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33% of 3 complaints were resolved
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11:41 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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True Bicycles Electric Recumbent Bike

Below are the list of issues we have had with the bicycle. Keep in mind these issues occurred after only having the bike for three weeks.

1. It arrived with a warped rear wheel. This was replaced by them after several days of negotiations.
2. The box that holds the battery is flimsy and of very cheap quality. The lid will not stay shut and clasp that is supposed to keep it shut keeps falling off.
3. The gears do not shift well. It is very clunky and frequently the chain comes off when trying to shift gears.
4. The front brake is not adequate given the size and weight of the bike. It does have enough stopping power and the pads have already had to be replaced. Also, the brake itself is of very low quality and needs to be replaced with a better one.
5. The front tire has blown twice already. In the opinion of a local bike repair shop, the front tire is too small to withstand the force generated by the electric motor and thus the front tire will continue to be problematic. We have already had to replace two tires in the span of just a few weeks now. The bike only has 95 kilometers on it.

The entire bike is of very poor quality. We paid over $2700 for the bike and it is simply a piece of junk. We have tried to work with True Bicycles to refund our money and they do not return our calls. They clearly do not stand behind their products and I would highly recommend NOT doing business with them.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Jeffery Hausauer
, US
Aug 13, 2018 3:02 pm EDT

I bought a recumbent tricycle in 2016. It was shipped free of charge. There was no battery rack, and they built one to fit. I have put 8000 miles on the tricycle. There have been problems, and they have fixed them. During the warranty period they fixed every problem free of charge. After the warranty period they fixed all the problems at my cost. They have a lot of suppliers, and it takes 1 to 2 days to find the parts I want sometimes. Overall the customer service has been above average. I recommend the tricycle as a sturdy tricycle that gets 20MPH with the stock 36V 20A battery.

11:36 am EST

True Bicycles Fold and go tricycle

I just bought this bike for my wife as a Christmas present. The box was previously opened and resealed with packing tape. Unfortunately, I was not home to refuse acceptance and someone else signed for it. Parts were missing and damaged and these was no assembly manual. The basket was for another bike and did not fit on the tricycle. I had to get my drill out to make it fit. I paid $600 for this bike and here I am with my drill. The cable pinch piece to work the front brake was not delivered with this used unit. There were scratches along the rims of the wheels. I had to run out to a local bike shop to get the parts that were not sent so that the bike would be operational for Christmas. I called the vendor and they were not at all receptive, saying that when I signed for the delivered package, I agreed that everything was included and in good working order. I could have bought 3 non-folding 3 wheel bikes for my wife from Target for the price of this one. I am not happy. 12/13/2015

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8:05 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

True Bicycles RIPP-OFF

I have to agree with the negative reviews on this product that I've seen on Amazon. I purchased this trike in March 2012 and have nothing but trouble with it. It is a cheap Chinese made product without quality control. As previous reviews have stated their support is a joke. YOU, THE BUYER, ARE THE SUPPORT! Problems I have had are as follows, the pedals broke first because they are cheap plastic ones, the support center did send me some pedals, the same plastic type, I threw them away and went to WalMart and bought some good metal pedals. The rear basket does not fit to the frame well, fortunately there are holes drilled in the clasps so I was able to use cotter pins to hold down the basket. The front tire that came with it must have been a bad spare because shortly after receiving it, I had to replace it and the tube when the tire blew out. The fuse overheated and melted part of the plastic box containing the battery. I had to remove the burnt out fuse holder and replace it and the fuse. Later the battery connection broke off and I had to solder a good replacement connection to get the bike running again. Finally the bike literally broke. I was not racing or going fast (Thank God I wasn't), just making a left turn after the light changed and the frame broke throwing me up against the curb. It cost me $117.70 to have it welded and a lot of aggravation trying to deal with (still haven't been reimbursed). Except for the plastic pedal I have not gotten any support even though the website states the trike is guaranteed for 1 year. My advice is DON"T BUY FROM or their suppliers. Update Oct 18, 2012, finally received a check from for the welding I had done ($117.70). However, now I have a NEW problem, the bearing on the offset axle went out. I noticed when riding I heard a thunking noise and upon investigation it was the bearing. My calls to have gone unanswered.

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Denver, US
Aug 24, 2023 2:21 pm EDT

Based on the other comments provided in [protected]. True Bicycles (or their other aliases...Jack's Bikes and Industrial Bikes) all three are in Dearborn Michigan and they all answer the same phone lines. It appears this company is still providing the same customer service (or not) in 2023. Here is what happened to me...I am satisfied with the product but the company(s) customer service seems to be about the same.

I recently purchased an e-trike from Industrial Bicycles, a seller based in Dearborn Michigan. From what I saw on their website, I ordered the electric trike based on a brand name of True Bike. The seller was Industrial Bikes and the invoice payment was made to Jack’s Bikes. It turns out, they were all the same company. The order was for a completely assembled electric trike. It was shipped via truck was boxed and attached to a pallet using cable ties. There were specific instructions required for the delivery but there were no instructions on how to unpackage it.. The truck driver assisted with cutting the cable ties connecting the eTrike to the pallet and helped me get the eTrike into my home. There were NO DOCUMENTS delivered with the eTrike. There was no packaging receipt, no owner’s manual, no instructions on how to ready the bike for riding and no instructions on how to ride the bike (I expected a document with diagrams and instructions for use)...there was NOTHING. Since we had removed the cable ties that connected the eTrike to the pallet, I began removing the additional cable ties so I could attempt to understand how the bike was put together. While I started to cut the cable ties, there were so many loose cables that had been secured with cable ties, I realized I had no idea what I was looking at...I contacted the seller and explained what problems I was having and I was directed to their website and a YouTube video on how to ASSEMBLE THE E-TRIKE. I explained I wasn’t attempting to assemble the bike, I paid for them to assemble it, I just needed to know what went where and how the pieces and parts worked. I was sent a picture of the seller pushing a button which was how the motor was started (that was all they provided). One of the cable ties I had removed had been holding a “sensor” in was now hanging below the frame and I again called to find out how that piece needed to be reconnected. As you can probably tell, I had NO IDEA how this eTrike worked...again, there were no owner’s manuals, no instructions and the seller kept referring me to the ASSEMBLY YouTube Video. I again told them I already paid them to assemble the eTrike and I needed the necessary documents on the function of the motor and cables and HOW TO RIDE THE BIKE. I asked them to help me get the bike ready to ride. They continued to tell me I had taken the bike apart by removing the cable ties and they could not assist and everything was my fault. I contacted my local bike shop and explained the problems I had encountered. They told me to bring the bike to them and they would help get the bike ready to ride. In the meantime, I continued to ask for the owner’s manual, instructions on use and warranty documents...after a week, I finally DEMANDED the documents from the seller. They sent me links to the company they purchased the e-bike kit from and the riding information from the same manufacturer.

That was when I realized this company did not actually HAVE THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS since they were a third party who bought the KIT and put it together to sell to me. I provided my local bike shop with the bike (loose cables had not been disconnected, they were just not cable tied to the frame of the trike) and the “demanded documents” so they could complete the assembly and show me how to use the etrike. They found several issues with the way the KIT had been put together by the seller.. They cleaned up the issues and secured the cables that were bundled awkwardly around the handlebars, under the back basket and the potential problem cables around the pedals. My local shop charged me an additional $185.00 to put the bike in a ride-able condition and gave me a 15-minute instruction on how to ride the eTrike. Industrial refused to pay for the clean up of their assembly work.

The bike may be great, but the customer service of these (3) companies is TERRIBLE.

Buyers beware!

Mary Ellen 711
Boonville, US
Mar 11, 2015 4:37 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wish I had read your review before I bought from this company, the negative reviews on Amazon apparently have disappeared because almost all of them on there now are positive ? that has not been my experience and I bought my bike through the Amazon specifically for the buyer ptotection. Buyer beware!

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