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I don't care what color your skin is or the accent in your tone. When you're helping someone in customer service you MUST put yourself in the customers shoes. I HAD THE NASTIEST RUDEST AFRICAN WOMAN AS A REP TODAY (6/21/19). She is EXTREMELY lucky she stated her name fast AND hung up on me because I was ready to record the whole convo and ask for a manager. I asked for help to get my meds even tho my insurance is supposed to be renewed in July. INSTEAD of explaining the situation to me and looking for alternatives to help me, she began talking over me and not only that when I asked her for something after she had been rude the whole time on the phone has the audacity to tell me to say "thank you". Thank god, I am a changed person because last year I would've gotten her fired on the spot. But seriously united healthcare needs NICE UNDERSTANDLE ABLE TO WORK WITH WHOEVER reps ASAP! Or by 2020 I expect the company will have to close due to unprofessionalism. I will see to it!

Jun 21, 2019
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  •   Jun 21, 2019

    Ugh. You are definitely a racist. The person on the phone's perceived skin color has NOTHING to do with your complaint. Prefacing your racist comments with things that are meant to somehow indicate you aren't a racist do not make you any less of one. It's exceptionally stupid. You are not in any position, furthermore, to estimate whether a multi million dollar corporation will be closing. You don't even have the power to have them order an additional carton of staples on their next supply order. You are entirely irrelevant. And as a prominent racist, you deserve nothing less.

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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  •   Jun 21, 2019

    Ok .. you 'don't care about skin color'. Aka: I'm racist.

    The African woman..

    Ehhhhh. Um, so how do you know she was African? She black? You DO know white people are born in Africa, right? You do know Africa is a continent and not a country, right? You do know that not all black people are from Africa, right?

    Seriously, I think we should save the healthcare for people who know how to learn about the world past the end of their driveway.

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  • St
      Jun 24, 2019

    And yet you posted an ignorant and arrogant response "Seriously, I think we should save the healthcare for people who know how to learn about the world past the end of their driveway." Priceless!

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  •   Jun 24, 2019

    @Steve Tllsdaleys What's priceless about it? How I get to pay for other people's poor decisions? I should not have to pay for your diabetic medicine when you choose to continue to eat crap! I should not have to pay for your ambulance when you have a diabetic attack because you continue to eat crap. Take care of yourself.

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  •   Jun 26, 2019

    @Steve Tllsdaleys You are the ignorant one. I know about the world and geography do I'm not arrogant at all. Any other words you need the definition for? Dbag for example???

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