Trivandrum Airportcheck in

Hello, I along with my mother booked our ticket on Indigo airline 6E-39 (TVM TO DXB) on 26th September 2019 at 18:10pm. The ground staff a lady took our tickets and checked our baggage. The check in luggage weight was less than the specified and she send our luggages. Later she checked our hand baggage there was 1 kg extra. Later this lady left and another two new ladies joined. For that 1 kg these ladies purposely made us rescan saying our luggage has to be send as check in luggage and not as hand luggage. We told we were ready to pay the extra. Still their attitude were pretty low standard. If only they checked our hand luggage along with check in luagge we could atleast adjust that 1kg in check in. Unprofessional staffs. They somehow want to loot money. They kept commenting unnesscary dialogues. I'm surprised indigo airlines has lowered their standard such low that their staffs behave in this manner. There is not even a complain section nearby. When asked the airport staffs told indigo office is in arrival section and its far. I hope Indigo looks into this matter and upgrade their staffs or least gives them proper training as how to behave professionally to customers.

Oct 05, 2019

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