Tracfone Wireless, Increturn of minutes of 12035.81

Da Sep 28, 2019

I have been a Tracfone prepay for several years.We have been at this location for 1 1/2 years and trecieved the new card. Ihe phone worked flawlessly. On 21 Sept '19 the phone went dead and I called Tracfone, after a long around they told me I had the wrong sim card and they would sent the right one. On 25 Sept '19 I called them to get it going, after 3 days and many more calls and being hung up on again. A person told me I had the wrong phone, I went out and got the one he said. I called to get this one running, Friday passed with nothing. I called again asking to speak with the top person, then I was again connect to another person who was able to get the phone to work, but before the transfer I had 12035.81 minutes credit.I asked how many minutes I had and he said a little over 200. I asked to speak with his boss and she said was all I would get for that was all the comuter said I had, even tho my old shows 12035.81. I would like my minutes returned before what I have runs out
Dale G Watchorn
101 Allen St.
Wiota, Ia 50274
PH 417.312.1482

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