United Automobile Insurance Company [UAIC]non payment of deductible I paid for repair of my vehicle using my insurance company due to accident caused by their driver.

K Oct 04, 2019

On Jan 7, 2019 I was sitting at a stop sign when the driver covered by UAIS traveling east bound turned in front of another vehicle traveling west bound and was knocked into my vehicle. The UAIS driver was ticketed for failure to yield the right away and at fault. When I reported the incident to UAIS they took the report and gave me a claim number ([protected]-002-Y43). Then several weeks later a I received a letter stating I should probably fill the incident on my insurance and get my vehicle repaired and they would reimburse me after the investigation was completed. Its now October 4, 2019 and they are refusing to reimburse my insurance company and have not reim bursed me yet. They have made no contact with me by phone, e-mail nor regular mail. They are actually being sued by my insurance company at this time. They will not answer their telephones at all and if they are answered you have to leave a message.

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