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S Sep 15, 2019 Review updated:

We were approached while on holiday in Jamaica for a lunch and presentation, we sat for 5 hours listening to hard sell of TravelSmart VIP, when I suggested that we go away and research and consider the options, the big boss guy entered the picture, a Canadian Manager, who bamboozled us with figures/gifts and packages
We signed so we could leave but then decided to cancel as per 5 day cool off period, in all this has cost us £1000 English pounds and my mental health and physical health have suffered greatly, not a good advert for a Canadian Company, I'm a UK resident who is very distressed and anxious, find this very unfair while on holiday

  • Resolution Statement

    This complaint is now resolved. TravelSmart VIP have emailed me throughout the process and after several correspondences I have had all my monies returned. The email address was : [protected] Thank you Complaints Board for your assistance and TravelSmart for resolving the problems

  • TravelSmart VIP Customer Care's Response · Sep 16, 2019

    Good Morning Mrs. Shuker, We've very sorry to hear that you felt obliged to purchase a membership you did not want. Our membership plans are offered to those guests who fit into an exclusive category based on their travel preferences and offer unbeatable benefits however we understand that they are not for everyone and purchase is completely optional. We did receive your cancellation request yesterday, so please rest assured that our team will follow up on your request accordingly. Should there be anything further that we can assist you with at any time please do not hesitate to let us know.

  • Updated by Shirley Shuker · Sep 17, 2019

    This is a response to TravelSmart's reply:
    Thank you for your reply, TravelSmart but this matter will not be considered resolved until all my monies have been returned, as I cancelled after 3 days, within the 5 day cooling off period, yet this cost me over £1000, you are refusing to return all my money,
    Which is disgraceful for such a large company
    Shirley Shuker

  • Updated by Shirley Shuker · Sep 18, 2019

    I’m still awaiting return of over £1000 which was kept by TravelSmart on Cancellation of the contract, so a 3 day contract with TravelSmart cost over £1000 English Pounds, this is criminal behaviour, gained by unscrupulous means, the company must have no morals, no human rights policies as my rights have been violated
    Shirley Shuker

  • Updated by Shirley Shuker · Sep 21, 2019

    Although TravelSmart did cancel my contract and reply publicly to my complaint, I have heard nothing about my loss of over £1000 that they are refusing to return, stating it’s part of the contract I signed, but all contracts have a “cooling off “ period, there’s is 5 days, I cancelled within that time and I still find myself £1000 out of pocket, so walking in there Office cost me £1000, I feel compelled to go public with this as a warning to others, especially those that holiday in a Royalton Hotel

  • Updated by Shirley Shuker · Oct 01, 2019

    TravelSmart have made contact and offered to return some monies that we lost by cancellation of contract in return for our silence, no Social Media reviews no Trip Advisor reviews etc, in return for a small percentage of our money. I think this speaks volumes and proves they are unscrupulous, have no morals and rob people without conscience.
    I refused to keep quiet therefore i have not received any monies back, they are obviously keeping my money illegally.

  • Updated by Shirley Shuker · Oct 10, 2019

    This complaint is now resolved


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      Oct 23, 2019

    I have had exactly the same experience. We cancelled 24 hours after signing but the charges us nearly £1, 000!

    How do these people sleep at night. I am telling anyone and everyone how we have been robbed by this company.

    It was so vague as to why we were paying the membership fees.

    Travel Smart you need to do the right thing and refund the money you have taken off me for being a member for 24 hours!

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