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Every night at 3 am, I look forward to watching NCIS New Orleans, and do, except for tonight, because, even though the TV guide says NCIS New Orleans is supposed to be on, it is not. I am very disappointed. It is always on at this hour, and is fun to watch. Instead, tonight/morning, the show "Castle" is on. I do not want to watch Castle in place of NCIS New Orleans. Your programming says that NCIS New Orleans is on, but it's not on. The TV Guide website says that NCIS New Orleans is supposed to be broadcast, but it's not. I have contacted my local cable provider, and the TNT customer service line, but to no avail, no help. That is why I am reaching out here. Please don't change it from the usual and regular broadcast of NCIS New Orleans.. I really like that show. Why did it suddenly change? even though all television broadcast guide listings say it is supposed to be on, suddenly it is not. I think I speak for thousands, if not millions of viewers. Date of this complaint, or whatever is October 4, 2019 at 3 am, now 4 am. Why did it change? Why does the guide on the television and the TV Guide site say that NCIS New Orleans is supposed to be on, as it always is at this hour, when in fact, that is not what is being broadcast now?

Oct 04, 2019

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