The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Two Small Men With Big Hearts MovingStay away from this bad movers!

Here are the two letters that we have written to the company that will explain my move. And we still have not heard anything back from the company.

Attn: Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my frustration and dissatisfaction with your moving company. My boyfriend and I used your service to move his household contents and furniture from Calgary to Kelowna this weekend. Allow me to go into detail of the accounts that occurred this weekend that lead to my frustration.

My boyfriend used the online booking service for a moving truck about 3 – 4 weeks prior to his move out date. The move was scheduled for Wednesday October 25, 2006, and coordinated through a man named Tom. Tom told my boyfriend that the movers would be there for Wednesday, and confirmed the address, location, and other minor specifics that came along with the move. Wednesday came, and no movers. On Wednesday at 5:00pm, my boyfriend called the dispatch to see what was going on. No one would tell him anything. He requested to talk to Tom, and was told that Tom was out of the office and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. The person that my boyfriend was talking to gave him the driver’s cell phone number to call directly and find out where the driver is. The first question I have is: Isn’t this the responsibility of the company to contact the driver and find out where he is, not the customer? He called the driver and did not receive an answer.

Later on Wednesday night, my boyfriend called into the main office to see if there had been any word on whether or not the movers were coming. He was told the driver was in Fort McMurray and was driving all night to be in Calgary for the next day, and that the movers would be here on Thursday. My boyfriend was relieved to hear that someone would be at the house to move him the next day. Thursday came, and again no movers had arrived. My boyfriend is an extremely patient man, but his frustration was beginning to show. Finally, the driver returned my boyfriend’s call, and informed him that he was still in Fort McMurray, and that he wouldn’t be in Calgary until Friday. Apparently, there were some problems with the truck, which delayed the trip. My boyfriend was thankful to hear the update, but his main concern was that he had to be moved by the weekend. He was assured that he would be moved out on Friday.

Friday came and again, no movers. The driver had called my boyfriend to let him know that his truck had broken down, and that he wouldn’t be able to have us moved until Monday. This wouldn’t do, as there were other scheduling concerns that couldn’t be put off anymore; however, my boyfriend understood that stuff happens beyond his control. He was told that the movers would be at the house on Saturday. They were sending a team from Pembroke, BC to come out to Calgary and they were enroute.

Saturday came no movers. Somehow, this seems to be a consistent issue with your company.

On Saturday, my boyfriend called again into dispatch, and talked to a gentleman named Ray. Ray has so far been the most helpful person throughout this whole ordeal. Ray said that the team had left and was supposed to be in Calgary soon. Great. Soon after my boyfriend talked with Ray, he received a call from the new drivers. Apparently, they had hit a deer on their way to Calgary, and Vehicle Inspection wouldn’t allow them to drive with a damaged headlamp. Understandable. The drivers told my boyfriend that they would be there first thing Sunday morning at 9:00am.

At this point I would like to address another customer service issue of the events that had occurred as described:

Why is it the responsibility of the customer to find out where the moving driver is and when they will be there? Should this not be the responsibility of the moving company to inform their customers of any changes, issues, or concerns that would affect their move?

Unfortunately, my boyfriend couldn’t put off anymore days to stay in Calgary to observe the move, and had to leave for Kelowna in the morning. He asked me to stay in Calgary, and sign the release of the furniture, and do some last minute clean-up for the house, including shampooing the carpets and minor details. He was assured the movers would be at the house by 9:00am.

At 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon, the movers FINALLY showed up.

I met with the movers, Al and Charlie. I showed Charlie around the house and what needed to be moved. While I was showing Charlie around the house, he made some personal comments that made me feel uncomfortable as a customer. He is moving the furniture of my boyfriend, and I found it uncomfortable for him to inquire about the status of my relationship with my boyfriend. I don’t think that has any relevance to his job as a mover.

I showed Charlie that the basement, the main floor, the back deck, and the shed had items to be moved. I told them the reason I was at the house was to clean, and if they could clear the basement out first, I could get down there, vacuum and shampoo the carpets, and start on my tasks while they were moving. Charlie assured me that this wouldn’t be a problem.

After I finished showing Charlie around the house and signed the papers, it was about 2:00pm. I asked Charlie how long he estimated the move to be. He said it should take between 4-5 hours. I agreed, and felt somewhat relieved that the move had finally started and would be completed that day. I left the house at 2:15pm, and returned at about 5:30pm. To my dismay, the basement hadn’t been cleared out yet, and that nothing had been loaded on the truck.

I asked Charlie how things were moving along. He said that everything had been tagged, and they were in the process of wrapping and taping everything in blankets. He also informed me that while he was in the house tagging and wrapping, Al was in the cab of the truck, sleeping. Somehow, this to me doesn’t seem productive in getting the house furniture moved. By this time now, it was 5:45pm.

I decided that it was pointless for me to be at the house. I wasn’t going to get anything done unless they were done. So I told Charlie and Al, that I would be back at 7:30pm to clean the basement, and that I wanted it to be cleared out by the time I get back. I returned to the house at 7:45pm, and saw that some boxes had been loaded, put the majority of furniture and boxes weren’t loaded and the basement still wasn’t done.

By this time, I was beginning to get frustrated. This move should have been completed by now. I was also beginning to worry because the new tenants of the house wanted to know if it was okay that they move some items in to the house. I said no problem, because I was told the furniture should be out by the time they wanted to move some items in.

As stated before, I arrived at the house at 7:45pm and was expecting to go downstairs and clean the basement. I wasn’t able to get into the basement to clean until 9:30pm. The new tenants had arrived to deliver some items, and they were shocked to see the movers still there. I was able to finish the basement carpets by 10:30pm, but I still had to clean the kitchen and the living room carpets as well.

Al and Charlie informed me that they were unsure if the move could be completed that night because their diesel was running out. This is not the thing to tell me at 10:30pm, when the move needs to be completed that night. They said that my options would be A) they stay in front of the house and sleep there, get diesel in the morning, and then finish loading the truck; or B) They leave to get diesel now, and continue moving when they get back. I asked how long it would take to go and get diesel, and they said ½ hour. Al and Charlie both left to get diesel at 10:45pm, and did not return to the house until 12:00am.

Please keep in mind that the only area of the house that had been loaded on the truck was the basement, which didn’t have any big furniture items such as bookshelves, couch, etc. The basement had boxes, a washer and dryer, some chairs and tables and that’s about it. I don’t think it takes 9 hours to load up that many items on to a truck.

After discussing how things were hardly progressing with the move with my boyfriend, he decided that it would be pointless for me to wait around the house to finish the cleaning. It would have been too late in the evening/early morning to wait for Charlie and Al to finish loading up the moving truck.

Al and Charlie arrived at the house at 12:00am from getting diesel. They sat outside the house in their truck for an additional 20 mins. I met with them outside as they were loading the ramp to the truck to load additional items from the house. I explained to them that I had talked with my boyfriend, and that my boyfriend was upset at the amount of time this move had taken. I also explained that my boyfriend was flying out to Calgary in the early morning and was going to head over to the house to make sure everything was okay. I told them that I was leaving, and they had the whole night to make sure that everything was loaded. Charlie said that was a good thing, and that my boyfriend could sign for the items that had not been tagged yet on the deck and in the shed. I had thought everything had been tagged, as I was previously told.

Al and Charlie said that they would park the truck in the back ally and load everything up into the truck, and stay the night in the back ally until my boyfriend showed up to sign for the untagged items. I called my boyfriend as I was leaving and explained how things were left. Again, he was frustrated that this was going to be longer than originally anticipated. He contacted his brother-in-law to go and check on the house and sign for the items, as my boyfriend was unsure what time he would be in town, and felt uncomfortable of having a truck parked in the back alley waiting for him. His brother-in-law checked on the house at 4:00am, and Al and Charlie were still loading the truck up with items from the shed.

A move that was originally quoted at 4-5 hours, now has taken 17 hours to complete.

I have never experienced a horrendous moving experience like this. My boyfriend has used your company for a previous move, and was quite happy with the service he was provided. The previous move was an in-town move, but the customer service was friendly, and the move did not take that long at all.

As I understand there may be other issues and factors that would delay a truck to an appointment time that are beyond anyone’s control, I don’t think that excuses the lack of service and length of time that this move took.

I say this as your company and website promote top quality customer service.

Allow me to take quotes from your website:

Professional People:
You can feel secure in the knowledge that our uniformed team is committed to maintaining a superior level of quality service which includes involvement in many safety, training and reward programs. Our people are friendly, understanding, and dedicated to making your move as comfortable as possible.
There was NOTHING understanding about the service we received from the beginning, except from the weekend dispatcher Ray. Tom never contact my boyfriend back and nothing was done to expedite the moving process that had already been delayed 5 days.

This outstanding growth can be attributed to our very Competitive Pricing and a Total Commitment to Customer Service.
TOTAL COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER SERVICE please explain to me where the commitment to customer service is:
§ when the customer is contacting the driver to get updates on the status of his move
§ when the company employee is sleeping in the cab of a truck while he should be helping tag or load things into the truck
§ when the company fails to inform the customer that a truck will be arriving late
§ when the company employee makes the customer feel uncomfortable by asking very personal questions
§ when the company takes 17 hours to load up a moving truck
§ when the company employees take an hour and 15 mins to both go to get diesel in the middle of a shift that’s already running late, and stop everything that they are doing

This letter may fall on deaf ears at your company, but let me reassure you that your company will not be recommended to any of our family, co-workers, friends or acquaintances, and this letter has been passed on to the Better Business Bureau, Canadian Associations of Movers, and the Office of Federal Consumer Information.

The sad thing of all this is that I’m not the first party involved with this move. The contract was made between your company and my boyfriend. As a company that promotes a TOTAL COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER CARE, I find it alarming that someone in my role of this move had such a horrendous experience with your company.

Since these events have happened and as we speak, neither a customer service representative or manager from Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company has yet to speak to my boyfriend to resolve this issue. His inquiry has been passed on to other people within the company who have yet to speak to him.

Kristine Morrison

Letter # 2

Further to attached correspondence sent by my girlfriend on October 30, 2006, I would like to expand on the outlined events. I was the primary party in the contract made with Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company. I had to leave my girlfriend responsible for the pick up of my household items on October 29, 2006. As stated in the attached correspondence, I could not put my trip off to Kelowna any more, as it was costing my employer money each day that I was not there.

As a boyfriend, it was heartbreaking to hear my girlfriend in tears because of how long the movers were taking and how they were treating her. She felt unsafe and uncomfortable from the personal comments that were made to hear by one of the movers. She found it offensive and distasteful to be called a “weekend girlfriend” by a mover who had no business inquiring about our personal life.

The events that happened on October 29, 2006 and outlined in the correspondence are that of my girlfriend. As you will read in the correspondence, the events that occurred are unacceptable, offensive, and intolerable as a customer.

Since the correspondence was forwarded to Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company Head Office and Surrey Regional Office, my girlfriend and I have had contact with a gentleman named Dave, who is based out of Toronto, and involved with the Claims Division of Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company. On Tuesday, October 31st, Dave listened to my girlfriend explain the events that occurred on October 29th, and the other atrocities that happened. Dave was more than understanding and concerned about what had happened. My girlfriend had mention to Dave that he had been the first person to contact us from the moving company to address all the issues. Dave was also made aware that no one from the company had contacted me to let me know when my items would be delivered to my house in Kelowna. On Wednesday November 1st, Dave talked with me and listened as I expressed my concerns and troubles with the moving experience thus far. Dave reassured me that he had talked with the Surrey office, and was reassured by Tom in Surrey, that my items would be delivered on Friday. Dave also stated that I would receive some sort of compensation on behalf of the company, but we did not identify any specific monetary amounts.

On Thursday, November 2nd, I still had not heard from the movers when my items would arrive, and trusting Dave’s word that my items would be delivered on Friday. On Friday, November 3rd, I talked with Dave in the morning to inquire about the status of my move, and again, he reassured me that my items would be there today. Later on that afternoon, I received a call from the drivers, who told me that they were in Calgary, and would be in Kelowna at 8:00-8:30am on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, November 4th at 10:00am, Al and Charlie (the movers identified in my girlfriend’s correspondence) arrived with my items. Charlie said they needed payment for my items on delivery. My bill for delivery was $2,200.00. This amount also included the $800.00 deposit I put down when I booked the movers to pick up my items. I said that I had spoken with Dave in Toronto regarding payment and compensation, and did not give them my credit card until I was told what my compensation amount would be. Charlie said that he would have to call Tom in the Surrey office. Tom briefly talked to Charlie, and then passed on the issue to a man named John, who is also located out of the Surrey office.

John talked to me, and seemed to be extremely put off and perturbed that he was dealing with this issue. Professionally, I explained to John that based on the amount of time the movers took to pick up my items, and how they treated my girlfriend, I should receive some type of compensation off my invoice. John’s response was that the best discount he could give me was $400.00 off my invoice price and I “could damn well take it, or leave it”.

I accepted, but still felt that based on the service I was provided, I should receive more compensation. If I did not pay, they could hold my items until payment was received.

After I gave Charlie my credit card, Charlie turned to me to say “Your girlfriend sure is pretty. What’s going on with you two?” Again, I don’t understand how my relationship with my girlfriend is any of his business, and was alarmed that he would contact her and harass her, as he did in Calgary. I explained to Charlie that it was none of his business.

Al and Charlie started to unload the truck, and I contacted my girlfriend to inform her on how the move was going. She said that she had some interesting feedback from the new tenants of my house in Calgary. My girlfriend had to go back to my old house to pick up some miscellaneous items. The new tenants inquired about how the move was going, and if it was complete. My girlfriend let them know the state the move was in, and the new tenants then inquired about the movers themselves. According to the new tenants, Charlie also made a comment to them that made the new female tenant very uncomfortable.

On the day the movers arrived, my girlfriend told Charlie that the new tenants were going to come by at some point that day and drop some stuff off at the house. The new tenants did stop by the house to find my furniture and items still in the house. Charlie stopped the new tenants and made the comment of “So, you guys want to christen the place tonight, huh?” inferring into their personal relationship. The female tenant was very taken back by the comment, and felt it was offensive and unnecessary.

Again, I could not believe that these people were employed by what seemed to be a reputable company that promoted total customer service. Back at my house in Kelowna, Charlie and Al finished unloading my items from their truck in 4 hours and 45 minutes. As a customer, I have been extremely patient and understanding of certain delays that come with moving from one province to another; however, I have never seen a company treat customers with such intolerance and indignity.

As the primary contract person, the customer service I received was below standard, but the service my girlfriend and the new tenants received as a third party is equal to that of sexual harassment.

On Monday, I tried to contact the head office of Two Small Men with Big Hearts Moving Company to let them know about the service I received on Saturday. I also told them that if I did not receive a response from their company, I would forward this letter on to the media as to warn potential consumers about their company.

Below is the response I received from their company:

Good Afternoon Christian, i just got in the office been on the road, I talked to the Surrey office as i told you i would. This is now a Surrey claim. Please call John there as he is the one who deals with the west. I did do everything i told you i would.

John is the person who will help you as i only look after the Ontario Area.
Please feel free to call John at [protected]

I hope i have been a good help to you on getting your issues looked at in surrey.

To all future movers, take my advise and stay away from two small men with big hearts moving company...



  • Sh
    ShannaShanna Jun 13, 2012

    I have used this company twice and god only knows the reason why.

    The first time I used this company was back in 2009 for a small load I needed to move when I moved into a new house...they tracked mud into the house...broke my piano...were quite rude...very expensive

    I found a great company (AVRO) in early 2012 when I moved again...they wrapped the furniture up with blankets and plastic, were considerate, reasonable in price, friendly, and careful with my furniture. They took it apart and put it together again without asking. They asked where I wanted my items to go. Very considerate.

    Moved again recently and was going to use the previous company I used however I was having work done in my home and the contractor used to work for Small men and tried to get me a deal (big deal - $3 off - ended up being $200 MORE than my other company woweee) so I was stuck using small men AGAIN against my better judgement. Well this time they were FAR FAR worse...they only wrapped furniture when I had to ASK them, they tracked huge chunks of mud into my apartment and house, were careless with furniture, placed boxes and furniture from one end of the house to other without asking, there were marks on my furniture again, very rude...

    I paid for 3 men and only 2 could work as one hurt himself earlier in the day

    They did not bring their own tools and ripped my door apart without putting it back together

    Did not put any furniture back together...I had to hunt down the parts to my own furniture and tear my house apart to find anything

    and get this... they charged more for the move than the other company by $200 and were quite rude when I would not tip them...did they deserve a tip for a $600-$700 move that cost me well over $900? NO

    Oh, and they stole the plastic bags for the mattresses and blankets from the moving company AVRO for their own use as they do not have any or like to share what they do have...UNBELIEVABLE

    and they do NOT return phone calls

    Worst company ever...I repeat worst moving company ever! If you value your items, yourself, your piece of mind and your wallet do not use this company!

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  • Fa
    fastmoving May 11, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This enrages me.

    Back in 2003 I started a little moving bushiness with customers in mind.

    I helped other movers with jobs and got screwed by the many of the same.

    I went too big and bought a lemon of a five ton truck to go bigger as i saw the need for reliable movers in Calgary.

    I specialized in late moves, moving people that got screwed but u-haul rentals and other rental companies that overbooked or other movers that over booked and picked the best job on the day of the moves.

    My wife and I helped so many people with cash and moves sometime we'd be in the whole at the end of a month.

    We went bigger and bought the five ton for 18 thousand dollars.

    The five ton blew a fisher pump on it weeks later setting us back 8 thousand.

    THAT same engine blew months later causing us almost bankruptcy.

    We left Calgary and when we did pour name was gold and still is at the BBB

    Heres proof

    The point is - now five years later we are starting over again with nothing and till the day i die i'll still make sure every single person that relies on us will be treated as so.

    I just explode inside when i see people being mistreated like this.

    Shame on those moving companies.

    You are a disgrace to real hard working people like those of us that care.

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  • Jo
    Johanna Peters May 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm a 1928 Model, female, yes, a depression kid, a time when people were trustworthy and honest. and Iwas planning on returning to Alberta from Penticton, B.C., after over 20 years, to be closer to Family members. Yes a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. I wanted everything to run smoothly and started looking for a moving Company in August, 2010. I did not hire "Two Small Men" but did business with a moving organization who gave their name as"GOOD OL BOYS MOVING" and two names were on their estimate: Jesse Betts who gave his title as 'Long Distance Moving Supervisor. Another e-mail shows the name of Lee Nelson, who I've heard is a part owner. Since moving back to Alberta, I've found that they are listed in the EDMONTON DIRECTORY but give no address, as I wanted to take them to Small Debts Court. Also on their first e-mail to me and I shall quote:" Large enough to be of Service, Small enough to Care! 1-877-4-MY-MOVE" and "Representing GREAT CANADIAN VAN LINES and Independant Movers Group." This Independant Movers Group is none other than "Two Small Men". I gave them a deposit of $576.24 and my moving date was set for 8:00 A.M., September 28. On the evening of September 27, after 6:00 P.M., I received a telephone call from someone named Cam informing me that they could not come the next morning but would come on September 29 at about 3:30 P.M., and then put my belongings in storage. Storage was not necessary as my suite was ready for me to move into. Also this would require more man hours - not very logical. I informed him that with this change of plans, they were breaking the contract. He then said that he would talk to his boss. A few minutes later I received a call from someone identifying himself as RICH and he repeated exactly what Cam had said, but added that I would be entitled to compensation and he named the figure as $500.00 and said he would phone me the day of the move. Yes, he was a real sweet talker and thought he could persuade me on going along with his plans. Well I informed him that this change was breaking the Contract, and not acceptable. I then e-mailed Jesse Betts and informed him of my conversation with Rich. I got no reply from Jesse, but the next morning I received two e-mails from Rich. I have copies of all the e-mails I received and sent, 'My Evidence'. In his e-mail he changed the compensation figure from $500.00 to $50.00 per day, and was rude as well as sarcastic. I'm wondering whether that $50.00 per day means up until this is settled as they never did move my belongings.
    I was informed by Jesse that Rich was sending his 'Best Man' who turned out to be a Vile-Mouthed Bully of a Driver names Jonas who I finally got to meet on the morning of September 30, but no Moving Van in sight as he said he might damage the back of his Van by driving it up the small incline. Strange as I had seen many of their Vans as well as Vans from other companies come and park under my bedroom window and load and unload tenants belongings.
    So this 'Rich' person is "Richard Roulette(" No one showed up on September 29, but on September 30, I heard stones being thrown against my suite. It turned out to be two employees of "Two Small Men" but no moving Van and I just wonder who told them which suite was mine? Ringing my suite number did not work as the power and telephone had already been shut off as per my instructions. My power, telephone, T.V., hiring a Carpet Cleaned, arranging for outgoing Inspection as I expected to get my damage Deposit back with Interest, et cetera had already been looked after by me. I thought I had all of my Ducks in a Row.
    Needless to say I had to fnd another Moving Company. I have since taken my case to The Better Business Bureau, Vancouver. The only result was that Great Canadian Van Lines stated that they did not do business with either "Good Ol Boys" or "Two Small Men" and I suggested that they contact their Layer as this action of Good Ol Boys could be damaging to their reputation.
    I'm wondering why 'Market Place' has not done a search and tell program of these illegal actions, theft and deceit. Yesthis is more than fraud. How about the R.C.M.P.? Where is there help for Law Abiding Citizens? I can be contacted by e-mail - [email protected]

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  • Qu
    Quimbly Mar 08, 2010

    I wish I had read all of these comments before I hired TSM Moving Ltd. (Total Service Moving), also known as "Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving".

    TSM Movers Ltd.:
    - Improperly explained and misrepresented their insurance policies before the move began
    - Almost completely destroyed our downstairs stairwell while moving a couch
    - Damaged a number of furniture items
    - Overcharged by several hours (i.e. charged when no work was being done)
    - Movers exhibited unprofessional, unethical behavior
    - Office agreed to accept complaint, but later lied and said I had submitted my complaint too late

    Have you seen their BBB rap sheet?

    Googling also reveals a CBC article about their shady practices:

    Do yourself a favor and AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

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  • Ch
    Christian Ferstl Oct 31, 2009

    Just thought i would give an update on this SCAM of a company. They now have a Facebook page. just type in Two small men with big hearts and it will show. kinda gutsy if you ask me. The Better Business Bureau of BC rated them as an F. Also Jon Willoughby is still the main conact, and the office number is [protected], Jeff Green is the president. The address is listed as B 11089 Ravine Rd. Surrey BC V3T 3X5. The website is and the email is [email protected] their other website is but non of their links work. Surprise????
    Would be interesting whoever lives in Surrey to see if that company is actually there???

    So once again anyone looking at hiring this company, STAY AWAY!!! This company, lies, cheats and steals!!! they break your furniture and their insurance policy is also a sham!!! look elsewhere for a moving company. spend the extra few dollers on a reputable moving company it will save you thousands and the headache this company causes isnt worth it. Jon a note to you, one day your scam will end with you in the slammer im sure of it!!!

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  • Fe
    fernandez48 Sep 28, 2009

    This company is the really bad company ! I used them onces and never again !!! I told my sister about them and she always used this local company in Calgary call A-2-Z MOVING they are family operated and they were wonderful !!! the job that took two small men 11 hours; A-2-Z MOVING did it in 4 with no damages at all !!! I never seen a company like a-2-z !!! I never never go back to two mall men !!!

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  • Ri
    Rick MacKenzie Sep 15, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    2 Small Men with Big Hearts should be renamed to 2 Dumb men with No Brains, owned by a ###.

    Owner of company has not idea what is going on. The company has no system of knowing where their trucks are, when to expect delivery. They have no ability to keep the customer informed of anything.

    Burn your furniture before shipping with this company.

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  • Li
    Lisa Jan 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have read many complaints about this company and I feel for everyone of you because of your bad experience.

    Something I notice with most people's complaints though is that everyone decided to use the cheepest company!!!! Why is that? If I was moving across the country cost is definatly a factor, but my furniture and entire life belongings mean more to me than saving a few hundred dollars, it's the same as shopping for clothes at Giant Tiger instead of the Bay. Quality to means more than saving money. I work hard for my money so I want my money to work hard for me as well.

    I have to be honest I own a moving company and I transport alot of household goods across Canada and not everything always goes as planned on my end either, however it is how you handle your client after the fact that is the most important.

    My advice to anyone moving across Canada, get all the information you can about how the whole process works. Do dilligence and check out companies that you are thinking of hiring.

    There is a lady that wrote here that she was to pay under $1000.00 dollars for a move to Ontario which tells me she didn't have very much furniture. Smaller shipments are not at the top of the priority list as say a family with a 4 bedroom home. Having delivery on the first of any month is pretty much not going to happen unless you have paid an extra fee to have this happen. Consumers must understand that their 1000 dollar shipment is probably 1 of 10 to 20 shipments on that truck, there are many variables along the way to delivering those 20 shipments. All leases and possessions are usually around the end of any given month so picture this, if a company is loading 20 shipments going to Toronto between the 25th and 31st, how many people do you think can be delivered for the 1st? and which of the 20 should be the priority. If I had enough money I would pay to have an info commercial on TV so I could educate everyone that had to do a long distance move, because I could go on and on....

    1.check out the company you want to hire, typing in their name on a google search should find something. Call your local better Business Bureau, ask around, ask for references.
    2. Make sure you understand your contract what is included, I have seen many people just sign and not read one word that the contract entails.

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  • Da
    david James Dec 11, 2007
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    Oh my god!!! They are the worst crooked outfit I have ever deal with!!! They were 7 days late, promised a credit then overcharged my credit card by $1500 and threatend to damage my furniture if I didn't pay!! The driver was high (yes drugs) when he arrived and swore at me when I said I wanted to call the credit card company to see if what they were doing was legit. Again it Was Tom in surrey, BC. They also damaged some of my furniture too. i put in a claim for it but never heard back. When I call Tom he hangs up the phone and willnot talk to me!!! WTF? ***AVOID***

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  • Li
    Liz Houghton Nov 11, 2007
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    Verified customer

    This so called moving company stinks to say the least! We just used Two Small Men With Big Hearts to move us from Barrie, Ontario to Penetanguishene, Ontario. When I booked this company to do our move, they told me that their truck would hold the contents of the average 3 bedroom house. I asked them if they needed to come by to make sure everything would fit. The man said that it would fit no problem. The movers turned up at 8:30am. There were three of them. After a short while one of them said that they wouldn't be able to get everything into the truck and that we would have to go and rent another truck on our own! What kind of movers can't fit everything into their truck. This is why we didn't do it ourselves. We didn't want to have to make several trips. We called around and finally found a 16' cube van available for the night. We went to pick it up while we left the 3 stooges loading up the 24' truck that they brought to move us. They loaded up both trucks and still we had things left over like our bikes, a snow blower, etc. from the garage. We had to transfer the remainder of our things into our next door neighbor's garage so that the new people moving in could put their things in the garage. The movers went off for lunch and said they would meet us at the house. We went up to Penetanguishene with the rented truck and our van. We just made it to the lawyer's office at 5pm to get the key. We got to the house and had the movers unload the small truck first so that my husband and I could go back to the house to get the remainder of our things from our neighbor's garage. We got back to Barrie and loaded up the truck and headed back up to Penetanguishene. When we got back to the new house, the movers had left (I had signed the credit card receipt before we left). So my husband and myself unload the truck by ourselves. We had movers because my husband has arthritis and I have had 2 back surgeries. This was not what we had in mind when we hired "professional" movers. After unloading the truck we had to drive the rental truck back to Barrie and then back up to Penetanguishene. By this time it was 2:00am. We ended up being charge for 14 hours for the move and then another $200 for the rental and gas for the other truck. My mum is also moving up to Penetanguishene this coming weekend and had the same movers booked for her move. She got in touch with Premier Van Lines (Allied) and got a quote for $1,895 ($120/hour) for 3 men and whatever size truck is needed to move her. What a joke that is for me. We paid the "Two Idiots" $119/hour for 3 guys and a truck that didn't fit all of our possessions in! We paid $1,765 plus the extra $200 and all the aggravation going back and forth. And, after reviewing the bill, I found out that they had actually over charged us by an hour! I'm still waiting for the credit for that. We should have taken our friends up on their offer to help us move. My mum is 70 years old and doesn't need any grief, so she asked me to called to cancel Two Small Men for her. I got my bill and the bill for the rental together to complain about my move at the same time. I started with the complaint about my move first. The man on the phone was pleasant enough until I started to complain about the move and "his" company. He said that is exactly why he doesn't come around to give people estimates so that they don't call and ask to be reimbursed for trucks and gas! He said that we had a lot of stuff. I told him that we had actually sold most of our furniture before the move. We only had 2 children's bedroom sets and our 2 armories. We had even sold our bed! The man got so rude on the phone with me. I then told him that because of the lack of service and the problems that we had with them for our move, my mum has decided to cancel her move with them. He said that I am not his customer and that he would call my mum directly. I immediately called her to warn her of the ignorant man that was going to call her. I didn't want him to upset her. Anyway, it turns out that the jerk was also a chicken. He had a lady call. Well, his loss. He lost my mum's move and hopefully many more after all the bad publicity from this web site. We should had been more careful I suppose. After looking into this company, we have been unable to find an address for them. I did a reverse look up for their telephone number and it is located on the south side of Edgehill Drive just west of Anne Street in Barrie, Ontario. However, I have also recently found that they keep their trucks near the intersection of Mapleview Drive and Yonge Street in Barrie. They operate under the name of "Dream Team Movers".

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  • Mi
    mike Oct 30, 2007
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    Verified customer

    You people think you are getting a good company at at low rate you know the saying you get what you pay for... you should have called atlas van lines.

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  • Sy
    Sy Silverberg Sep 08, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I gave 2 small men with big hearts in Toronto deposit of $ 1,000.00 in Oct 2006 for move to Victoria on June 30 2007. I canceled six weeks in advance after numerous phone calls to them were completely ignored - never returned. They refuse to refund my deposit. These guys are outright thieves. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! They are supposedly franchises of Surrey head office but absolutely no recourse to "franchiser".

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  • Tr
    Tracy Byers Reid Jul 06, 2007
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    I too had a bad experience with this company and plan on posting my own complaint. Since using this company I have found so many complaints against them, I truly wonder how they are still in business. All I can do now is urge everyone I know to never use this company. Small or large move... keep far away from this company.

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  • He
    Heidi Cook Feb 26, 2007
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    I too used Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving for my move from Calgary to Sask. Jan/07 and had them show up late without a call then they took twice the time expected to load up. They also did an extra day delay with delivery, not mentioned at the time of the quote and told me on the phone they would reimburse my extra night motel stay and then at payment post-unloading time told me they didn't know what I was talking about.

    After delivery I could not find the legs they had removed from my couch so I phoned to inquire and was told they had put them in some box. These never did materialize and I see from the insurance disclaimer they wont have to find lost etc items.
    Don't use this company, especially for a long haul move!

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