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I joined this website, "tug", for the sole purpose of warning its members about the fraudulent practices of a company i used to work for, universal marketing solutions, in delray beach, fl. I felt compelled to warn all timeshare owners who check this company out on the internet, with the hope that they will be spared the grief of being ripped - off as many already have been. Also, i've been able to post valuable information about the company and its personnel, along with appropriate reporting measures (Names of local agencies) , and suggestions as to how to obtain a refund. According to the "rules" of tug, a member is not permitted to duplicate post. Realizing that not all rules are valid and appropriate in such exigent circumstances as the broadcasting of valuable information, i nevertheless posted the same helpful information to several threads concerning universal marketing solutions. The reason i did this was because i wasn't sure if a member reading one particular thread would in fact read another, or all threads posted about universal. So i do this, and the next thing i see is an angry e - mail from the tug moderator who probably is the sole proprietor of this useless website. It appears to be a one man show, and the loser's name as it appears on the site is b. Rogers. This clown removed my duplicate posts, depriving tug members of the benefit of my inside information, and thereby opening the door for more members to be victimized by universal and other timeshare scam outfits of the same ilk. After i defended my position in a return e - mail correspondence to this mindless buffoon, he proceeds to play e - mail "tit - for - tat" with me for the next three hours. Apparently, he has nothing better to do with his time than play stupid little games, and his behavior is evidence of a hypocrite who, rather than demonstrate concern over the security of his members and timeshare owners in general, he would rather entertain himself by reading their horror stories posted on his (Tug) website. And in deleting my duplicate posts under the pretense of "following tug rules", he is in fact hurting his own members that are relying on his website for as much protective information as possible. Bottom line. . . Tug - timeshare users group is a worthless entity, run by a hypocrite. I should also mention that this creep advised me that he is friends with the administrators of various complaint websites, and that he would have my posted complaints removed. I challenge him to do so, in the interest of freedom of speech.

  • Timeshare Users Group /'s response · Jan 21, 2009

    So many misleading statements in his post, I dont even know where to begin.

    Firstly he never joined TUG, he merely registered on our free online forums at . When doing so each and every one of the 32, 000+ (and tens of thousands of others in the previous versions of the forums) has to agree to a set of posting guidelines.

    One of these guidelines is not posting duplicate messages in multiple sub-forums thus cluttering up the board that already has hundreds of thousands of pages worth of posts. A volunteer removed his duplicates, and sent him a polite private message informing him of his rules violation (his original message was and still is present on the site), feel free to read it. This is where he began his downward spiral by verbally attacking the volunteer using terms that would make a drunken sailor blush. His absurd diatribe and increasingly obscene comments carried over into email for what seemed like an eternity. Ending with cowardly threats of physical violence if someone would simply "come down to south florida and meet up with him in private"

    I am not sure how or why people think that somehow rules dont apply to them, but it certainly is no excuse to act like a child when the rules are enforced. Nor does it make TUG hypocritical in enforcing the rules he and every other member there agreed to upon registering.

    TUG has been in business for over 15 years as one of the only sites on the internet that provides the timeshare OWNER a voice, as well as information you wont find anywhere else that will let you make the most of your timeshares.

    We are not however in the business of arguing with lunatics, but in this case the facts needed to be presented!

  • Timeshare Users Group /'s response · Sep 04, 2012

    Seeing as how TUG makes no outbound calls, ever...I fear you have completely confused TUG with some other organization. There are also no "money transfers" involved anywhere on TUG. Not uncommon, many scams today use legitimate business names to get people to fork over huge upfront fees. Fact is, if someone contacts you out of the blue and asks you for money, they are trying to rip you off. I dont care who they say they are.

  • Timeshare Users Group /'s response · Oct 06, 2012

    again, you are confusing TUG with some other entity, there is no such thing as a TUG membership number. TUG is a website, and the vast majority of it is free and open to the public. The only membership fee we have is $15, and thats if you want to read reviews, or post ads in the marketplace...nothing more. We do not sell timeshares.

  • Timeshare Users Group /'s response · Mar 24, 2013

    So my lunacy in this thread it boggles the mind. TUG has been in operation since 1993, and has owned the same domains since that time. hasnt changed as the default homepage in 20 years. while a different domain, hosts our free online forums. hosts the members only section. they are all part of TUG and you will see the tug logo and name on every domain we own. To state we have "changed" domains is absurd. You are indeed correct about the yearly fee being $15 only for the first after that its dropped to $10 per year! I can see how this is truly deceptive on our part! Per the phone line issue, TUG is a website, 100% of the business is done online through the website, we do however provide a phone line for membership related issues that is staffed by volunteers between noon and 4pm eastern time. I think your concept of being an "informed" consumer is nothing you have posted to date has been the least bit accurate.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ji
    jimr Jan 08, 2009

    Your anger is misplaced. You make little sense. You admit that you violated the rules of the TUG website. You think you get to decide what rules to follow? It makes you seem unstable. Threatening people is foolish and unhelpful. Forums across the internet have to have these rules or people like you muck up the works--whether you think you are doing good or not. TUG is a great website. I will take the word of ABC's Nightline over you about TUGs integrity.

    The fact that you worked for the sales company that you originally posted about says a lot about you. You claimed in your post about the resale company (not TUG) that "If you saw what these "people" looked like, and what their "office" looks like, you'd vomit. these street-filth, rehab program rejects, covered with tattoos and body piercings, stealing innocent, good, American peoples' money."

    Funny, you didn't notice how horrible they were when you applied for a job then worked there for a month as you claim. Maybe you liked scamming and stealing people's money when the outfit promised you big bucks, but they scammed you too and then you left and are now bitter. Regardless, you most liekly are right about the sales company but your anger toward TUG, a great, respectable board, makes anything you say suspect.

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  • Ti
    Timeshare Avenger Jan 08, 2009

    First off, who's angry? You perhaps? Me? I'm in a state of Nirvana exposing the likes of Universal, TUG, and witless ###s like you who defend such creeps! And contrary to what you say, I make PERFECT sense.

    You are no doubt, that idiot moderator/administrator from TUG himself, or one of his equally ignorant and distasteful goons. Apparently, your lack of intelligence and insight into this matter, plus the fact that you are probably one of those idiots foolish enough to invest in a timeshare in the first place, destroy YOUR credibility from the get-go.

    Threatened? Have I threatened anybody, other than to take direct action by legally exposing them? Wrong again, my little foolish friend. Perhaps your own case of paranoia is getting the better of you and distorting your perceptions.

    You know nothing about me or my real motivations for temporarily taking that job, what I have done immediately prior, or what I am doing right now...I could've, no doubt, remained retired if I had chosen to, and also no doubt, could probably buy a slob like yourself at least ten times over. Nazi Germany had "rules" and so did communist Russia. Did that make them correct or appropriate?

    Let me tell you something, so pay attention if you are able to...nobody cares what you think...and the bottom line is, that TUG is preventing all of its members from receiving a valuable warning message that otherwise might have spared future victims.

    You should call Universal Marketing Solutions and discuss the marketing of your timeshare with them. You would be a prime candidate for there program.

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  • Ts
    ts_ball Jan 08, 2009

    The comments by Timeshare Avenger have to be a joke, or some kind of spoof. No one could be that stupid. You think?

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  • Dj
    djs Jan 08, 2009

    ts_ball, I think the appropriate expression would be that he's "a few fries short of a Happy Meal"

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  • To
    Tom Jan 08, 2009

    you have just been crited with a wall of text. omg.

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  • Ti
    Timeshare Avenger Jan 08, 2009

    Hey Idiots,
    When I read gibberish like yours, it just makes me laugh. You stooges are dumber than a box of rocks. Meatheads, all of you. After all, what kind of a ###s would be stupid enough to invest in timeshares in the first place??? I now regret having made the effort to help you slobs, and feel that maybe Universal Marketing Solutions and other such rip-off companies, SHOULD continue their operations, just to teach you buffoons a lesson. It's the humble victims I feel sorry for, not the horse's ### like yourselves who don't appreciate my efforts and instead, have the nerve to criticize me for challenging your worthless "TUG" community, and its restrictive rules that hinder the efforts of posters like myself to provide you with information for your benefit. I hope that you all continue to suffer embarrassment and loss at the hands of Universal, and continue to be stuck with your worthless timeshares. You deserve no less than this. By the way...Universal has got some hot buyers with offers for your units...just give them a call ASAP and cough up those credit cards, Meatheads.
    Your Superior,
    Timeshare Avenger

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  • Ti
    Timeshare Avenger Jan 08, 2009

    Hey Cheeseburgers, want to sell your timeshares??? What are you waiting for??? Call Universal Marketing Solutions right away!

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  • Pa
    pat Jan 14, 2009

    Now I'm afraid to comment because I just just got sucked into Universal but have not signed the contract that came yesterday. I've contacted them and the credit card company about cancelling this contract, it's only been 3 days and haveing my money returned. They are still trying to convince me they can sell the timeshare.

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  • Ju
    JudyS Feb 13, 2009

    Virtually everyone on TUG (Timeshare Users Group) already knows not to do business with companies that charge large upfront fees for listing timeshares for sale, so "Timeshare Avenger's" so-called 'inside information' was pretty much worthless. Despite the fact that no one was interested in what he had to say, he spammed TUG (as he himself admits) by posting the same information over and over and over again in various places on the forum, despite forum rules saying that members are only allowed to post the same information ONCE. As per forum rules, the duplicate posts were removed.

    No, I'm not a moderator on TUG, nor do I have any other relationship with them, other than that I'm a satisfied forum member. Basically, "Timeshare Avenger" doesn't know how to to use an internet forum.

    By the way, I love my timeshares, many of which I got for FREE.

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  • Wa
    want2sell Apr 10, 2009

    Has anyone had a good experience selling there timeshare and if so with what company.
    Thanks, want2sell.

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    concerned about the pubic giving their money away??? far from the truth!!! an expert in the timeshare scam field??????? correct!!! due to the fact that i am still currently work for one of these scam companies and stealing money from the innocent!!!

    Charlotte Dina Bailey, Charlotte Indina Bailey, Charlotte Indina Sweat Bailey, Indina Sweat, Dina Sweat…you get the picture right. Well after a little public records search in Palm Beach County Florida where she actually called me from I found out that this woman…if you would call her that, has a long history of domestic violence, drug abuse, prostitution, child neglect, and theft. Keep in mind this is all public information. Dating all the way back to 1983 where she caught a felony drug case that got her a small bit of county jail time and what they called drug offender probation. Well old girl didn’t learn her lesson, and violated that probation and did a little bit more jail time. Then on to the domestic violence. There were two reports of that and in both cases the court determined that she had lied. Now we have some of my favorite…more drug charges. Precious little Charlotte got pulled over for careless driving, and apparently the officer thought something was wrong and decided to search her car. Well low and behold there was enough drugs in that care to make it a felony traffic issue. Charlotte found some sad sack that would post bail and then she never showed up in court. A warrant was issued and she was later picked up on a solicitation charge…that’s right folks, prostitution. She was hauled in and she stayed at the county jail for 8 months waiting to see a judge. After 10 months they gave her time served. Hey folks it doesn’t stop there. She managed to straighten up for a bit and only received a suspended license charge. Now after that, some idiot thought that she may have some redeeming qualities and decided to knock her up, and she wasn’t a spring chicken. With an infant child named Leona, Charlotte seemed to be preoccupied and didn’t have time to get caught, until her daughter was a few months old, then the Department of Children and Family Services came in and took that little baby away. Why? Why would anyone do that? Well because Charlotte has a fondness for living in filth, not feeding or bathing the child and using a variety of drugs in her presence. Not just her but the poor schmuck Jeffery E. Hopp. They are both using drugs in front of a little baby. Charlotte’s daughter is a ward of the state, and the woman is in her 40’s. Good grief. The best part of it is that if you read in each court case, she says she was indigent, couldn’t afford a lawyer, and I am thinking to myself…what did you do with the 2, 000.00 that I gave you…oh wait the police report says that you bought crack cocaine with it….hmmm well I will sum it up: she is a filthy, manipulative, money, grubbing, lying, gutter whore. The state of florida is working on getting my money back. And they have her information. I take comfort in knowing that Karma is a ### and this woman’s problems are far from over.

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  • Im
    imlogical Apr 05, 2010

    TUG is the most useless site I have ever seen with the most ridiculous people complaining about how they can't seem to get rid of their timeshares yet "THEY ARE WORTH SOMETHING!" GET A CLUE, so many timeshare owners are in total denial about the value of their timeshares. Putting two and two together may be really difficult when you've been brainwashed by sleazy timeshare salespeople but seriously...theres a reason why people are able to get timeshare for free (JudyS) So even if you made a 200% profit on your property...guess what, 200% on free is still freaking free. Maybe they are working for a few happy timeshare owners right now...but just look 10, 15 years down the road when your paying $1500 a year for one weeks of vacation. A timeshare never gets paid off, even if your mortgage is paid off, you will NEVER stop paying maintenance fees.

    The thing that is so ridiculous about TUG is that its a place for hundreds of seriously brainwashed people to share each others advice and opinions on the sketchiest industry out there. Why would any conversations that take place on the TUG forum be considered reliable when they are coming from people who think that timeshares are a good investment. Especially when the moderators always remove anything that goes against their belief. Anyone who speaks out against timeshares or says anything remotely positive about timeshare companies on the resale market, it gets removed. Talk about harboring a place where the story is completely one sided. Readers or consumers who are trying to get a well rounded idea about the timeshare industry certainly won't find that on TUG, because TUG users LOVE timeshares and think that EVERYONE should own one, but they will always tell you, "DON'T YOU DARE pay a listing company that will try and sell it, OR a company that will transfer title, because they are all SCAMS!" When its all said and done, TUG will have these "intelligent" discussion/debates and follow up with their "wonderful" advice: Post it on eBay for $1.

    The TUG Forum IS the SCAM! It's a place where paranoid, in-denial, and brainwashed people can have the same conversation over, and over, and over again. And it's also a place where you can't actually participate unless you are promoting the same agenda as theirs.

    And seriously, how many times does the forum have to discuss that "listing companies are a scam." We get it now, don't pay someone to advertise and list your timeshare for sale, they'll take your money and run. By the way, these listing companies very rarely EVER sell a timeshare from the websites but at the end of the day, they do EXACTLY what you pay them to do. A scam is when you are promised a service or product and they don't deliver. And listing companies don't promise to sell, they promise to advertise.
    Ultimately, buying the timeshare in the first place was the scam, but since timeshare owners can't stand to admit that they actually made a mistake when they bought it, all they can do is just point fingers at other people instead of just admitting they made a mistake and do what they need to do to get out of the darn thing.

    I know that TUG moderators will probably have some "defensive" comments to follow this but at least they wont be able to remove it, and for ONCE someone can actually speak their mind without it being removed by people who want the timeshare industry to live on forever.

    I'm Logical Unlike Timeshare Owners and TUG

    PS: here's a little statistic for you all: Timeshare developers target middle class income families for two reasons. 1. Low income can't afford it to begin with (unless their free of course, like on eBay.) 2. High income families are financially wise and quickly see that there is no possible way that one week at a resort could possibly turn in to a profit. 3. And the high income families that DO happen to buy in to one, quickly figure out that sometimes you just fall in to bad investments and it's better to get out and lose the money than to sulk in your denial and lose even more.

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  • La
    ladycody May 24, 2010

    "A timeshare never gets paid off, even if your mortgage is paid off, you will NEVER stop paying maintenance fees. "

    This is true of anything we it a house, a car, a timeshare, a bike...there is always maintenance required to maintain the condition of that which you bought. As a timeshare average expenses per night in a 2br condo is well under what a super 8 motel would cost me...and that's factoring in purchase price and maintenance fees (and i did purchase a small amount of what I own from the developer)...but I've been an owner for 7 years and have learned how to use what I own.

    As to many of the other points in the last post...1)no one on TUG things of timeshare as something to buy in order to make a profit...but many of us KNOW...from first hand experience...that in using timeshares, we're able to travel in nicer accomodations for less money than we would otherwise have...and that we now travel far more often and have created far more amazing memories of good times had than we otherwise would have, 2) there have been many references to reliable resellers and market options (timeshare donations and ebay etc) on TUG...but you wont hear ANYONE supporting the use of upfront fee companies. I myself have received at least 10 calls from various companies looking to sell or rent my timeshare...and while their contracts dont promise $$$...they ABSOLUTELY tell you (verbally only) that they can get you a ton of money if you list with they are not simply acting like a newspaper that wants your ad...they spout $ figures throughout the call. I've also had the misfortune of meeting several owners who've forked out those fees and been heartbroken by the fact that they paid for nothing...and many of them are older folks who were simply suckered and not internet savy enough to research the stories they were told over the phone.

    As for the OP...there is a forum at TUG for info of the sort you posted. It doesnt NEED to be pasted all over the place...which is why the rule exists on multiple posts. I'm not a moderator nor do I have any behind-the-scenes connection to TUG administration...but I do appreciate the the fact that their site is organized, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. I've been a paying member on 2 different occassions at TUG. I let my membership lapse at one point but have since rejoined because I've a need to do some extra travel research and value the reviews and dont mind supporting a site that I find so helpful in every way.

    Last...the complete lack of respectful communication alone would automatically have me doubt the veracity of your claims...even if I knew nothing about TUG. For your own sake...if your message is truly intended to be helpful...learn to use calm and rational communication or be prepared to have your message discarded as 'ravings' by those who may need to hear it the most.

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  • Ar
    Artrom Jan 27, 2011

    I have negotiated out of my timeshare without any charges whatsoever. I did it direct with the resort even though they had previously refused to cooperate. In order to help others I have published how I did it on a simple website with a once only charge of $39 for full step by step instructions. I can't claim my winning method will work for everyone but where it does the relief is amazing. Have a look at it on email me if you want more info at [email protected]

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  • Le
    leisuretologist Oct 15, 2011

    I have been wondering if TUG is a legitimate site as I have left phone messages and emails but have not received a reply. I'm willing to join and list my timeshare but I have been worried that TUG too might be a scam... Any hints on how to really talk to someone or who that person might be? I know it's a long shot to sell a timeshare...but I have to try. Grateful for any insight on this query and any other effective advice for listing a timeshare (other than with the unscrupulous companies out there!)

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  • Sa
    sandeepsatpal Aug 29, 2012

    TUG is bull-###. They calls you 100 times before you become a member, with lots of promise. After you transfer your money, you won't get a single call. Everytime you call, they will say: "You will get a call from customer care before 5pm today". If you hear that, just laugh on yourself, and assume you have lost your money.

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  • Sa
    sandeepsatpal Sep 04, 2012

    I completely agree. Just to avoid such situation, I asked them to send me a mail from your official TUG domains. They did.
    Finally I got a call yesterday, and they gave me my TUG membership number.
    But still, I can clearly see the difference in their treatment, before you become a member and after.

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  • Da
    Dan Smythe Jan 30, 2013

    A website like complaints board, etc., are great for unsuspecting potential purchasers timeshares or timeshare resales, or even timeshare advertising for that matter. However, with just a little bit of effort one can find that TUG has been operating several different websites under many names. They simply keep changing them. Also, TUG states that the $15 is a one-time fee. That is not true at all. The $15 is for the first year only. With regard to rules, why abide by them if the company or its representatives are deceptive. Then, the rules no longer apply.

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  • Da
    Dan Smythe Jan 30, 2013

    In addition, I neglected to state that TUG states the "phones are usually answered between noon and 4 pm EST." Any company who makes this kind of statement is screaming DO NOT give away your hard-earned money, especially to them i.e. TUG. Timeshares are indeed a waste of money. I do not sell or rent them, and I am not involved with any particular company. I am a wary and informed consumer. If you get involved with these types of people or companies, then buyer beware, as they say.

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  • St
    stungbytimeshare Apr 12, 2014

    I am so sick of all these companies that tell you they can help you get rid of a bad investment like a timeshare. I don't care what company it is. Don't give any company money up front. Don't join any group that says they will help you or support you. I have found through many weeks, days and hours of talking to these so called companies, whether they be a resale or a company that says they can sell or get you out of the deed are all a bunch of Scamers. We are stuck people and unless we contact our FTC (Federal Trade Commission we will continue to be stuck with the unwanted burden of this timeshare liability. Maybe if all of us contacted the resort we bought out timeshares from and bombarded them with so much mail, email and clogged up there thousands of telemarketer phone lines we can get them to take us off the list. I will find a way out of this someway, somehow, but I refuse to pay someone for their advice. Give me a break.. Contact the resort in writing and tell them you want to opt out of your timeshare deed. Keep sending them phone calls, letter, emails or what ever it takes until (someone higher up) like the corporate office or contact the States Attorney Generals office where you bought the timeshare from. Maybe then we can get some relief. I don't want to pass this burden on to anyone else. I don't want my children to suffer after I am gone for the mistake I made. Get rid of your timeshare any way you can. Donating it can work but be careful The DFC charges around $2500 to help you get your name off the deed. It takes about 8weeks. Then there are other companies that will charge you $5, 000 to take it off your hands and turn around and sell it to a resale place. They make double the money and stick it to a undeserving person. So maybe I will pay $2500 to get out of it. I figure I will only live 22 more years so why waste $22, 000 more dollars. $22, 000 minus $2500 is saving me $19, 000. That is if the fees don't go up anymore, which they always do

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