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I booked a reservation in sept 2019 for an trip in feb 2020 ..which was confirmed, for 3 adults and 5 night ..paid with my credit card and got my confirmation reciept.. I get a call weeks b4 my trip telling me they made and error saying that my reservation was booked for 2 adults and 4 nights which was untrue because I have a receipt that clearly states what i booked..the reservation dept is now requested 900$+ or they will cancel my reservation.. not only that when I reached out to the resort itself they quoted me a price way cheaper than what travel smart quoted me ..why is that ? This very unprofessional and I didn't sign up for this kind of experience..this will deter me from ever recommending this company to any if my friends and family ..very disappointed ..please help alleviate this crisis
thank you ronica Manuel

TravelSmart VIP
TravelSmart VIP

  • TravelSmart VIP Customer Care's Response · Jan 08, 2020

    Dear ronica Manuel, First and foremost please accept our apologies for any bad impressions that may have unintentionally been caused by this situation. We are concerned by your claim that the resort offered lower rates as our discounts are based on the resort rates making it impossible that they have a lower rate than we offer to our members. We will gladly pass all the information over to our service team so that they can investigate the situation fully in order to have it resolved as soon as possible.

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