Turkish Airlinesabsurd check in to flight

We had booked a flight from Israel to Delhi with a connection through Istanbul. We arrived 3+ hours before the flight as instructed on the digital tickets. When arriving at the check in counter we were asked to wait 10-15 minutes while the crew verifies our flights are on schedule.
From that point on we were completely ignored by the counter workers, as we waited for far longer than 10 minutes (actually, we waited for 2 hours before we got ANY answer to our increasing concerns)
We were then ushered to the separate supervisor lane, where we waited an additional hour before we were told our tickets were cancelled and we have been booked a later flight via Air India, 7 hours after our original flight! (Which we couldn't check into for an additional 4 hours)
So now we are stuck in Limbo: there is no option for us to leave the airport, but we cannot continue with the check in process for 3 more hours (at the time of writing)
We were offered no compensation for the fact that Turkish overbooked our flight save for a meal so we wouldn't literally starve before our next flight.

Sep 29, 2019

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