United Parcel Service of America [UPS]A Driver

C Aug 03, 2018

We have recently had houses built behind us and an alley street was put in. One of the new owners has been getting deliveries almost daily. The driver backs in when leaving he whips down the "alley". I have yelled to slow down a couple of times, yesterday he stopped and had a verbal exchange with me. He said he was going 5 mph which was company policy. He wanted to know if I wanted him to carry the packages up, which would be ok also or to go three miles and hour. I said three miles would be better and his response was he didn't think that would satisfy me either. His parting remarks were that the company would laugh at my complaint and to sit down and let him do his job! UPS is not the only choice of delivery, the FedEx driver seems to understand that this is an alley, not a street and drives out under 5 mph.
I hope that UPS is not the type of company that laughs off complaints, but will actively do something about this driver!

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