Total Credit Recoverydishonest, deceptive & rude behavior

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I am handling some financial matters for a family that has had some very challenging financial hardships & health problems. I contacted TCR & asked they no longer call & harass the family members & that I would handle the negotiations from here on out. I asked & received the bottom line pay off for an old AMEX card TCR was collecting for. I told them exactly when I would have the funds available to pay them, they (attorney & supervisor) finally agreed to the amount & date of the payoff. The individual I dealt with was a man named Kareem & he was very polite on all of my calls.

The problems began when I asked my assistant to verify the payoff amount & get wiring instructions because I was going to fulfill my commitment on time. The amount they told her was 30% higher than what Kareem said. Then another person named Crystal started calling me & my assistant told her we had dealt with Kareem & that i was only going to pay what had previously been agreed to. She said Kareem no longer works for the company & I must pay the greater amount not what was the previously agreed to number, then all of a sudden Kareem joins the call, my assistant shares with him that I was only going to pay what was agreed to so he dropped increase by 1/2 but still $400 over the agreed amount.

I call Kareem back & explain that was not the deal, I have been candid, honest & fulfilled all of my commitments & he/TCR did not honor their end of the bargain & in fact lied about him no longer working there. He said he would call me back & he did so & agreed to the original payoff. Then the extremely rude behavior begins. I get some guy named Alex come on the line & he proceeds to make me extremely angry by telling me he did not trust me & I could not wire the funds. He kept saying either pick up the phone off speaker or go to court & pay 30% more.

He then proceeded to harass me by saying you must be having a bad day so just call back some other time when I'm in a better mood. He then hung up on me when I asked to speak to his supervisor, Sean Simpson. These people are not only rude they are deceptive & dishonest. I plan to contact AMEX & share this story, I have contacts on their board of directors & hope to get them fired off this account.


  • Tr
    Trish Grillon Mar 27, 2007

    Not my account keep -receiving phone calls. Called TCR back to ask them why they were calling my home. Spoke to a supervisor named Alexander Tsirimokes. He was rude unprofessional. He screamed at me & threatened me. I am calling AMEX to complain. I'm in shock.

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  • Co
    Constance Grace Mar 30, 2007

    I had a similar experience with a Chris McHiggins at Total Credit Recovery.

    Rude, unprofessional, making illegal threats.

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  • Ke
    Keith Mox Jul 09, 2007

    As above women I had a similar experience with Christian Mackeegan. unbelievable rude and unprofessional. I work in collections and do not see how this company is able to continue doing business. Made completely erroneous threats, am considering contacting attorney general.

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  • Co
    Connie Velez Nov 20, 2007

    I have never been talked to rude as I was from the people at TCR not just one but, two. Was called names and, told that I better find some money some where. I was called a dead beat amongst other names. They are not professionals at customer service at the company. I do have something for them.

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  • Co
    Connie Velez Nov 20, 2007

    I've been trying to cancel a payment for 2 months and, was talked to like a dog. Called names, totally humiliated by those non professionals that work there. They have no people skills just bad language skills and, skills on how to be rude.

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  • To
    tornadoe Dec 05, 2007

    I have asked these people to stop calling. the person they are looking for does not live here.
    And still they continue to call. Rep. was very rudd and didn't care that they were bothering me.

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  • Kr
    Kristin Vantra Jan 28, 2008

    I had a similar experience with Samantha Martin. She made illegal threats. Call the attorney general and file a complaint. Then call the FTC.

    Here is the number - 1-877-382-4357.

    I think the important thing to do is file the complaint. We have to act otherwise credit card companies will continue to use them.

    If enough complaints are filed about their illegal behavior the Federal Trade Commission will have to do something.

    Think about the next person you could save from being harassed.

    It's important to note that them yelling and being rude is not against the law. Only name calling or bad language or contacting third parties repeatedly , telling other people your information, etc...

    So when you file a complaint it can't be for rudeness. But please file. Also, consider taking them to small claims court.

    You don't need an attorney. It costs about $75 to file and you could win $1000. Also, it's got to eventually annoy their lawyer to have to keep defending these things in court. Let's let them see that being uncourteous and breaking the law is NOT COOL.

    If you need, copy and paste this e-mail on other sites that discuss Total Credit Recovery Group, USA.

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  • Yo
    your mom Feb 11, 2008


    You could use that 75 dollars to put towards to your debt that is being collected by total credit recovery. You will never win in court unless someone swears at you.

    SO Stop wasting your time go out and get a job and pay your bill.

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  • Ji
    Jinx2112 Sep 15, 2019

    @your mom Tcr is trying to collect a Roger's bill from 2004 that I never owed I'm a current Roger's customer and they verified that I didn't have services from them that far back and I still get daily calls from them
    I pay all my Bill's on time

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  • Ka
    katie shea Feb 14, 2008

    I have just received a letter from TCR and have already taken care of the bill that was being collected on. I have been trying to contact them on the number provided on the letter but it goes straight to a voicemail system. Does anyone have a number for them? I have called these three numbers:


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  • Jo
    john Mar 07, 2008

    I hear ya total credit recovery definitely is a pan in the ### they keep calling me all the time once a day now i just dont answer. They r very rude and dont give a crap about anyone however u can make them stop remember they r a collection company that has bought ur debt so for example if u owed 1000.00 they may have bought that for 100.00 and now they r wanting to collect as much as they can from u. They get paid a base pay and bonus based on how much they collect from u. Thing to remember a credit card debt is unsecured they cant do a dam thing to u . Two the origional company has already been paid by the insurance they have incase u dont pay. Three ur credit is already bad if they r calling and if u pay the bill its still going to be bad they will edventually write it off as uncollectble be patient . Four if u pay one dime to them the collection process begins all over again from the last payment and it will stay on ur file for another 6 years so dont dont even agree to make a payment they may be taping you see a trustee 1st b4 u make any decisions they will guide u in the correct direction...

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  • Fe
    felicia Aug 29, 2008

    i totally agree that tcr is very rude they just recently started calling my house threatening me and i dont even know what they are talking about ive only been back in canada for 10 months so how could i owe from a year ago when i wasnt here and when i do call back no one answer like come people i work all day and then come and take care of my house and my son im a single mom trying to make ends meet and going through a ### divorce from a man who is an ### andi really dont know what to do they wont even tell me as to why they are calling

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  • Ca
    Cathi Ennis Nov 06, 2008

    I too am being harassed and belittled by Ms. Brienne at Total Credit Recovery.

    She has told me that I am irresponsible and stupid as well as a sponge on the system.

    I didn't even know that I owed the money. I thought it had been covered in the "Consumer Proposal" that I was just discharged from.

    When I first heard from her she demanded a lump sum payment of $6559.00. I said good luck with that. I don't have a job, my husband is in school. I hadn't even received EI yet. She threatened to have my EI garnisheed. I receive a grand total of $1080.00 from EI. And I already cannot cover my bills, much less buy food and she says to me "go get a loan then to pay this debt".

    Ok so I just came off a Consumer Proposal (very similar to bankruptcy). I asked do you happen to know some one that will give me a loan with my below zero credit rating?

    She finally came around ( I thought) after I told her that I was off to my MP’s office and agreed to send me paper work to fill out so that we make a payment plan and we could revisit that plan once I get a job. I never received any such documents! That was over 6 weeks ago.

    I finally caved and phoned her, got her voicemail 3 or 4 times and said that I had not received the pkg., could she please call me so that we could make arrangements for me to get that pkg.

    I never heard from her again.

    Then two days ago I get a pre-recorded message on my cell phone that told me that I had best contact her by 10:25 am the next morning or else! (Seriously, who comes up with these messages? 10:25 am!!)

    Any way I dread calling her I am already not an emotionally stable person and she has definitely caused me some serious emotional trauma.

    I heard a rumor on one these blogs that people were looking to start a Class Action against this company and maybe even her personally.

    If it is true, count me in

    Totally floored,


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  • Sa
    Satay Aug 12, 2009

    Martin Johnson from TRC was the one harassing and belittling me for a debt that I could not pay after losing 800 a month in income. I have never in my life been treated so horrible. I fought back and told him that I was recording the conversation and that he was never to phone me again. Since then I have been dealing with a guy named Clarence something or other and I have worked out a payment structure and after making regular payments he has helped me retain a decent credit rating.

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  • Jo
    Josephine95 Sep 12, 2009

    used to work for total credit recovery..worst company ever..I tried not to be rude and unprofessional but was told by my supervisor that I HAD to be rude...(seriously???!!!) and that if i was not going to be i should leave. They do not give a damn about people's financial situations they just want to collect and they will even threaten you but the fact is that they cannot actually do anything.

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  • Al
    Alex1221 Sep 28, 2009

    I help people in getting debt free without going bankcrupt. I think they are doing a great job!

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  • Fe
    fedup completely Nov 04, 2009

    I agree with these comments. I have told them I will not deal with this Mr. Scott that keeps phoning me and leaving nasty messages. I am paying what I can when I can. Can't get blood from a stone but they seem to figure they can bully me into doing something. If I had the money believe I would pay it off so they can just keep calling and I will keep not returning calls until I get a call from another person that is not rude.

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  • Su
    super annoyed Nov 26, 2009

    yeah tcr is out to get me too they even convinced me to change my rrsp account to this morgage place that would pay me to give them my 23, 000.00 in locked in rrsp's in exchange for 2000.00 i did it i don't even know what i really signed up for am i dumb or what! But as it worked out i got laid off again for the second time in 13 months now they are really hounding me for this money, i just don't answer my phone anymore they will try anything to get money which i guess is there job but when they are siting in a line up waiting for ui will they accept call's from there own company i doubt that they are that stupid. Yeah i owe money who doesn't no jobs = no money my kids will get food and clothing before they get a dime from me. And rudeness will get them no where with me treat people with the same respect that you would like that's my motto and if a company is actually training these people then they really should take a long hard look at themselves they sure won't win any pulitzers. Annoyed

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  • Dr
    Dragon13 Aug 30, 2010

    Total Credit Recovery sucks big time. They made an error when they contacted me who is not the account holder. I explained to the representative several times that I am not the account holder but he insisted that I was lying and trying to pull a fast one. He pulled my credit report unauthorized which caused my score to plummet which resulted in me having to pay a higher interest rate for a product I had applied at the time.
    I explained that if all my accounts are uptodate why in God's name would not pay a $250 bill. For some reason, it seems like having a spotless credit report except for the subject bill escaped him. The rep. was extremely rude and the dialogue really felt more like a street fight. After contacting the source bank and getting their collection department to straighten things out, I got an apology but after much stress. I wish I could sue these guys. I am still bitter and this occurred over a year ago.

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  • Ah
    ahunter2009 Sep 22, 2010

    I got off the phone with them this morning after telling them that I have no friends or family that can help me because the people I know are on Social Assistance and so am I. I got a "Do you really expect me to believe that?" and then after I preceded to tell him I did not appreciate the way he spoke to me I didn't even get threw appreciate and he hung up on me. I called back and flipped on the poor girl who answered the phone. I told her that it was a choice of feed my kids or pay this bill and guess what won out? She tried to calm me down but I went ballistic on her and told her that I might not be able to pay the $62.75 to get rid of them but I will call my law firm and have them straighten them out. I got "I'm sorry" make a payment when you can and we'll talk to you later. She was very polite. Boy am I ever glad I have a law firm to talk to about this stuff whenever I need too that's affordable and one of the best in all of Canada!

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  • Ka
    kaki0429 Nov 26, 2010

    Where do I begin?? We recently moved, which means we had to have our Enbridge service at one place canceled and a new one activated at the new location. When we moved, our final bill from Enbridge was $227. That's fine. I fully intend on paying it. However, it's no longer active and there's no risk of THAT account being suspended or shut off. The service at the new location took priority. We now had 2 Enbridge bills to pay... which we were paying. Unfortunately for the OLD account, we only paid what we could when we could. We haven't even lived at our new home for 3 months. In those 3 months, we have kept our new account current and our old account went from $227 to $54. With no warning in the world whatsoever, we were receiving calls from Total Credit Recovery. We told them that we wanted to pay the bill as much as they wanted us to pay the bill... but we would not risk having our active service terminated because of it. We were rudely told that they don't do payment plans and the the full amount was due in 48 hours. OR WHAT?? Gonna send us to a higher power collection agency? He then slammed the phone down. When I called back, the "supervisor" didn't even know what department she was in. She didn't know how to answer... she just gave up and said, "How can I help you?" I asked her what department I had reached and she asked me what company I was calling about. Huh?? Really? I immediately questioned her credibility and professionalism. They seem skivvie and sketchy. Am I even giving my money to a reputable company? Should I report them to The Better Business Bureau?

    The account will be paid in full in a timely fashion. There isn't a matter of not having a job. My husband is a Canadian Soldier who has served our country overseas just for disrespectful idiots have the freedom to speak in such a manner to other human beings. All he has to say to them is, "Your Welcome!"

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  • Sc
    scaredanonymous Dec 09, 2010

    I've been getting all these "unknown number" calls for about 2 weeks now, but, I never answer them. Because, 1. I don't know where the call is coming from, and if it's a long distance call or an overseas call, I will get charged by my cellphone company per minute and 2. It is from an "unknown" person, why would I want to answer that? So, for the past 2 weeks, this "unknown number" had been calling me numerous times a day, even at night, but NEVER leaves a message. Today, the unknown number called again, and this time, left me a message, saying he is Chris Reid/Green and that he is from TCR and the manager from the legal department office and I should call them back. I did call them back but I never talked to anyone from the legal department, instead, I was asked to leave a voice mail message and they will call me. I don't know what TCR is, so, I decided to do a research and found forums like this one. I don't remember any loan I made or any unpaid debts except for my visa, in which I make sure, I pay at least $20 a week. I don't have a student loan whatsoever and the debt I owed my cellphone company ($1, 500) from three years ago, was paid for already. So, I don't recall having a loan, or debt from any bank or institution or any companies. Thank you for all the replies on this board, I know how to deal with them and not feel threatened when they get rude to me. I will still do more research about TCR and my rights.

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  • Pm
    pmrguppy Feb 14, 2011

    these guys tcr call my house at 7 am!!! dealt with some idiot mr campbell talking down to me like i was a child. i found the office address and I intend to send a payment of $100 via fedex in pennies. If they refuse payment they will get nothing! my cousin dealt with them and had his debt erased due to the treatment he received from tcr.

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  • Pl
    plasmarules Feb 28, 2011

    Dealt with TCR back in 1996, seems they are still as awful now as they were back then.

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  • Pa
    Paul Ravenhill 2 Jun 08, 2012

    Have an order from the Ministry of Labour against a former employee to pay me compensation for illegal firing plus other things. The file was sent to TCR almost 3 months ago. Have called, faxed a letter to them requesting info on file. No response at all. Will contact police and lawyer soon as I believe criminal activity may be at play here.

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  • Lu
    Lumeena Sep 14, 2012

    TCR are a bunch of idiots. I now come have come to believe that TCR stands for Total ### and ###s. I have been unemployed since dec 2009 due to fibromalgia and chronic migraines..and beleive you me, if my health would allow me to return to work I would. My student loans unfortunately went into default and obviously TCR took over the account from the Gov't of Canada/Ontario. EVERYDAY they call, and everyday I tell them the same story. Today this Total ### named Amanda phoned me and I finally lost my cool. I raised my voice at her and told her to stop calling me and harassing me. So she you own a dictionary? I said: yes, why? She goes: look up the word harassment." Truly, did she have to treat me like an idiot. I'll tell you what harassment is my dear Amanda since you are obviously too ###ed to look it up yourself. Harassment is any unwelcomed or unwanted action which is repeated even after one has been told to stop. So listen up all you TCR douchebags...STOP ###EN CALLING ME!

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  • Al
    AlterEgo Mar 21, 2013

    I currently owe money. I am not going to deny that I have been avoiding it. It's been well over a year since my harassing phone calls began. That was me not paying attention, paying them off or even talking to them. They are quite understanding and when you ask the right questions they are there to answer them. I did not have the same kinds of people talk to me that way. I spoke to the person with courtesy and I spoke to him with logic and understanding and a cool business tone. They have been paid to collect the monies which you owe. They deal with ###s all the time and they have to deal with harassment as well. I'm pretty sure that they get people swearing at them 20 times more than you people do from them. Stop being little children, pay what you owe. I could make payment options from as little as $20 a month. It would take me 5 years to pay off, but really? you people that don't have jobs can't afford that? I was on EI. living off of $1200 a month for 6 months. I even had jobs in between.. Pull you heads out of your ### and treat these people with respect. You obviously aren't too poor if you can afford the Internet.

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  • Fr
    Francene P Apr 12, 2013

    I am in total agreement with the comments on this forum about TCR being rude and unprofessional. I received a call this morning from my financial institution asking me if I'd contacted TCR in the last month or so to receive help with getting my credit under control. My answer was "no", of course, and that I've NEVER contacted any such company for any reason such as this. Come to find out, TCR pulled an unauthorized credit report on my (thus affecting my credit score). I called them and asked who authorized this as my only dealing with them in the past was because of an unsettled Rogers account, in which Rogers got ticked off at me for having them remove their internet and cable services from my home so they decided to cut my cell phone off as well (on a totally different account, I might add). I refused to pay their fee for breaking my contract because THEY are the ones who broke it, not me. They informed me that when they take on a collections account for a company such as Rogers, they have every right to pull a credit report on the person because they are trying to "help" the person and want to see if they have good or bad credit so they can offer them choices ... HA HA The lady I dealt with was Miss LeBlanc and she asked if I wanted to talk to a supervisor to which I replied, "why, you just told me there is NOTHING you can do to reverse this so why would speaking to a supervisor help?" I thanked her very much for putting a mark on my credit report and taking points off and informed her that she could pass along a message to her supervisor for me, that being this: I am contacting the Business Bureau about your company and I will be reporting your unauthorized access to my credit report and spreading the word about your company and how you do illegal things and refuse to UNdo them. I guess the best thing we as consumers can do is to badmouth companies like this until maybe, someday, they'll go off the charts!! With me?? :)

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  • Cg
    cg122 Jun 19, 2013

    Today I received a call from Nora (Toronto office) asking me for a payment agreement, I told her I already had a payment arrangement and made a payment yesterday. She asked me how a made that payment and I told her through online banking she asked me which bank and I provided her with the bank name. She then asked me for the confirmation number and I told her that I didn't get one (which was mistake because I did receive one). She then became rude with a lot of attitude basically calling me a liar. I got just as rude and asked her for her name and she hung up. I then called back spoke with someone and he said that he could see a payment agreement was on file. Then was transferred to another person (both were very kind and helpful). We got everything cleared up. I asked if he could transfer me to his manager so I could file a complaint and he transfered. Once I started speaking with him I knew he was taking her side but the way he treated me was absolutely disgusting. I want to make a complaint, but do not know who to call. I am currently on mat leave with 3 children (mat leave is 8 and change biweekly) and still have my other bills. My intention was and isn't to defraud them but they have pissed off the wrong person. I will be making a complaint, to whom I don't know but I do know they have no right to continue treating people like this.

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  • Ka
    Kare0608 Aug 20, 2013

    Was spoken down to by two women, second one threatened to call my now insurance and make false accusations in regards to not having a license and driving the car in order to get me to pay my debt. The reason this came about was because i refused to give her my address, then was asked for my drivers license number, i told her i didn't have one but informed her that Allstate did not prevent me from getting new insurance. (I have a car, have insurance, but don't have need for a drivers license as my husband drives me everywhere) WTF does that have to do with my debt? Even if i was driving illegally, this is not their concern. I was put into collections for a cancellation fee from AllState Insurance which never informed me of said fee. The damn fee was 167.60 - i would have just paid that ###ing thing had i known about it (i would never put my insurance in jepordy for a non payment report on my record). But i'm calling my lawyer, as i'm not going to live being threatened by some ###s without a soul. To be quite honest, you have to be a immoral and a souless ### to work at collection companies. I'm not a dead beat, i'm a single income family of four, and my credit is perfect other than this ###. Not everyone is a dead beat and these goddamn collectors need to stop painting everyone with the same brush. Even so, threats? Really? You ask me for money that i didn't know i owed and you threaten me to boot? Haven't they heard they can catch more bees with honey?

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  • Xy
    xyxy2300xyxy Dec 19, 2013

    my mother lives alone, daily she gets 3-4 recorded calls from these idiots. She does not have any debt, the messages do not mention her name. She gets scared because the calls come at 7 am and in the evenings after she is already in bed, she thinks that something has happened to a family member.
    I sent an email to the company asking them to stop these calls. I cannot sit at her house waiting for one of these calls to get the number down, she has tried but hasn't yet written it down correctly. Like I said, she is a senior, poor hearing but she does remember Total Credit Recovery.

    total ###s

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  • Sp
    spencer848 Feb 13, 2015

    I am in the same situation as the complaint TCR continuously call me almost every day. I'm 16 and have no way of having debt (no cc, no loans, no mortgage) I have tried calling them back but no answer I have even answered their calls and it sent me to a voicemail asking why I was calling so said that they were erroneously calling me but no answer to that only robot calls flooding my voicemail.

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  • Do
    Don't answer the phone Feb 26, 2015

    Don't even answer the phone to these idiots. Program the number and never talk to them... If they can't get a hold of you after so long there is a Statute of Limitations Law. So after so many years the debt is erased from your credit, and they will stop calling... They buy debts for penny's on the dollar, this is how they make their money trying to collect... Beware though, I know of many people who pay these outsourced collection companies and the debt is not shown as "Paid" on their credit report... If you have an unpaid debt that you what to correct. Only deal with the company you have the debt to, not these types of clowns...

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  • Hello, Now I have requested several times since February for paperwork in regards to the outstanding balance owing on the above mentioned account also have requested numerous times for a certain number to not be called or messages being left on my phone at work.. Harrassing people I work with. I have talked to several people in regards to this and no one seems to pass on the message or document it. Now as I am aware it is illegal for you to contact me without paper work being sent out. Since February I have requested this every other time on the phone and keep being told it will be sent meanwhile asked what was exactly was supposed to be sent. As of last month my account owing is 7 years therefore it is a stale account. Trying to work with your organization is ridiculous and frustrating as I have been told numerous times of different amounts Owing. I have saved all the messages left on my phone as well as recorded phone calls oh all these so called promises! I will be making a complaint to TD in regards to this as I was requested to pay my debt through western Union in which records cannot be tracked from Total Credit Recovery.

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  • Lu
    lullsbell May 07, 2015

    I have received 4 call from TCR finally called the spoke to one person and she said did not have phone number on file then she transferred to Reception ??? dont know why but that lady said ok thank you and that was it. So i thought got another call today frustrating... Dont know how to get these ###s to stop calling... Help anyone

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  • Ta
    Tanya Rachel Wieczorek Sep 09, 2015

    I too have been being harassed by TCR - never in my life have I been spoken to so rudely as I have been with them. First of all I have received some days up to 6 phone calls from them in one day. That is excessive and in my mind constitutes harassment. I have been on Welfare due to medical conditions up till July (now on ODSP) and my fibromyalgia/CFS/POTS makes me very fatigued most days, but I have had phone calls from TCR at 7:45 a.m.! Seriously, 7:45! They effen woke me up. I now have my phone ringer off till 11 a.m. due to these idi*ts. Anyway I was on Welfare only receiving $686 a month, barely able to pay rent, using the Food Bank once a month (all you're allowed). So when I was not able to work I used up my credit card to buy food and was behind on paying the minimum payments, I admit that. But EI barely paid anything anyway and when that ran out I was on Welfare. I can't work, I can't help it. If one of those stupid idi*ts at TCR felt like I do for just one day maybe they'd just shut the eff up. Anyway the one phone call that stands out in my mind was when this woman from TCR asked me very condescendingly if I spoke another language, and proceeded to say to the effect of "perhaps we need to find someone who speaks your language to explain this to you because you don't seem to understand what I'm saying speaking English" WTF?????!!! I don't have any accent and speak English extremely fluently (I got awards in school for my diction) so where is she getting the freakin' unmitigated GALL to say such rudeness to me??!! Every time I would see their number on my phone I could feel my tachycardia worsen (with POTS you are easily over-stimulated by stress) and with my health issues I am supposed to reduce my stress, not increase it! So the times that I answered I explained to them as calmly as I could that I was on EI and barely able to put food on the table for myself, I could not even afford rainboots that I needed. On several occasions they had the nerve to start asking me nosy personal questions like 'how much money do you get every month on Welfare', 'how much rent do you pay', 'how much is your phone bill', etc. THE UNMITIGATED GALL. I had to get really firm with them and say 'those questions are none of your dam* business and I'm under no legal obligation to answer any of this'. They would be like 'we have to figure out where you could be saving some money to start making payments' - trust me if I had the money I'd be making some payments, what I could, but I barely had enough money to pay my phone bill and trust me idi*ts at TCR, I'm not going without a phone, you stupid c*nts. I have medical issues, I've had to phone an ambulance once, so if you think I'm going without a phone so you can get $40 a month you've got another think coming! They suggested to me the same thing as someone else here said, that they told me to go get a lone (I know that spelling is wrong but it won't let me submit the word lo*an) so I could pay them. Uh hello, my credit card is already shot, you think a bank is going to give a lone to someone on Welfare, who can't work due to illness??!! HA! In between all of this I had to move and smugly told them I was moving on the phone, I said 'well you can send all the letters you like cuz in 2 weeks I won't live here anymore' and they had the GALL to ask for my new address! I spoke the same way to them as they do to me, very condescending, I said 'I am not at liberty to divulge that information' CLICK. Hung up. THE GALL. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday mor*ns. So now that I'm on ODSP I can finally afford to start paying it off slowly but I'm still not going to do without something I need just to satisfy these idi*ts. I don't know about the comment above that they would let you pay as little as $20 a month, I was certainly not offered that option - in fact on one call the rude woman said 'we need a $100 payment from you by the end of the week'! WTF Good luck with that. To AlterEgo above - good for you that you were living on $1200 a month, that would have been heaven to me compared to $686 on Welfare, try living on that before you judge those of us who can't work due to illness, as I said I could not even afford rainboots I needed, so before you judge STFU! And no at the time when this was happening I could not afford the Internet either, phone only was all I had so shut up. And where I live now my landlady has unlimited Internet so I'm still not paying for Internet. The last time they phoned was weeks ago, I said 'do you not see that I've been chipping away at it' but they were still harassing me! Now I haven't had a phone call in weeks, I wonder if they're up to something. Makes me suspicious that there's radio silence from them now. How is it that comments above have the words 'idi*ts' and 'mor*ns' but I can't submit my comment that contains them?

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  • Gp
    gpmom29 Jul 18, 2016

    I started getting calls in August 2011 when my family and I were on holidays. When we came home after 2 weeks I had 10 messages from this TCR that I knew nothing about. I never called them back because in the messages they never stated who they were looking for and what the matter was about, just the fact that we needed to contact them ASAP. I kept receiving these calls at least twice a day...not returning them because I know if a collection agency is looking for you, they would give the name of the person who they are looking for. Finally I got a letter in the mail from them a month after the calls started. I finally called them back and explained to them at the moment I didn't have a job and I was out looking for one. I would start paying them as soon as I could. Apparently it wasn't good enough for them so I told them then they wouldn't be getting any money from me until they treated me like a human being and not like a piece of dirt. Near the end of September I finally set up a pre-authorized payment plan to what we could afford to pay them and it still wasn't good enough. When I tried to explain that we only have one income right now the person on the other end insisted that I pay with a credit card or borrow the money and they were only giving me a few days to clear up the matter. When I told them I couldn't do it repeatedly...the first guy got very defensive and hung up on me. Since then, I have made one payment...more to come and they are still calling telling me that I have made zero attempt to resolve this matter. I have even made attempts to contact them through email and their email doesn't even work. So...if they continue to call I will be getting in contact with a lawyer and sueing their company and then I will pay them nothing. Harrassment is totally unacceptable and I thought that a collection agency was there to help you pay off your debts. Hopefully this message gets to them and they can learn to do better and professional business.

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  • Te
    TeaCup123 Feb 11, 2020

    They are government in Ontario basically.
    They are willing to make outright fraudulent submissions, and enforce without lawful authority. Complete fallacy across the board and they will literally run you through every type of court and tribunal until you end up on the street. Major abuse of process and power and will destroy people over uncollectible debts. They will literally hunt you down and hit you with a truck then exploit the insurance and other processes to rack up interest. Never mind rude, their job sucks, but they have rules they are supposed to follow and even if they had exemptions status under the National Instrument there were rules to follow and they did not follow those rules. The only way to get their dishonest, abusive, and dangerous behaviour under reasonable control is to change the national instrument. I did not appreciate having my entire life destroyed and all the criminal behaviour I witnessed with complete impunity while they violate the rules we have in place for overall public safety. Never in my life have I imagined such vagrant disregard for the law was possible. It has nothing to do with their attitude, they bring the administration of justice into disrepute and they are likely to bring about civil unrest at some point because those actions are unconscionable. It's an offense to justice, and everything North America is supposed to stand for. Funny thing is, if they hadn't have been so aggressive, I would have had my debt paid off entirely by the end of the season.

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