United Overseas Bank / UOB Bankcc payment was wrongly made to uob kay hian

C Aug 06, 2018

Client : CHAN KAM WAH, (CC No : [protected])
I received mail today that I have not paid my last bill $77.17 + $90 late charges + $3 interest. I called UOB [protected] to clarify that I made payment online to UOB KH on 16 July 2018.
My call was first answered by a lady who very kindly told me that I've channelled my payment wrongly to the investment department. She then transferred my call to the CC department where I was put on hold for 8+ mins. Then a guy by the name of 'DOME' took my call.
I related to him that I had made payment for the bill of $77.17 to UOB KH on 16 July 2018. I had to explain with details why I channelled the payment to UOB KH. I paid online through Standard Chartered which only had UOB KH under it's organisation biller list. DOME replied, "I don't know what is KH!!" in a very unfriendly impatient tone!!! After realising his ignorance, I reiterated to him that KH is Kay Hian!
When I requested for UOB Kay Hian's contact number, he put me on hold for more than 20+ mins to get it for me.
I had to tick him off at the end of my call on his very poor customer service. He is below par in terms of HR and knowledge of his work .
This is not the customer service I expect from a bank or a credit card company. Especially a big bank like UOB - I am very very disappointed!

United Overseas Bank / UOB Bank

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