Total Wirelessphone service

M Oct 30, 2019

Phone service doesnt work. No network connection, I cant text their 611611 support, , I cant send a text with a photo. I cant get on ebay, network times out, no response from network. Support cant fix anything. They say everything is fine and there are no issues. I bought a total wireless phone because they said their service would work. It doesnt and they cant fix anything. I want all my money back for the last three months, their service has never worked as promised and they are incapable of making their service work. Total wire loss are lies and thrives selling a [censored] phone service that never works as expected or promised. Their remedy is turn phone off and on or call *73 which never works. They say call from another number (I dont have one). So I say tell me everything to do to my phone as if I called from another number and they refused. I want all my money back including money for the phone. Total wireless are criminals and must be held accountable and taken down!

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