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I have a rare condition called Schuermanns disease and have been a UHC customer for 11 years.

Over these 11 years I've seen specialists, surgeon's, chiropractors, physical therapist's and accupuncturist.
I've had spinal epidurals, massage therapy, MRI's, countless tests, you name it, I've had it done.

The only way I can live a normal life is because of the medications that I take. It's not much of a normal life, I can't play golf anymore, I can't ski in the snow anymore but I can still work and spend time with friends but at times even this is difficult as any type of physical activity like long walks causes pain.

After years of trial and error, my Doctor and I found a medication that works, Oxycontin. Late January, when I attempted to fill my monthly meds, my Pharmacist informed me that UHC was not going to cover the medication.
Neither my Doctor, my Pharmacist or myself, was given any prior notification of this change. I was told by a representative that I should have been given 90 days notice and received nothing!

I've been on this medication for 9 years.

I was provided with a list of alternative pain meds that I could take, I went to my Doctor with this list, he wrote me a script and guess what happened, UHC would not cover the medication that they were forcing upon me stating, I needed a prior authorization to get it filled.

I'm sure everyone on this board has similar types of stories where UHC denied them coverage, denied claims, gave them misinformation or didn't seem to care about their situation.

I hate stating this but I think it's time to seek legal actions not only against UHC, but also include direct legal actions against the person/s that you spoke with.

I work within the Financial industry and have to be especially careful with what I say as any of my clients can file a suit directly against me.

Maybe if we start filing suits against these uhc reps personally, things will change!


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    Terry Maguire Apr 09, 2019

    Yep...I can totally relate to your situation. I have Fibromyalagia and have had for 15 years. I have taken or tried every medication that is recommended to me. Some work, some do nothing and some I'm allergic to. On Jan 2019, my pain MD wrote my prescriptions as usual for Soma and Vicoprofen. Soma went thru just fine, but the narcotic got denied stating I could only have 50 pills in 1 month. I was told by the pharmacy that the DEA and pharmaceutical companies have been working together to try and cut back on the narcotic epidemic that is happening in our country. Which I agree is a good thing, but not for the people that are seeing a physician regularly and being monitored very closely!!! I have Blue Shield and called the pharmacy number to find out what they would pay for?? I was told that they would pay for 180 Lortab's!! Which is basically the same as the vicoprofen except Lortab has Tylenol and Vicoprofen has Advil(ibuprofen 200mg) I didn't want to take Tylenol because it does nothing for me except add more stress on my kidneys. So I finally got them to approve Hysingla ER, which is Hydrocodone by itself and I take 1 every 24 hrs. It works very well. You might ask your pharmacy if they will pay for it? This is definitely a problem and I know there are many other patients with the same issue. A lawsuit might be the only way to get the DEA and pharmacies to stop telling Doctors how to doctor!!

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