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increased site rentals

I am complaining about a 40.67% increase on a 6 month site rental at Paradise RV park in Sun City Arizona. I have been a TT member for 25 years and have never seen an increase like this. First the early bird has been increase and added on September. This is ridiculous as people do not come when it is so hot. Second they took the TT discount from the Jan, Feb, Mar special. This total increases rate the 40.67% I started with. Definitely unhappy about this.

  • Updated by Alice Sanderson · Feb 26, 2020

    Complaint about a 40.67% increase in site rates at Paradise RV Park between 2 seasons. The early bird special in the fall has increased by a month which is useless for most people as September is too hot in Arizona and it has increased by $291, then they have taken the Thousand Trails discount for winter off, increasing the rest of the site rent by $1112. A $1403 increase as well as being Canadian therefore adding the difference in the dollar is overly excessive.

    Paradise RV Resort, 10950 West Union Hills Dr, Sun City , AZ

  • Ma
    marleonis Jul 20, 2020

    Equity Lifestyles Management continue to increase rent. Residents need to ban together and form HOA communities and fight these increases.

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false advertising, bias towards renters

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leased land in delaware

My husband & I own a home on ELS property in Millsboro, Delaware. We pay a large lot rent for the luxury of living on a canal. Management told us 2.5 years ago they would be replacing our old/inferior bulkhead & dock. They made us tear up our dock 7 months ago so they could start the work. NOTHING has been done! Not only has ALL management (local & corporate alike) ignored our many calls, we just received notice our lot rent is going up! Are they kidding me??!! This company clearly cares nothing about the hard working people paying their salaries. Take my advice - if given the option of buying a home on ELS owned property, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!

the management here is rude!

The management here is rude! My 70 year old mother has owned a home here about 4/5 years. She has never been...

hate crime cover up and manager lies and purjury

Kadkoh A David For crying out loud... Listen, my partner was harassed for years, called a [censored]EN [censored] and...

ridiculous lot rent

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mobile home property

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park manager

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unpaid invoice 509529

Good Afternoon. I've been trying to receive payment for invoice 509529, PURCHASE ORDER B0648496 since...

advertised emmenties, lead in the water, family lodge area with is terrible condition and wifi there didn't work, no sewer dumps at individual sites.

Reported at the RV Park at the time of admission to the property by paper handout (of which I have a copy...

pine ridge at crestwood, whiting nj 08759

I have been living here for 3yrs, currently purchased my home. The problem here is the lack of tree...

unethical behaviour

I presented the following attachment to the monte vista village resort office addressed to brenda rosa (the resort manager) on april 3, 2018. This was my response to several issues which occurred during the [protected] season with the final issue being encore's change of the pet policy from a designated area to resort wide. After vacationing several winters in mesa, az renting from a few weeks to three months, we decided in 2015 to purchase a vacation unit so we wouldn't have the uncertainty of renting. When the park that we were staying announced that they would be changing their pet policy to be completely park friendly, we decided to look at other parks. When we visited monte vista village resort we were very impressed with the variety of park models and manufactured homes and landscaping. We were looking for units to rent for the next season to see how different resorts compared to the one that we had been staying. We drove by a unit that had a for sale sign in the window that was very attractive so we called and the owner was willing to show us the unit on the spot. We were very impressed. It had everything we had been looking for at the other resort, and more. The owner explained that the park had a designated pet area with a nice exercise area and the pets were not allowed to be on streets not in the pet area. The owner told us that the owner across the street had a "companion dog" which was allowed to live outside the pet area but she took the dog to the pet area in her golf cart. It was never on the street. Perfect! We agreed on a price and moved in five days later, april 08, 2015.

Els/encore was developing the east half of the property for manufactured homes and rv rentals. It was stated that these two new development areas would be pet friendly. That was fine. New owners and rv renters would know the pet policy and the old part of the resort would not be affected.

When we came back to monte vista in december 2017, there were several new manufactured homes occupied and the new swimming pool was soon to be opened. Progress. People were willing to spend $100, 000+ for a home and high rent at our park. It wasn't long before we heard about the drug and theft problems that had gone on over the summer. Then there was the murder at the retail mall next to the resort. Then the mesa police came in our park to arrest a suspect and ended up having to shoot him dead. Of course the talk all over the park was how management could allow these troubled young people (30 - 40 years old) to live in our park. The drug problem was well known but security/management didn't address it.

Then in february, management made it known that it was making the entire park pet friendly effective april 1, 2018. No restrictions on housing or street access. Well, we were very distressed. A major factor in purchasing our unit in this park was based on the park's pet policy. We had pets while we raised our family but we did not want pet issues in our retirement years. We did not want pet caring issues nor did we want the neighbors' dogs barking and yipping day and night. The community where we live in illinois has a pet pickup ordinance but some pet owners ignore it. It seemed that our conversations with the people we knew the next few days included the change in the pet policy. Almost all the people I talked with did not like the change in the pet policy. There was a meeting called in the ballroom where people had an opportunity to state their favor or opposition but it was soon realized that management had no interest in reconsidering.

Several days after the meeting I started to write down my thoughts. April first came and a couple walked their dog down our street. Their dog did not bark but the dogs across the street barked while the dog in the street went by. I guess that is what made me decide to make my document available to management and any residents that wanted to read it.

I planned on sending the document to els but didn't find a name or address to send it. While looking for where to send my document on the internet, I found several lawsuits against els. I read a few and realized that this is nothing new to els - it's just the way they do business. I realize that the old pet police could prevent some income to els by a pet owner not being allowed to purchase a unit not in the pet area or an rv with pets not being allowed to park in an empty space in the non-pet area. It may be legal but I don't think it is "right".

I am hoping that sending this to this website might let other people be aware/beware of these problems at monte vista village resort, including current residents, future residents including renters, investors, politicians, and people in other parks.

Date: april 3, 2018
To: brenda roza, els, friends, and monte vista residents
Re: my opposition to monte vista village resort's management decisions

Well, april is here and in just a few days we will be heading north. What a great winter to be in arizona, out of the excessive cold and snow.

Congratulations to els on their progress with phase 2015, when we bought here, phase 2 was still in the planning 2016 els was working with 2017 curbs and streets went 2018 new houses were 2016 we learned that phase 2 was going to be totally pet 2018 we learned that the phase 2 pet exercise area was the rest of the park. Someone on the mvcapost suggested that els should install doggie bags around the park and park employees would collect the doggie bags twice a day. That would make it really convenient for residents to pick up when pet owners don't. And I assume that the cost of this solution, as well as any/all other solutions, will be included in everyone's rent increase. (speaking of rent increase, what does my rent increase starting in may get me? Phase 2 new housing in the park? Pet friendly status of my house? Dog poop on my curb?) my eye sight isn't as good as it used to be so I might step in dog poop on my way to the office or swimming pool or post office or exercise rooms and that poop might just fall off my shoes in these places. Does that mean that els will install shoe/boot brushes at all entrances? Maybe we could ask all softball players to wear their cleats while walking the streets then the poop can be rubbed off in the outfield. Free fertilizer, although there will probably be different color green spots all over, but the poop will probably be dry enough that it won't stick to a ball if it happened to land in it. Speaking of ballpark, is that going to be the new pet exercise park? Els would only need to install five gates to totally enclose the softball field/pet exercise area. Enough about dog poop.

Will mesa allow els to continue forward with phase 3 plans knowing that els has allowed a killer and druggies to reside in the park? I heard that the day the killer was shot to death in the park by mesa police, the local news reported that it happened in monte vista trailer park. Is els going to change the name of this park or have we just been downgraded by the public? I know of three people who rented in monte vista early this year and liked it so much that they bought a place. I'll bet that won't happen much anymore. I wonder who will be a potential buyer in this trailer park now - killers, druggies, pet owners? Since els owns this trailer park, it has total control over the rules (laws). That makes this place under socialism rule. Residents don't have any vote on rule (law) changes. Els doesn't even follow mesa laws regarding particular breeds of dogs. Kind of like sanctuary cities that don't follow us illegal immigration laws. I suppose that will be the next influx of residents here. The only choice current residents have is to stay or leave. If we decide to leave we will probably end up like the resident that advertised their place for sale every day on the mvcapost and the last time I looked the price was reduced to "make offer".

When els announced that phase 2 was going to be a "pet friendly area", I thought…ok, everyone will know when they move in that the development is a "pet friendly area". Now we will have two "pet friendly areas". To me, when there is an area stipulated as "pet friendly", then the other areas of the park are "not pet friendly areas". When I moved in three years ago, that is how I understood it and no one I talked with indicated otherwise. I never saw a dog in a street outside of the "pet friendly area". How does els decide/justify that someone who buys a place in the designated pet area shouldn't have to abide by that rule, yet someone that buys a place in the designated non-pet area must give up that part of the purchasing agreement? It seemed to me that management was using the ada (americans with disabilities act) (only applies to "service animals", not all pets) and fhaa (fair housing amendments act) (only applies to documented "service and companion animals", not all pets), as mandatory reasons to make the whole park pet friendly. It seems to me that, if els won't reverse their decision, els should offer one of two options to those who do not want to live in a pet friendly area: 1) to freeze their annual rate as of the date the new pet friendly rule went into effect or 2) to purchase the resident's place for the price paid plus improvements. The only reason I can come up with as to why els is dead set on making the whole park pet friendly is because they may be have to turn down rent from an rv or purchaser that doesn't qualify in a non-pet area. Well, if I came in looking to purchase, and found out about the pet policy, I would walk out. So els will lose $ one way or the other. So, let's screw the current non-pet owners, the same people that have helped make monte vista what it is today. At the meeting discussing the new pet policy, someone said that monte vista should become totally pet friendly because all the parks are doing it. Do you remember when your kid came home and said I want to do this and that because all the kids are doing it? How did that turn out? I suggest that, if monte vista re-established its non-pet area and advertised it, that there would be so many buyers coming from other pet friendly parks, that dj would have to open an office and hire help. I suggest property values would increase significantly and new homes would be erected on all the empty lots in the non-pet area. How would els like those $. Maybe a young ambitious lawyer will step forward to take on all these parks with similar rules as a class action suit.

Usually heads roll in corporations or sport teams that run into performance problems. I expect that there will be new management at monte vista by the time I return. I doubt that there will be changes at els, at least not this year. Changing local management will give the appearance that the corporation has acted to correct our many problems. I think els will make all kinds of statements when we snow birds come back about how els is acting to resolve this issue and that issue, thinking all will be calm again. I predict that the mvcapost will run wild with red hot issues. I predict that els will try to sensor the messages and a new email group will be setup independent from mvca to continue such communications. I predict that not until els takes a financial hit will they get serious about doing anything regarding resident dissatisfaction and, when that doesn't work and there is high turnover at low prices and high vacancy, els will sell out to some other management company and monte vista will truly become a trailer park.

The past three years when we were getting ready to return home, I was anticipating getting involved with grandkids and their activities again. While that is on my mind this year it is overshadowed by thinking about what I need to do to be ready to return next winter. I am convinced that I will have to bring a hand gun with me next season. That means I have to go through the illinois process to purchase a hand gun. What training will I have to go through? Arizona has open carry laws. How will that affect me? Will I need to open carry next year to be safe walking down the street in case I run into the killer, or druggie, or god forbid that I might have to protect my teenage granddaughters from a crazy rapist? (I thought that the rule that all persons under 16 had to be accompanied by an adult was, not to protect them, but assure proper use of our facilities.) will that lady that just posted that she doesn't feel safe to walk now carry next year? How many more? I will probably install surveillance cameras that will record activity on my avenue 24/7. That way I can play back any suspicious activity and pet owners' disregard for policy.

I am not sending this document to the mvca board (although most of them will receive this) because the mvca consists of pet owners and non-pet owners. As pet owner members, I am sure they are delighted with the new pet policy. I think mvca has tried to inform els of the opposition to their new pet policy on behalf of non-pet owner members. This is no longer an mvca issue. It is strictly an els issue regarding not holding pet owners to the conditions of purchase while refusing to honor the policy given to non-pet owners at the time of their purchase.

I have the following recommendations as a current resident purchaser to other owners:
1) when you pay your annual rent payment (one of the highest in the east valley according to the mvca 2017 survey), don't prepay. Make monthly payments. Don't let els use your money.
2) contact els corporate office stating your dissatisfaction of policies at monte vista village resort.
Equity lifestyle properties
Two north riverside plaza
Suite 800
Chicago, il 60606
Fax [protected]

Western region - phoenix
Fax [protected]
3) contact arizona congresspersons and ask them to pass legislation prohibiting our type of community from changing community rules like this against non-pet owners that want to live outside of a pet friendly area.
Arizona 5th district includes monte vista village resort.
Paul mosley [protected]
Regina cobb [protected]@azleg. Cov
4) document your concerns to els, whether you agree or disagree with all or part of my concerns, or other issues that I have not addressed.

Jim richardson (owner # 2207)

On april 4th I attached a pdf file to a post on the park's group email so anyone interested could download and read it. I had several positive responses and one negative response from a lady that wouldn't meet and discuss the matter. About one hour after I posted the email, I had a knock on my door. I answered the door and a lady, who was a long term resident, asked if I was jim richardson. I said I was and she said, "I wanted to stop by to shake your hand. I totally agree with what you said but could never have written my thoughts down as intelligently as you did. Thank you." she told me she had been a long time resident and was very distressed since els took over management of monte vista, and this was just another example of current residents' concerns, high rent, and arbitrary policy changes.

  • Ru
    Russell Casadonte Nov 01, 2019

    The rent keeps going up as the value of my mobile home keeps going down my advice to any and all people searching for a manufactured home park to live stay away from this company and there ceo Samuel Zell. Hopefully he will be visited by three spirits at Christmas time but unlike Ebenizer Scrooge i doubt that it would help! Russ Casadonte country place village Trinity Florida

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denied to sell a home!

Equity Lifestyles Properties advertised a home with 230.00 month rent. Got there and it already was 699.00 a month. Than did a credit check and said we had been evicted which is not true and named a company that said this. I found no such company in report. Denied to sell a home for cash.

  • Ri
    Rid Feb 12, 2010

    6 months of construction noise right outside our apartment, , including other noise like Rototillers and leaf blowers all starting at 7:45 am, , rats in storage and gangs of tresspassers late at night... Management raised our rent $400 dollars when one of us lost our job. Foster City City hall just told us they are within their right to do so.. and the noise is legal noise.

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