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Dear Consumers Defenders,

In the beginning of January (2sd Jan) I bought a new laptop TOSHIBA Satellite A105-S4384 – serial # Y6329363Q, in a Circuit City store # 846 – Gaithersburg – MD (Invoice # [protected]).

After 16 days (Jan 18th), the computer’s system stopped working and I tried to exchange it in the store, but the store only exchanges until 14 days. But they saw the computer and told me that the HD was dead.

I called the TOSHIBA Warranty and had my first CASE # and orientation to reboot the computer with the restore discs inside the box. The computer worked, but in 1 week it showed the same problem.

I called TOSHIBA again and the orientation was the same: “restore the computer with the restore disks”. One more week and the computer was dead again.

I received the CASE # authorization to send it to an authorized service repair. I asked a friend to try the exchange, but we receive another CASE # [protected]) to repair it.

On Saturday, Feb 17th, I left the computer at RICHARDS COMPUTER – FAIRFAX [protected]) - more than 17 miles far from my house. After 1 week, the computer was ready, with the order # 021113Z6C, by replacing the System Board and reinstalling factory software (more 17 miles to got it again).

When I arrived at home I tried to use it on the second time, I saw this message: “USERINIT.EXE – Application Error”. I called TOSHIBA again and I had the CASE # 1/[protected] on Sunday Feb 25th. I reinstalled the operational system two times with no success after more than 2 hours with the technical assistance by phone.

Since the first problem I have been trying to exchange the device, I mean, I don’t want my money back yet. I only want to have a new computer that I can work with. After all these days, I received another number CASE (# 1/[protected]) with the orientation to try the exchange.

Today, after waiting for more than one hour on the phone, I could talk with Mr. John Mike and in the CASE # T1-95ZWD4 he wants to try repair the computer again. But now, I want a new one or my money back.

Next Friday, I’ll complete 2 months with this computer without using it, because it is only a problem in my life, and I paid almost $ 1 thousand for it.

I am sending this message to all the Companies and newspaper that I can imagine to aid me.


  • Valerie Dec 11, 2006

    I have been a consultant for over 10 years, so I have used just about everything out there in the way of laptops (IBM, HP, Gateway, Dell) and have nothing negative to say about them until now.

    Within 3 months, my Toshiba power supply would no longer charge the battery or provide power to the computer. After about 18 months the computer started to overheat and was not reliable. I cleaned the boards and fans and bought a cooling plate so I could use it. I now have an additional systems problem and their solution is to scrap the computer and reload it or buy a new computer. I would not buy another Toshiba if my life depended on it. As a consultant my livelyhood depends on it and I have found the Toshiba to be the worst computer I have ever owned.

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  • As
    Ashman Malhotra May 20, 2007
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    I purchased Toshiba Celeron Notebook which was imported and under 3 - Years Warranty with a dealer promise that it would give me 3-hours battery back up. However, it never give me such backup and hampered my work while travelling. As it was 2nd hand machine under 3 months warranty, they charged me Rs 35, 000/- which was more cost for the machine which Rs. 41,000/- but I paid with the view to get good service.

    When I asked dealer, he changed his word and said that he never said this to me. The Dealer is "CenterPoint", Main Market, Green Park, Delhi. The name of the dealer is Salil

    When I asked them to replace my machine with the newer one as they ditched me, they deducted Rs. 6000 out of it.

    Next Stroy

    They said that newer Centrino, A100 model will sure give me 3 hrs backup. I purchased that machine and paid the full amount. It still gives me backup approximately less than 2hrs. Apart from that it also gave me booting problem once in 25 times approximately and it was minor problem. They and I could not locate it so I ignored it.

    Under Warranty, Its adapter stopped working due to its internal burn automatically and 15 days latter Harddisk malfunctioned. They replaced its hard disk but torn the Adapter and did not replace Adapter. They said it is burnt.

    When I argued then he said that I am having brain problem, that is, I am Mad. He moved out of shop and again ignored the issue. I promised that I will never go to that shop again.

    Now, I am again getting booting problem and wrote 100 and thousand times to Toshiba regarding my problem. I am writing since last month (April). Nobody responds me. I called them at Noida but no reply.

    Again, I have written Toshiba but nobody is replying.

    They are pathetic and Toshiba is not good in terms of service, Battery back and parts.

    Never go for it. I have good experience with IBM Notebooks and Compaq. They give better results.

    Go for them.


    Ashman Malhotra,

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  • Ja
    james k hebert Nov 20, 2007
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    I have the unfortunate experience of being under the nazi tactics of GEMB.All of my payments were made on time and perfectly documented, although shortly after I received a bill two months later for a $30.00 dollar late fee upon which I called and asked why? There reply was,"There has been a mistake we apologize!!!, which is the only time that I have heard that!

    After a documented 100+ phone calls,numerous letters,having my life put on hold,IT STILL REMAINS ON ALL THREE MAJORS CREDIT REPORTS AS OF 11/20/07. I have over a dozen letters from GEMB stating that it was there mistake and they have sent notice to me a the credit agencies but still after close to a year it still remains on there. I have realized why there are now multiple credit inquiries resulting in failure do to there [censored]up not mine. DO YOURSELF A GIANT FAVOR, IF ANYONE IN ASK YOU IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD AND WE WILL TAKE 15% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE, ASK THEM IF IT IS GEMB? AND IF IT IS TELL THEM TO STICK IT DEAD IN THERE MOTHERS A*S! THEY NEVER TELL THE PUBLIC WHY SOMEONE WALKS INTO A OFFICE PARK AND STARTS KILLING PEOPLE, HERE IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF HOW THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN AFTER HAVING YOUR CREDIT DESTROYED AND LIFE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN BECAUSE OF SOME MINIMUM WAGE ROBOT WHO CAN'T THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.


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  • Jo
    John Black Jan 26, 2008
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    Same problem and not only will I never buy a toshiba product again I fly an ultra light aircraft and have a toshiba sucks vinyls ordered I will fly with these from now on.. thousands see it everytime I fly.

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  • Re
    Rebecca Feb 27, 2008
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    I have a far worst nightmare. I purchased my Satellite 105 Notebook in June 2006. Since June 2006, the following repairs were performed on my notebook.

    January 26, 2007
    Toshiba authorized replacement of the following components.
    1 A000007220 DVD SUPER MULTI DRIVE, DL
    1 A000005610 KEYBOARD, USA
    1 A000005340 HDD,100GB 5400 RPM
    1 A000005060 M/B ASSY, 945PM/100
    1 A000005390 802.11A/B/G WLAN
    1 A000005030 AC ADAPTER, 90W, 2-PIN

    June 18, 2007
    Toshiba authorized replacement of the following components.
    1 A000005060 M/B ASSY, 945PM/100
    1 A000005340 HDD, 100GB 5400RPM
    1 A000005030 AC ADAPTER, 90W, 2-PIN

    Since purchasing my notebook, my AC Adapter has been replaced a total of four times. The four times includes the 2 aforementioned AC ADAPTERS.

    Due to the same or similar defects as discussed above, on 21 February 2008, I contacted Toshiba and asked that they replace my notebook. To date, after five telephone calls to Toshiba's Customer Relations Department, Toshiba has not returned my telephone calls.

    You are not alone. I deeply sadden by Toshiba's failure to act responsibly in addressing my matter. I did talk to some one from India (tech support) he told me that under no circumstances will Toshiba ever replace my notebook. They would just keep repairing it until the warranty expires. His representation is consistent with my repair history. Toshiba would perfer that my defective notebook is repaired instead of replacing it.

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  • Ly
    lydia riad Jun 05, 2008
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    dear lydia from egypt please i want ur replay on my comment on my mail...i've a big problem..i bought one of toshiba's satalittle series l40-18x .from five days only..& when i openend it the dvd super multi opened without touching it & i found it broken inside..when i went to the warranty & fixing center they refused to fix it with another one...i want a solution please if u can contact them to fix it...thanxxx

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  • Ly
    lydia riad Jun 05, 2008
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    please if anyone knows how to contact some one helpfull at toshiba in germany please contact me on my mail...i'm in a big problem, , , please help me...thanxxx

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  • Kh
    kh Jul 11, 2008
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    I purchased laptop brand new as they pretend – within 6 months from purchasing I brought it to the store 10 times . The last time remained with them for more than one month and unfortunately still there. No way to be fixed – when I discussed the matter with them they told me go and complain you will lose
    is there any way to solve this problem with staff who did not respect the client?

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  • Cb
    cbullock Jul 23, 2008
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    Purchased a 37" Toshiba 720p lcd hdtv on March 22, 2008. On June 16, 2008 no picture or sound. Notified Toshiba on June 20, 2008 advised to contact authorized repair shop which they referred me to. TV picked up on june 24, 2008. Advised on July 3, that the part LCD panel is back ordered and will not be in till September. So, it's been a month sitting in repair shop. Toshiba will not give me a new tv, or give me a better idea of when replacement part will be here. Toshiba didn't tell me part was back ordered till September the Repair Place did. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper and will tell everyone I know to boycott Toshiba products. They are not customer service oriented at all.

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  • Ze
    Zeek Sep 20, 2008
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    WOW! So I'm not the only with PO-ed over here!!!

    I bought my Toshiba Satellite less than 3 months ago. The damn piece of junk already broke for the third time w/ THE SAME issue - faulty hard drive that keeps crashing.
    The first time I had to drive an hour and 1/2 to the CSS repair center, the tech told me it was "unusual" for a new laptop to have such a problem. The hard drive was replaced and I got the lap top back in a week or so.

    August 19, 2008 - the Laptop is received from repair and powered on.
    August 23, 2008 - the Laptop breakes..AGAIN.

    When I dish out a nice lump of money for a product, I expect it to last me LONGER than a month...anyone else?

    I call the Toshiba support, they tell me to ship it to them, claiming their techs have better equipment and training and will fix the issue, no prob.
    I send the thing and get it back in about a week or two. Finally, I power it on (this past Monday) and in a few days(on wed.)GUESS WHAT??! SAME PROBLEM!! They didn't fix SQUAT!
    The hard drive croaked again!!
    The system.dll is yet again "missing or corrupt", windows won't start, and the computer boots straight into a blank, black screen.

    Called them, told them how it was, didn't hold any temper back, and got transferred to the Customer Relations Center where I spoke to Jose, the *&#()hole (pardon me). I asked Jose if I could be transferred to a supervisor, not to be a pain, I just wanted to speak to someone who would be the last option and get straight to the point. This piece of ^#*@ tells me (and I quote): "I won't let the issue escalate beyond me. So you will have to speak to me"...

    Huh? But I don't want to speak to YOU...I want to speak to a supervisor. I want to explain this problem to someone who CAN do something about it. But Jose wouldn't have it.
    When confronted with my assumption that it pretty improbable for a hard drive to be faulty, with dead spots THREE times in a row, Jose snobbishly stated:
    "We don't expect our customers to know anything about proper functioning of hardware. Only our techs would know that."
    aka. your too stupid to know anything about that .
    When it came down to my options I got the good, 'ol run-around: "Mam', you have two options. You can either take your laptop to a repair center. Or you can send it in to our repair depot."
    Hmmm..sounds familiar. OH WAIT! Because I already did that! And the problem was still not resolved!!!

    Given the fact that this "customer relations manager" failed to assist, and plainly just told me to f -off, I decided to call back.
    The results?
    The customer support rep(which, despite the same bullcrap, was a bit more properly mannered) promised that everything will be taken care of...

    ..once I send the laptop in for repair..

    Stating that he will write up a "full repot" on this case and make sure that the techs run all the proper test, Eric assured me that they will do everything in their power so that I "will never experience the same problem again".
    Ok Eric. I got your word for it...and your employee ID.
    So you better be right.
    The laptop will ship out tomorrow and should be back for my evaluation in a week or so. I WILL get my money back or they can send me a BRAND NEW machine.

    I'll get back to you all on the final outcome.

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  • Da
    David Bratcher Oct 24, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I purchased my Toshiba Satellite P305 at Circuit City on September 14, 2008. I was going to take the Laptop out of the Country with me. I was leaving on Sept. 17th. and ended up not having the time to set unit up before leaving, so I did not take it. I returned home on October 6th. On the following Sunday Oct. 12th. I unboxed the unit to go through the setup. The Laptop ran for 10 minutes and then the screen went white with nothing but the time and date at the bottom right corner. I turned unit off and back on several times without any success. I walked away from the unit for about 15 minutes while taking a phone call, and when I returned the unit had shut off. I tried turning the unit back on with no success. It would not turn on. I then called Tech Support. They had me try removing the battery and a couple of other things, but the unit would never come back on. They gave me a Reference # and said that I could either send the unit in for repair, or take it back to where I purchased the unit for possible exchange. I took the unit back to Circuit City only to find that since I was outside of the 15 day return period, I could not get my money back. They said that I could exchange for another unit in the store or have their Firedog (repair) Department look at the Laptop. I agreed to have them take a look. They called me a couple of days later and informed that they believed the Mother Board was shorted. I picked up the unit and looked what they had in stock, but their options were either Compac or H.P. Our Network people for the Company that I own recommended Toshiba. It was their opinion that Toshiba Laptops were more durable than others. (Maybe they are if you can get them to turn on and run!) So I decided to send the unit in for repair. On October 15th. I started my Nightmare. I called Toshiba Customer Support, was given a Case # and told that the Depot Department would send me a Box to send the Laptop in to Louisville, Kentucky. They said that the whole process should take between 7 and 10 working days. This was from Start to Finish. By Monday October 20th. I still had not received a this Return Box. I called and was sent to the Depot Department. I spoke with a young lady in the Depot Department (I wish I would have asked for her name) and she apologized for the delay. She promised me that she would send the Box out for "Next Day Delivery". By Wednesday October 22nd., I still had not received the Box. I called back and expressed my frustration. I demanded to speak with someone with some "Authority" ( I have come to realize that no one in this Department has no Authority). After a long period on the phone...they finally sent me to a Case Manager (her name was Summer). They had two phone numbers to reach me on. While on the phone with Summer (this is after spending at least 20 minutes to get to this point) I was mysteriously disconnected. I thought O.K. no problem, she has my phone numbers, she will call me back. Not !!! So I call back and go through the whole process again. "Serial Number Please", "Your Case Number Please", "Can you hold for one moment please?", the entire time I am pleading, please just transfer me to the Case Manager Department. Finally I get there and get a Gentleman by the name of Paul. I explain the entire frustrating story, Paul apologizes for the incovenience and promises me that he will "walk this thing through" so that I get a box. He contacts the Depot Department and finds that something has happened??????? and the box has not been shipped out yet. He asks me to let him call the Depot Department back so that he can make sure that they have all the information correct. He said that he would call me right back after doing that. I commend him, because he did. He assured me that everything was correct and that "he would see this thing through". Today is Friday October 24th. I would have thought the Next Day Air, would have meant either Thursday on worst case scenerio Friday. I was wrong. U.P.S. delivered to our Company this morning, and no box. So again, I call back and get Nathan in the Case Managers Department...Paul is away from his desk. Nathan looks up my Case # and finds that the Box is "Approved" for shipment, but not shipped. I ask to speak with a Supervisor in the Case Management Department and was informed that they do not speak to Customers. What a surprise. I ask him to have Paul call me when he is free. Paul calls me and leaves a voice mail, I call him back and again, he assures me that he will send the box..."Next Day Air". I do not even want to think about how long this will take to be repaired, and after reading the other horror stories...I think I will go back to Circuit City this weekend to see if I can trade the Toshiba in for another Brand. If they cannot even get a Return Box sent to me, why should I trust this Company for the long haul. I operate a small Heating & Air Conditioning Company. We employee around 60 people. I started the Company 25 years ago in my garage and if our Customer Service was like this, we would not have survived in business for ONE YEAR. I wish you all the BEST Of LUCK. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I hope I do not have to post on this site again. BEST OF WISHES...

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  • Im
    imran shah Nov 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Dear sir
    i bought the Laptop from Laptop direct model is A200. i found my laptop is working little bit slow. i put the recovery CD inside. but my laptop stop working. than i contact with the repair centre (teleplan). they repair my laptop and send me letter that the disc provided by the manufacturing is incorrect for this model. please contact the toshiba and ask them about this. i called many times please send me correct disc and fax the feed back from teleplan. they promised me all time that toshiba send you new disc. but i am still waiting for disc and i spend lot of money on calling them. Also i lose all my research data due to this problem. please find the problem and solve it and give me relief.
    Reference # 1-[protected]
    and repair reference number was: z8657024.
    Fax no. [protected] (fax the feed back of teleplan).
    My loses are all research data plus 3 weeks without . i also pay for call on 25p for each minute for calling toshiba total minutes is 40. total cost of calling is £10. Due to incorrect disc my laptop face the problem. i have to right for legal action due to provide wrong disc my manufacturing.
    best regards
    imran shah
    phone # [protected]

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  • Le
    Leng Lo Nov 09, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I wish I have read these article before I bought my Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4830,
    I bought it on September 4, 2008, because I have use desktop computer most of time, so I didn’t use it that much, until now (November 10, 2008) I try to take it to work, then I find out the 3, E, D, C key won’t respond, I call the customer service, the technician told it is a hardware failure, he give me a case number, I think I will have an simpler nightmare as everybody in here. No more Toshiba.

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  • De
    Derrick Feb 16, 2009

    WOW...Finnaly a site where i can complain and don`t have to fill out my life story, , , here goes 2009 Christmas, bought 2 laptops at Christmas l350`s Toshiba...within 2 weeks both ac adapter pins pushed inside the notebooks rendering them useless with no recharge available, i have been waiting over a month for their so called around/disorganized/talk down to you/always have another number for someone else, because they can`t help/i would have just epoxied the pin in there, however my warranty would have been void, but at least i would have a functioning computer.I will not tell anyone what to buy because if i knew i would have bought it, but i will tell you what not to buy.I don`t whine and i`m no B.S er either, the product might be tolerable but the service is not.These big corps grab the money and run, just look at their website and try to contact someone with a service complaint, aint happening.It`s quite the feeling when the voice on the other end is cheerfull and happy all the while you are being told in a subtle manner to go screw yourself.The only thing i can be thankfull for with this purchase is that i didn`t spend the extra money for an extended warranty.Now if you go buy one of these you will also trade the cow for 8 magic beans too, as you can tell i`m still steaming.Why do you think we like watching the Soprano`s /because Tony would cap someones butt if he was treated like we are.

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  • Gl
    Gloria Fisher Mar 06, 2009

    From ShopNBC..i bought a toshiba 15.4 notebook with printer...i mailed to world-wide all the bar codes i could find off the recieve the $100.00 rebate...i mailed my letter out...Jan 21st, 2009...I bought the laptop on Jan 7th, 2009...and when i went to the web am told no name of that sort in their files for rebate...Now that i not have necessary barcodes...and no rebate idea of my name...what can be done?

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  • Os
    ospricilla Apr 15, 2009

    hi dear friend really very thankful that i got you like to solve my problem

    i am waiting for reply thanking you

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  • Ns
    NSooter Jun 22, 2009

    Toshiba doesn't even provide the correct support for their products that AREN'T broken.

    If you aren't tech savvy this post probably will not mean much to you, just know that it's another set of nightmares.

    I had to format my hard drive and had lost track of my original drive/operating system restore disk. I figured I could just install another copy of XP and locate my laptop-specific drivers online. But oh, what's this? Toshiba doesn't have the correct drivers on their support site for my model of laptop with the OS it came with? Excellent!

    Assuming this is just a ploy by Toshiba to make me spend $30 for another OS disk I order a new one. If it works I don't care.

    A week later after impatiently checking my mail box I receive a voice mail from Toshiba. Some guy informs me that the disk I ordered wasn't available and leaves a "contact number", that is an incoherent mess I couldn't dream of deciphering.

    So I call Toshiba again, explain my situation and am again informed that Toshiba just doesn't have have the disk with the drivers I need for my model. I ask when they'll be in stock and all he tells me is that I'm not the only one with this problem and he's leaving my case file open. Thanks? I can't begin to imagine all of the people with corrupted files needing this disk to boot their computers.

    So not only does there website not supply the drivers but I can't even buy them. Even searching around 3 party companies can't sell me the exact disk that I need.

    So I'm left with a computer that can't be plugged in on an ethernet connection and has a whole set of little things that just aren't going to work right.

    About a year and a half my motherboard and memory also went bad, this was repaired under a different warranty (a whole other hellish experience) but it's just another example of faulty hardware and from what I can see is only getting worse.

    And just to add to the mayhem, my laptop has a 64bit processor. Vista 64bit has been out for oh at least 2 years now?

    Toshiba don't you think you've had enough time to develop some SUPPORT to upgrade your older models instead of making us buy new computers with the same specs and a dinky web cam just to upgrade to the correct operating system??

    What a joke. Maybe they should spend some money on developing their own products and stop putting it into the sinking ship they call customer support.

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  • Po
    poojathakker Jun 25, 2009

    i have a toshibha laptop satellite A305D-S6848...
    ... its been a yr and i use it at home but
    ...suddenly my comp shows that memory hardware ...has a problem
    ...pls help!!!1

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  • Oh
    OHpink2 Jul 07, 2009

    My granddaughter uses her computer for school of course. It is still under warranty and she had to take it in for a loose charging port. It has been that way since she bought it and she thought that was normal until it quit working. Now she just went to pick it up from the warranty center and has to pay $160!! Even when we dropped it off the lady said it is a "common problem" which means to me it is a DEFECT that they are charging people to fix!! My girlfriend's son-in-law bought one 2 weeks ago and it stopped working also. I would not take one if they gave it to me free.

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  • Ba
    Batman7349 Sep 03, 2009

    Manager of Customer Support
    Toshiba America Information Systems Inc
    Digital Products Division
    9740 Irvine Boulevard
    Irvine, CA [protected]

    Dear Sirs

    I am the father of a disappointed owner of a Toshiba A305-S6916. This laptop was purchased in March 2009. In June we started having “Video Driver has stopped” issues, as well as black horizontal lines across the screen, and BSOD problems. We updated drivers and tried to resolve the issue ourselves.

    I contacted Customer Service on 6/24/09 and was told by someone (I assume in India) that a UPS box would be sent. Almost a week went by and no box was received. I placed another call and was informed that the work requested had been failed to be submitted and that they would submit it and get me a box ASAP.

    I finally received the box on 7/03/09 and returned it the same day. It was received by the repair depot on 7/06/09 after the holiday weekend.

    1-[protected] – Z8384699Q UPS Tracking # 1Z4AR1223836176957
    7/06 Repair in process
    7/08 Repair in process
    7/08 replaced via board now unit is intermit no post. More diag needed
    7/10 VGA board was not problem needs more diag.
    7/12 Repair in process @ Lead area
    7/15 On hold parts 605c
    7/21 transferred to lead’s bench for engineering
    7/24 Verbal with Gretchen
    7/28 Verbal with Gretchen
    7/31 Verbal with Sumner
    8/03 Verbal with Conn
    8/06 Sent to techroom
    8/06 Unit Repaired waiting shipment replace sys bd, VGA bd, reloaded s/w updated bios
    That’s 30 day’s from arrival must have a limit on repair time because it was not fixed. Through the various conversations with customer service I have determined at a minimum 3 system boards, 4 VGA cards, 1 CPU, 1 cable, 1 set of ram were install/removed during this time.
    8/07 outbound shipped.
    8/10 actual ship date
    8/12 received by me @ 12:01, @ 12:10 unit was having same issues as originally sent in for.

    1-[protected] – Z8384699Q UPS Tracking #1Z6340620241152556
    8/12 contacted customer service told them unit was no good, and returned unit in same box to UPS for delivery to you.
    8/14 for some reason you shipped a new box to me.
    8/14 received at repair depot in original box.
    8/17 called repair depot and they had no record of unit. I gave Susan M the tracking number and she verified they had it but again nobody had submitted work ticket, so she had to go to receiving department to get it worked into the system.
    8/18 I called depot again talking to Susan M because only comments entered into system was Depot Rework. No specifics so repair personal had no way of knowing what was wrong with it.
    8/18 repair in process
    8/18 Diag:blue screen (STOP 0x00000117)video driver issue
    8/19 Repair in process
    8/20 replaced cpu
    8/20 Called Gretchen, no return call
    8/20 moved to burn in
    8/21 Called Gretchen, no return call
    8/21 On Hold Engineering Issue 0x000000117-SB, VGA(multiple), CPU, RAM
    8/21 Sent to Lead for further evaluation.
    8/25 called Gretchen
    8/26 called depot talked to Karen
    8/27 Testing
    8/28 Verbal with Susan M @ Depot
    9/01 another VGA card was ordered for a total of ATI 512 Mobility Radeon HD 3650 cards that have been installed. I cannot help but believe the card is windows Vista incompatible
    9/02 Verbal with Gretchen, and again through various communications I have determined that at one time the system board, CPU, VGA card, and Ram were replaced at one time.

    How will you address the failure, twice, of your customer service department to properly execute the repair order system? If it has happened twice to me, how many other people’s repairs are being delayed?

    I have been told numerous times that once the cost of replacement has been exceeded by the cost of repair that the unit would be replaced. So far the tech hours, plus the multiple system boards, CPU’s, VGA cards, Sets of Ram have far exceeded the price of this lemon.

    My daughter purchased this laptop in March to use while completing her masters degree. The computer failed at the end of June and has been in your possession ever since. That means in the six months since purchase Toshiba repair depot has had it 2 months or 1/3 of her ownership time.

    I have since purchased another laptop for my daughter to use for just under a $1, 000 and is definitely was not a Toshiba product. Also as an employee of BNSF RR who is a major user of Toshiba products I am sending a copy of this letter to our director of IT purchasing to strongly suggest we discontinue the support of Toshiba products.

    When will your customer support managers get off the fence and make a decision to replace the unit with a new upgraded model with full warranty to compensate me and my daughter for time lost, warranty lost, and money spent to replace the A305-S696, or refund my purchase amount in full?



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  • Br
    brittany.L Dec 06, 2009

    About a year and a half ago I purchased brand new Toshiba satellite laptops for myself, as well as my twin sister. We are currently college students and do not have allot of money to spare on extra things.

    In the past year and a half of us having these laptops the chargers have stopped working 4 times for my computer and 3 times for my twin sisters computer.

    Toshiba has been very unhelpful with helping us regarding our inquires about the chargers. They keep sending us new ones that costs $ 160 each, but the problem just keeps occurring with no solution.

    We both have spent enough money on these chargers that we could have just practically bought new computers. I am starting to become very frustrated with the whole situation. As a result I am telling everyone I know looking to purchase a new computer to buy not to go with the Toshiba brand because of their lack of customer service and cheap products.

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  • Ni
    nikhil roy Dec 28, 2009

    hai to all, i am nikhil from india. i purhased a thoshiba laptop (L510 series) almost one month back. after the re-installation my wireless conection became disabled. i tryed many ways usaly i used to enable it by pressing Fn+F8 key, but now only the error message is showing "wireless comunication is disabled. please turn on the wirless communication swich". i tryed to find out the swich bout i am not able to find it out. my touch pad enable/disabe (Fn+F9) is not working and some of the thoshiba applications like Thoshiba PC Health Monitor is not working after the re-instaletion

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  • An
    Anton Gerasimov Feb 12, 2010

    We have a Toshiba 60" less then 8 months old just quit playing.Made the call to Conns service and it was just terrible from then on.First it was a 5 week schedule to come out and still is.But we tried to talk to more humaine and technical people but got the same run around.It always wound up with tele marketing type people who would just laugh about our discontent. I've spent thousands of dollars with Conn's but I'v spent my last.Please listen to these disappointing stories and stay away from Conn's, it's terrible.

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  • Li
    lin brown Feb 27, 2010

    i bought my laptop in march 2008 paying £400 for it. It was never taken out of the house. I always used it on a tabletop and only for about an hour every day. I dont think it is unreasonable to expect a longer life than this. I was told by my local repair man that the screen remained blank when tested and was not repairable.

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  • De
    Dennis Mar 24, 2010

    We bought a new flat screen Toshiba tv in November 2009 based on salesman recommendation. Was promised price matching by salesman. Brought identical tv model in advertisement for price adjustment the next day. Salesman said would have to check with manager, he was not working that day.

    After repeated stalling and passing responsibility, manager promised $200 refund would appear on our credit card within 10 days.

    No refund or explanation or response still has been given three months later.

    We are now putting our correspondes in writing and have sent to local manager. Also soon to be sent to corporate office, BBB, and whoever else we can think of to try and get our promised price matching refund.

    Have done 2 kitchens full of appliances plus miscellaneous things for many years with Grant's since they only had the Joliet location. So much for no advertising because satisfied customers were all the advertising they needed.

    Will definitely not make Grant's my first and only stop for everything. Beware! Get everything in writing from them and make sure to follow up.

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  • Di
    dink Apr 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We purchased two Toshiba Tecra A11 laptops from Toshiba over the phone. When speaking with the sales representative she did not inform us that the preconfigured laptop did not come with Office Professional but only a 60 day trial version. She did not even offer it to be purchased. She also told us that they would be shipping out our laptops in the next two days becuase we had made the first shipment cutoff. It was important for us to recieve them on time due to buisness travel needs. Two months later we recieved the laptops and then to find out that it only has the trial version of Microsoft Office Professional instead of the full version like we believed that it did. We contacted and spoke with the Customer Service Manager named Kaloni whom all she could do was log our complaint and not help us. She said she was the top of the line in regards to speaking with anyone higher up. She said we could write corporate but Toshiba would not do anything to assist us and that we would need to contact Microsoft to purchase the software!!! We can purchase it from Toshiba but they apparently don't want people to purchase things from them as they don't inform you that you are able to!!! We will never puchase from Toshiba again and will warn everyone we know not to purchase from them as they will not recieve any support that is worthwhile!!

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  • Ml
    mlwatt May 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had bought this ext.warantee now i can't get intouch with them and i went online to contact them and i see they have went out of business so what can i do.

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  • To
    Toshiba problems Jun 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Toshiba Tecra computer Serial. # 46031296H was returned under warranty to Toshiba Notebook Depot for repair. It was NOT repaired or tested before returning it to customer. The CD/DVD drive still does not functional nor can be found by computer and the screen now flickers. It is in worse condition than when sent to Toshiba for warranty repairs. The screen appears to have been damaged by negligence from the repair facility. See case number [protected]
    I would like the computer to be repaired as contracted, or the $399.00 paid for the worthless extended warranty charges to be refunded for breach of contract. Your technical staff suggested going to the web site to search for solutions, and running computer diagnostic tests, with hours of valuable time wasted. and after being placed on hold because of "High call volume" I have lost faith in the Toshiba product warranty service. If Toshiba refuse to honor the terms of the warranty, then a refund should be issued as stated under Texas law.

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  • Vs
    vsizemore Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Toshiba A305 in January 2009. I have noticed the charge AC plus gets very hot. Yesterday, I kept hearing a beeping sound and noticed it coming from the charger. I immediately unplugged it for fear that it would catch on fire.

    I just called Toshiba and even after escalating the call to a Customer Service Manager, Arienne, I was told that yes, I should stop using it and purchase another one. I asked her if they expect me to purchase a replacement for something that may cause me danger and harm? They state they would not replace the adaptor and I would need to purchase one that is their policy.

    I told them that I would NEVER purchase another product from a company who DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CONSUMER! Arienne simply said, "Is there anything else I can help you with"?


    I guess I should just let it catch on fire, burn myself and my office or home, then sue! All over a few bucks it may cost them to replace the AC adaptor! Crazy!

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  • Ry
    RyaDrenth Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also have problems with my new toshiba laptop. I bought a toshiba satellite L645-1020XR on the 10th of october 2010 and within 10 days I found that the touchpad suddenly didn't work. I put it into the service center on the 22nd of october and was told that this could be fixed within 7-10 days. I have called the service center a couple of times already and they said that since I'm Indonesia I have to wait for the regional center to send the faulty part. But the ridiculous part is that they don't know when. So I know have to wait for an undeterminant time till the parts can be sent. I tried reaching the global call center about three times but was put on hold for20 minutes everytime. This is an outrage!for anyone out there don't do the same mistake I made by buying a toshiba [email protected]!

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  • Ry
    RyaDrenth Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry..what I meant was august..I guess I said october since there is a likeliness that I will have to wait till october to at least be able to ask the service center again when it will be finished

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  • Jo
    Johan joe Oct 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi all, help me please ...?
    i have toshiba satellite A205-S7466
    my notebook turnd on but no display if charger plugged, but if charger unplugged my notebook turnd on and display normally...

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  • Ma
    Malik Oct 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was given a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7417 Laptop. The original recovery discs did not work, so I ordered a new set at 24.95, which Toshiba says is just for shipping the discs are free, but the new discs did not work either. I called their tech support and was told that I had to send the laptop to them to fix at my cost. The laptop will take discs from my desktop, my old laptop and even my fiances laptop, but it will not take the discs that belong to it. I do not have the money to fix it. I have bought a new harddrive and still it will not take the discs, then I bought a new memory stick and still it will not take the discs. I have noticed a lot of people on the internet with this problem and all of them have said toshiba says to send them the laptop and they will fix for a fee. Sounds like a bug in the laptop to make more money for toshiba.

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  • Et
    Etters Oct 27, 2010

    Toshiba Does NOT care About Customer Service!

    On Oct. 7, 2010 (less than two months after purchase) the systemboard for my Toshiba Satellite laptop went bad and this standard part was ordered the next morning. Bottom line is that the part will not even be shipped until Nov. 19 – SIX WEEKS later!

    After numerous calls, Toshiba “customer service” (misnomer) promised that the part would be shipped on Oct. 22. Today I hear that it will now not be shipped until No. 19 – and why should I believe that??

    When I spoke with the Toshiba “customer service” office today [protected] x1) they essentially said tough luck and HUNG UP on me!

    Toshiba Does NOT Care About Customer Service!!

    I will NEVER buy any Toshiba products again – we warned by my bad experiences!!

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  • Ge
    Georgine Nov 02, 2010

    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite L505 Series. I bought it Nov 27, 2009. In february I got a message on the laptop that the hard drive will fail. I called Toshiba in February and they told me that it may or may not fail. I did the back up. Then used the laptop until it started to stop working efficiently. It was still in warranty. I called and Toshiba had me send in the Laptop and said it would be 10 days from ship date to ship date back to me. I sent it in on 10/20/2010. I checked the status online. Then I sent an email. They said I would get it back on January 14, 2011. This is three months later. I called customer support. That is just a glorified phone number where a college kid answers the phone, tells you to act professional (why? He is the one representing Toshiba, I am a customer. I am allowed to act how ever I want.) after he gives me the song and dance, I can't answer any questions. I will note your account and tell someone to call. Why? pass me through. No, that's not how it is done. I just want an answer. He says, I can't answer a question, I can only note your account. What kind of a phone line for customer relations does THAT? Then I am told to act professional again! Again! WHY? I am not the one working. I am the one paying you! Why do I not get to act like a customer?

    I am told that I will receive a call in 1-3 business days from someone who can answer questions. I wait. On the third business day, I get no call. I call back. The customet realtions person states, "we tell you that, but it actually is 5-7 business days." I am like, Are you kidding me? Why in heavens name tell me something that isn't true? Will you tell me on day 7 when I call that it is really 10-15 business days? What kind of a company takes your computer, keeps it for a completely undetermined amount of time, won't tell you anything, and if you call, they are condesending and tell you to act professional, and quite snidely respond saying, I am the manager and I am ending this call.

    I believe, that Toshiba puts an internal virus in their systems. The virus then tells you the hard drive will fail. Then when you call support, they tell you to send in the laptop. They even send you a box. Then they extract all the personal information you have on the hard disk and sell it. There is absolutely no way to stop them, they have your hard drive and there was no way to get it off unless you are a computer genious prior to sending it in. Then while thhey have the lap top, you get no information and do not have the laptop or the hard drive. The customer service is handled so poorly, I cannot believe there is any other explination. I now have no recourse to get the laptop back. All numbers I call get me back to the customer relations guy who states he can't answer and I cannot find out the status, nor do not know if I will ever see the laptop again and in the mean time, how much of my personal information have they already stolen?

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  • Ti
    tinaji Nov 05, 2010

    I purchased toshiba satellite E105-S1602 in August 2009 and I have warranty until August 2011.
    Notebook screen got bad and I could not see anything. I called Toshiba and they told me to send back for repair, which I did.
    I received e-mail from Toshiba Depot that they received my lap top. It will be repair in 10 business day. They received my laptop on [protected] according to their e-mail. I called so many times to Depot and it says part is in order. I called corporate office in California. Finally they said someone will call me for replacment. I have not heard anything yet. today is November 4th, 2010. Please Please do not buy Toshiba computer. Customer service is worst worst worst in the world.
    I run my business, without computer it is hard and loosing money which toshiba will not understand.

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  • Wi
    William Conia Dec 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DO NOT BUY Toshiba Laptops. I have been servicing Toshiba systems(not laptops) for 26 years so I decided to buy a Toshiba laptop.The screen cracked on this laptop after 33 days. I tried contacting Toshiba warranty who passed me off to their tech support and back & forth for multiple days. They state that the screens are not covered under warranty although there is no mention of that in any paperwork received or online. This laptop was handled gently. It was not dropped or abused in any way.The laptop was opened by sliding my thumb under the cover on the lower right side where you normally open a laptop. A black blotch or smear was noticed at the area where the screen meets the plastic (close to the opening indent). When I touched the screen to inspect the discoloration a crack appeared down the right side of the screen.After a month of calls, Toshiba tech support and depot repair state that screens are not covered for physical or accidental damage. I say there was no damage at all and that the screen and or case were not designed properly to protect from failure due to normal use.I sent the laptop to Toshiba repair for them to evaluate only to have them tell me It's not covered and I will be charged $325.00 for the repair. That makes this a very expensive overpriced laptop that I will be afraid to use for fear of the screen going bad again. I am very dissatisfied with Toshiba Technical Support Supervisors & Management. Many people are having the same issue & more with Toshiba laptops & their support. You should Google "toshiba complaints" before buying any Toshiba product.

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  • Dw
    Dwgra4 Jan 20, 2011

    I have paid for online backup to Oct 2014. There is a setting that states that my data was backed up weekly, for years. I had over 13 Gigs of personal and business data on this system, my "Trusted cloud software."

    When I tried to restore access I have called 2-3x in the last 48 hours. I was given a case# and contradictory promises. My call was dropped 5 times. I have been provifed with 4 different support numbers, but have not been able to speak to anyone capable of helping me. The contradictory promises include: 1) that my data had not been backed up since December 28, 2) that someone at Symantec would "restore my data" to that back date, 3) that I had over 104 G of data, 4) that I only have 200 MB of data stored, 5) that there is no one able to restore my data, 6) that I can only speak to a live operator if I subscribe to a $500 grocery offer... and my favorite, 6) we will call you back within hours.

    After owning 4 Toshibas I do not know what my options are. Buyer beware.

    If you represent Toshiba Online and ever read this I welcome a call!

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  • Ci
    Cindyrsdu Feb 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called Toshiba Support line concerning a problem with my laptop Satellite A505-S6005 Think twice about sending your laptop to Toshiba Repair Depot, do you know who is really taking your laptop apart? UPS!! Yes UPS story is below. Don't buy Toshiba Laptop again, Toshiba will not does not stand behind there product!

    I called Toshiba Support line concerning a problem with my laptop two USB ports on the right hand side, they where loose and flopping around. I was told that I had a little over 30 days left on my warranty and I had to send my laptop to them for repair, a box would me mail to me. I asked why I could not take it to an authorized dealer here in my town? I was told when I register my laptop I didn't pay for that option, so either I mailed it to them or pay for the repair my self. I asked how long would it take for the box to be mail to me, two days I was told, I was also told when they received my laptop it would take about seven (7) days to repair it, that I needed to remove all password and backup all information I had on my laptop. After backing up all my information from my laptop, and getting it ready to be shipped to them, I took photos of my laptop and began searching to see if anyone else was having the same problem and I found so many of Toshiba laptops with the same problems.

    I boxed up my laptop in the box that was sent to me, copied all information. My laptop was taken to UPS on December 29, 2010 at 10:38 a.m. and it was received by Toshiba repair depot on December 31, 2010 at 9:30 a.m. for repair. On January 04, 2011 at 4:12 p.m. I received a call from Toshiba @ [protected] telling me they received my laptop and it was being repaired,

    January 17, 2011 I had not received a call, email, nothing telling me when my laptop will be returned to me. Its been approx Nine (9 Mon-Friday) business days and thirteen (13) total days. From my ipod I emailed them asking for the status of my laptop, I was told it should not take no more then seven days to repair the two right side USB ports that should have never come loose. Ive always trusted Toshiba laptops and have always told friends to buy Toshiba laptop, but not any more from what I'm finding out now, and going through. The information I'm finding, this is becoming a regular and major problem with Toshiba laptops.

    After sending the email I received an out of office email then thirty min later I got another email telling me that I needed to call Toshiba that this was an non warranty issue and the cost would be $175.99 with a list of credit cards they take. I was upset, my laptop was still under warranty, Toshiba should know USB ports are used on a constant bases on a laptop for your cameras, external drives, flash drives, ipods, etc.These items are being plugged in and out of these USB ports and should not come loose. Why Toshiba didn't contact me on this issue, they had my laptop all this time and never contacted me until I contacted them.

    On January 18, 2011 I called the [protected] number at 1:17 p.m. was placed on hold for 42 min, and 35 sec, my phone shows the time line. When a woman took my call at 1:58 p.m.I asked her name, Dorothy I was told, she asked me for my depot number and I gave it to her. She then went on to explain to me it would cost me $175.99 for what they call when they don't want to honor the warranty is an non warranty repair.

    I said what!!, you have my laptop all this time and never once tried to contact me, and asked why was this an non warranty issue when my laptop is still under warranty, to make a long story short, I was told that plugging items into the USB ports and unplugging them will cause them to come loose and they call this over abuse use and that makes it an non warranty issue, then she stated are you going to pay the $175.99? I could not believe what this person just stated to me.

    I told her NO! send my laptop back to me, with a letter explaining why they are calling this an non warranty issue, I also stated to her who I was contacting, she replied she didn't care, I asked to speak to a supervisor and she went on to say something else and again I was placed on hold, (music came back on the line) she came back and stated did you understand what I said, told her no, you cut me off, she stated she would be transferring me to costumer relation service, time now 2:03 p.m.

    When a person answer the phone I asked who I was speaking with, I was told case manager, I then asked her for her name, she said it was Pearl, I explained the problem again to her, and she said the same, due to the fact that your plugging items into the USB port and unplugging, its an non warranty issue, I told her who I was contacting, she was also told that I wanted my laptop mail back. I have photos of my laptop before it was sent in. I also told her I wanted an letter explaining why this is an non warranty issue, she stated because your plugging and unplugging items into the usb ports this is over use and that makes it an non warranty issue. I told her that was a bunch of bull ???? I repeated what she said, "so when your plugging things in and unplugging them that is over use and that is how Toshiba gets out of not honoring there warranty", she said you should leave them in, I asked her did she just say, when you use your USB ports you should leave the item plugged in, she said yes, I told her what sense does that make, if that is the case, why do we need a laptop if it's not portable we might as well go back to desktop. She said I'm sorry. She said she would make a report and gave me an report number.

    I also told her there's no excuse to keep someone on hold with no responds for forty two min (42 Min) and 35 sec, also no responds when you have my laptop for thirteen days (13) and you never tried to even contact me at all, no phone call, no email until I emailed you. You called to let me know you got my laptop but your going to hold it knowing your trying to pull a non warranty and not contact me. I repeated to her that I wanted my laptop back.

    I told her everything that has taken place with Toshiba speaks volume about there company and how they treat there costumers. All she would say is I'm making a claim report and your laptop will be mail back to you. I asked her for the tracking number, that all she gave me was an report number she said they will call you with the tracking number and I told her they never contacted me about my laptop she said she would not have the tracking number they would call me. Call was ended at 2:09 p.m. 52 min and 35 seconds. I spent more time on hold then any help from Toshiba.

    I did some more searching and really got upset when I found out who is really doing the repairs if they do them at all. Now I know why they would not allow me to take it to an authorized dealer, If I did I would have to pay the cost of repairs. Here's the kicker, Toshiba partnered with the United Parcel Service (UPS) to design a more efficient repair process. Customers are told to drop off their laptops at a UPS Store, from which they will be shipped to Toshiba for repairs and then sent back to the customer. The laptops are in fact shipped off to an authorized UPS-run repair facility in Louisville, Ky, Southern, IN, and some other places where UPS repairs the laptops themselves and ships them back to the customer directly. Toshiba does not even handle the laptops UPS does.

    If I had known this and Toshiba should have told me that UPS would be doing the repairs I would have never sent my laptop to them, they can't deliver a package without damage, now I'm really worried about my laptop. Othere's have posted when there laptop came back it had worse problems then when they sent it in, and the main problem was never fixed. I checked on Jan 20, 2011 for the status of my laptop it's still showing repair status waiting for me to ok the repair for $175.99, I sent another email and told them to mail my laptop back to me, gave the report number that Pearl had given me and told them I was not paying anything, to send me my laptop undamaged.

    I received an email reply stating my laptop was being mail back to me. As of today, Jan 23, 2011 it is still showing in repair status, no phone call telling me it's been mail with a tracking number. On Jan 24, 2011 late in evening I got an email telling me my laptop had been shipped on Jan 23, 2011 two day air, alone with a link to UPS for tracking here's the kicker, Tracking Number:N/A so that Tuesday Jan 25, 2011 I called them which if the information was correct I should had gotten my laptop but without a number I can't track it. I got a person name Jesi explain to her, gave her information she need she looked it up and is going to tell me maybe they haven shipped it yet, I read the email to her and she said have to transfer you. I got this time, person name Robin, explain the problem to her, she said she could not find anything either and she didn't know where my laptop was. So she was going to email them and call me in the morning the next day, I asked her to also email me. She said she could not do that. She gave me a REF number. Again I spent more time on hold then I did getting help. Have no clue where my laptop is.

    Jan 25, 2011 No call from Robin at all, it's after 2:30p.m. at 2:50p.m. UPS brings my laptop, got my laptop video taped me opening up the box taking my laptop out, now being an repair shop that does not honor warranties, when I turn my system it, the first thing I got and it's on video was that nasty blue screen telling you windows was not shut down that data could have been lost etc. giving options it was on start windows normal, I just hit enter, still video it all. Notice my cover for the express slot was missing, other problems, so I called them, again explain to Ray what's missing, he tells me he has to transfer me. Here goes the games again, after holding and holding I got a Don, repair Depot center is where my call was sent to.

    I told Don what was missing, he said did you send it. I told him I've never use the express slot the slot cover had never been taken off, and I want my express card slot cover! He asked me to hold on, then he comes back and ask me "What is an express slot cover" I said what? I then gave him the tech ID that had my laptop, I was told to hold on again. He comes back and say well we will mail it to you if we find it, he called out my address I told him you will send me my express slot cover period. Also I wanted an Ref number, he said we don't give that, ok, I said I want an Conformation on this, he said we don't give that either. OK, email me what we have talked about here, he said I can't do that, you just have to trust me. I said Trust you, you got to be kidding me. So when I got off the phone, I email the repair depot and emailed them every thing that was said and told them I want my cover, I have a large area that is left open on my laptop it was not like that when I sent it to you and I want my cover. I took photos before I sent them my laptop. If I had know before hand that USP does the repairs I would not have sent my laptop to them. I'm not going to let this rest, even If I have to take them to small claim court.

    I've also noticed doing all the searching I've done, is there some form of connection between Toshiba and Best Buy, everything I've came across with Toshiba laptop problems and these non warranty or warranty issue the laptops where bought at best buy, are these laptops already damaged before we buy them?

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  • Do
    donna1963 Mar 28, 2011

    We have had problems with our Toshiba satellite for two years now. It has been sent back more than we have had it. It overheated so much it caused a burn in our daughters leg. They never reparied it in the first place. We have been through several hard drives etc..They now have the laptop again due to overheating. I called corportate and was told she was the manager and there was no one else there to talk to. I am so sick of them. NEVER BUY TOSHIBA. I dont know any other options at this point. I think I may need to call an attorney about the burn. It has been almost a year and she still has marks on her leg.

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