Trident Hyundairegarding the vehicle money

This is regarding the previously submitted complaint which was not resolved. I bought Hyundai Creta from trident Hyundai yeshwantpur where they promised to provide 30, 000rs off during the fact that I was offered the same from blue Hyundai . Later when everything was agreed upon and the bank had dispersed the loan amount and the vehicle had to be delivered in the evening. The executive who handled the purchase stated that I had to pay the additional 30, 000rs as I was taking insurance from bank . The prior intimation was not done and this issue was created exactly 10mins before the delivery of the car . I was cheated and fooled, because I was waiting from so long to make the purchase I payed the additional amount and took the delivery of the car thinking of to resolve it eventually. I had complained about the same to all the customer satisfaction calls made by trident Hyundai as well as Hyundai from Delhi . I'm very much disappointed and this is going to reflect in every single social media site as you people are not responding properly . My college friends and colleagues in the company my brother is working and every friend I know and his relatives are going to be informed about the same. I'm tired of explaining the situation to every single call I receive from the company

Oct 08, 2019

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