Tupperwareflawed cookware series


Purchasing Tupperware has never been such a headache! I have purchased the complete nonstick chief series and tools recommended and have had nothing but trouble. I have had three items replaced with in the first two years and the last couple I have had consultants dodging me left right and centre. They know they are majorly flawed hence they have now dropped the line and replaced them with the stainless steel selection. The non stick peels completely away from the sides! I have never nested them always on own with lid on (their reasons for not honoring the warranty) and how can you over heat a pan when boiling veggie? Isn't that it's job! Some items were used no more than 5 times where others were used continually with the non stick being digested because I could not get a consultant/team leader to sort this out earlier!!! And now no warranty and still 4 years left on it! Shame on you Majestic sales!! And shame on Tupperware for putting a dangerous item for sale! Now do I just wait for the health problems to set in? Over two and a half grand I spent! Never another cent!!

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