United Parcel Service of America [UPS]frightening/irrational behavior by ups driver today - us dot# 021800

S Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

Hello! I immediately called and logged a complaint on the telephone (in tears, I might add...). I was told that I would receive a call in an hour or so, but I have not. My concern is that I am frightened to have this ups driver return to my home. I have never seen him before and am hopeful that he is not permanent brief, this is what happened:
My dog was barking which alerted me that someone pulled up.
I sat with him looking out the window seeing that I was getting a ups delivery.
The driver came up to the front door, but then turned around with the package in his hand, went back down the walkway and then walked up the driveway and into my garage (the garage door was open).
When I saw this, I opened the front door and my dog came along with me, and he was barking. He stayed by my side, but was barking nonetheless.
The ups driver went crazy, and I mean so literally - totally "un-hinged" and yelled profanities at me while flailing his arms - very foul language and did not slow down to take a breath. My dog stopped barking immediately, and at this point my dog was cowering at the front door (hardly an attack dog...). Other than than him calling me a "[censored]ing idiot", "[censored]ing rotten person", etc, etc, etc... He said that he has been bitten before, followed by more horrific and unnecessary expletives, and again that he had been bitten before. The only thing I said to him at this point was, "I can see why"...
Again, I opened my front door with my dog barking, and all hell broke loose. Why did he go into my garage? Why didn't he leave my package at the front door like has always been done? This was a zappos shoe box - not a wine delivery or anything needing a signature...
The bottom line is that I was shaken up all day and have told many people in our gated community about this incident with this ups driver. I have more deliveries expected tomorrow and friday, and I am praying that they are via fed ex... I am very fearful for my safety and fearful of this driver as he is clearly irrational. I am also fearful about retaliation from him. Again, his us dot# is 021800 and the customer service person on the phone asked for the tracking # on the package which is: 1z 976 6aw [protected].

I would not make a complaint because of a rude driver... This is very different - this was a very irrational explosion that had my head spinning and left me with no way to react or to speak (other than that one comment at the end...)

I appreciate your time, and for the safety of other customers, I do hope that you look into the background of this frightening individual.

Thank you very much.


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      Aug 02, 2018

    While making deliveries to a neighbor, our local UPS driver routinely parks in front of my driveway, completely blocking all access. Despite being asked not to do so, this driver has continued to block me in. Furthermore, he told me that he could park wherever he wished, and that I could call and report him to anyone I desired. Last week and again yesterday, 8/1/18, I called the local UPS facility in VESTAL, NY to report this driver.

    On both occasions, I spoke with the same UPS employee regarding my concerns about the abovementioned driver. The UPS employee in the Vestal NY office with whom I spoke was John Patrick, sometime between 3 pm to 4 pm.
    Mr. Patrick's response was beyond reproach. Among the number of words we exchanged, he point blank asked me if I'd ever heard of the Teamsters union. I told him that the purpose of my call was to file a complaint about an arrogant, inconsiderate UPS driver... I did not call to get into a discourse about the Teamsters. I told him the Teamsters had nothing to do with this. His response to me was, and I quote,
    " oh, but it does...the UPS drivers belong to the Teamsters Union... these drivers are really tough guys . a lot of people hate us..."
    ... He then said that I needed to calm down, and that many people have actually thrown rocks at their trucks. Patrick summed all of this up by advising me, and this is verbatim,
    "...the Teamsters make great friends. ...but they also make horrible enemies..."
    At that point I told him I wanted to speak with his supervisor. His response to me was that he was too busy to deal with this, and refused me access to his supervisor.

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      Aug 03, 2018

    @9wood the driver parks on the street itself: it is the portion of the street where the street intersects with my driveway. I cannot put a fence or a barrier up on the street where the driver is parking perpendicular to my driveway, fully blocking me in and/or out.
    at this point, my issue with ups has gone well beyond the driver.
    When I called UPS to file the complaint, I was advised by UPS that UPS workers are Teamsters...further, that the Teamsters can be horrible/terrible enemies. To me, this statement definitely crosses the line, constituting menacing.

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