United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR]unethical behavior


I asked "many" questions before applying for the unit in rancho cucamonga. Now I was told the holding deposit refundable within the 72hours. When applying online, it came back with conditions. I had to pay one months rent for my deposit. So the rep did contact me. He sent me what items where needed before move in. Which was find but he placed in the paperwork that I had to pay their "regular" deposit plus one months rent. I didn't understand and wasn't willing. So I said I didn't want to go through with it. Now please keep in mind that its wasn't even 12hours how the [censored] isn't my holding deposit refundable and might I add he said would you like to proceed with the process... Are you serious? This company has many complaints but I never believed that they do something as this. I applied at 3am @work, was contacted by 9:30a and cancelled at like 10 minutes after he contacted me so how is my holding fee non-refundable?? Wow you've been warned...

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