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United Auto Credit [UACC] review: Not sending company changes in writing!

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I sent united auto credit a payment on [protected] and they call us on [protected] till [protected] about a payment I told them that we sent a payment I gave them the check# and they told me they don't receive checks any more so I ask when did the plan on tell me the said we didn't answer the phone, so I said why didn't you write me, they said they don't have that paper in writing, so I said it will only take 10 mins to write it up and put it in the mail they hung up on me about 10 times and I still haven't received any thing. And they have the check and will not cash it they told me they will pick up the truck but I have all my information.

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Sep 26, 2009 11:56 am EDT

i really want these people to burn in hell. what kind of business holds customers payments and doesnt post them to the account, let me meet anyone in person who works for this company and i WILL taze you and scrape your face against cement, and that is a PROMISE. ill show u aggravation.


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