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I had very bad experience with Tupperware. At the time of selling the product they make lots of promises just to lure the customers. I bought : 1 smart chopper in Fer 2014 for Rs.2700. After using it for three months it started giving problems in chopping. In the month of June I gave it for replacement, which they were not ready to accept then after explaining it "N" number of times it was accepted in the month of Nov'14 and told me it will take six months for the replacement. Now even after six months (Apr'15) I have not got the replacement and they want another six months time. After spending rs.2700/- I could use it only for three months. this is not the only problem
2. I bought water dispenser. After sometime it also started giving problems. I gave it for replacement. They are replacing it with giant canister. Can anybody from Tupperware explain how a giant canister will serve the purpose of water dispenser. It's beyond my imagination.
3. I purchased PC mugs. I gave one mug for replacement. They are replacing it with normal coffee mug which is of much lesser value then the PC mugs.
I request Tupperware either to replace my products at the earliest or return the amount I spent in buying those products.



  • Ri
    ritaAZ Sep 03, 2011

    Placed an online order, was billed immediately, but still has not shipped almost a week later. Called to inquire, but they can't even give me a definitive ship date yet. They should not bill you until they ship, and they should give you a ship date when an order is placed. Very poor service.

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  • Sh
    shanti m Mar 23, 2012

    We have given lot of replacement since one year we have not received the same pl check the same even spares takes lot of time what is the reason behind this. when ever we ask they say the products have not come. Why such a bad response from tupperware.

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  • Al
    alex2012 Mar 23, 2012

    Pandora Beads

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  • An
    Anonymis Mar 27, 2012

    Buying and Selling Tupperware has become increasingly difficult. Tupperware Southern Africa is going from Bad to Worse.
    The Navy Blue colour is a total disaster. You need to change your change your colours to colours the female public would love. Very disappointed.

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  • Tu
    Tupperware leakage Sep 29, 2012

    We have purchased Tupperware box and cap is not siting properly after 1 week use and leakage can be seen.The bag we have got also not good. The stich not done properlly. We have given bakc to store for replacement.But no luck, we got similar type of bag with stich problem. Please address this issue in future

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  • Am
    AMRITAa May 24, 2013


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  • Bd
    B.Dhanalakshmi Jun 20, 2013

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  • Sa
    Sachin Magdum Sep 03, 2014

    Two of my tupperware lunch boxes teared up at the top. Attaching pictures of one of the lunch box here.
    I was expecting them to last atleast a year, but within 3-4 months they are teared up. It's staeching problem and tupperware should replace them.

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  • rajni chugh Nov 26, 2015

    sir, last year i have purchased a magic chopper and it was told by the dealer that it was under the thread of the chopper has been damaged and the dealer said that it is not returnable due to the damage of thread.i want to replace the product that is magic chopper.

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