most likely never do this job again. I noticed that I was not given all the proper info about how dangerous the job could be first of all. I also noticed that the field supervisors and staff seemed to be unable and or unwilling to deal with some of the issues that came up while I was in the field. I had many issues and quit after a very unfriendly man ran me off his property he had a gun and was willing to use it but thankfully he gave me a chance to beat it. I also was sent to a drug-infested area and that was the last straw so I quit. I am sure there must be other ways to get people counted. I also was pressured I feel to get folk's counted no matter what. I was sent over and over again to people's homes who clearly didn't want to be bothered. Which that made me none too popular with them. After like the 2nd or 3rd No we should just let them be I think. Not letting them be can put you in danger. I also have seen that several areas in my town are not fit for a dog to live in let alone the people so why should they fill out a census to live like animals? I think some maybe don't see how the census is helping them. Also if you having issues paying the bills and keeping your family feed the census isn't high on your list of things to do. This is supposed to be one of the greatest Country's in the world and we can't/don't want to do better than this? I hope these issues will be addressed and soon thanks.

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                      Sep 10, 2020

                      United States Census Bureau — Census worker who came to our house

                      The Census worker you sent to our home was straight up crazy. She didn't ring the doorbell. I work from...

                      Census BureauUS census worker in 29789 zip code

                      I filed our census online back in January or February. 3 census workers have shown up on our property! One trespassed and walked around a closed gate. Today the one that showed up didnt have a mask on nor did she practice social distancing. Please stop sending people up here. If u need something else send it in the mail. We will not give out information to people we do not know. As I tried to call today as well and was given the Atlanta number which that gentleman was rude gave me 2 other numbers to call which didn't help! So I called main number again to only be hung up on. You think I want to help u all when your people are rude and don't follow the social distancing guide lines!

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                        United States Census BureauHarassing apartment managers to provide tenant information

                        I am an apartment complex manager in Columbia SC. A Census worker approached our office on 3 separate occasions demanding a list of tenant info for the apartments. When we denied being able to give him that list he threatened to have us sued by the bureau. I was very disgusted by the way he approached us. the level of unprofessionalism was very clear.

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                          • De
                            D Emerson Sep 24, 2020
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            This is happening here at my apartment complex in Virginia Beach, as well. I won't provide them with information on the residents that they are not able to reach so they are making threats, harassing phone calls, etc. At this moment I have a census worker who says he is not leaving my parking lot, even if it takes all day.

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                          United States Census BureauExcessive requests for interviews

                          I have answered the census questions twice and 5 times I have had to tell a census worker that I have already answered the questions. I moved may 1st. So I answered the questions for my household at my previous address. I do not know anything about who was/could have been living at my current address prior to may 1st. I understand that I may have to explain that to a census worker. However 5 times is enough.

                          I lived at 635 arbor station lane #64 tallahassee, florida 32312. On may 1st I moved to 631 arbor station lane #46 tallahassee, florida 32312. I do not know who was living in my current apartment prior to may 1st. Stop bothering me.

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                            Sep 07, 2020

                            United States Census Bureau — Census worker w/o a mask trespass into my home

                            at exactly 10:36 am( I have video of the incident as proof and photo of his truck with Census Worker plaque...

                            United States Census BureauCensus worker complaint

                            Census. Worker knocked on my door for about Information on a neighbor that lives across the hall from me. The census person was very persistent, and I told him I should not be giving any information on this neighbor. Firstly, the neighbor he was asking about does not speak English, and I really don't know him since he is from Ethiopia. Second, why didn't the worker knock on his door instead of mine, and if the gentleman wasn't home the worker should come back sometime next week for any information he needed. This incident happened on Saturday September 5, 2020 at. 10:O0. My complaint is this procedure legal for a census worker to ask information about another neighbor?

                            Carolyn Dunn
                            1085 Montreal Avenue #705
                            St. Paul, Mn 55116

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