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S Jul 15, 2019

Dear Sir,

I have brought a Toshiba refrigerator Type GR-R70UD-K from x-cite Kuwait, and then shipped it to Egypt. This was about 4 years back, now the motor of the refrigerator has stopped working. I contacted Elaraby Group who is your agent here in Egypt to get a new motor for the refrigerator, and the least i can say is that it was the most unprofessional disastrous experience i have ever encountered in my entire life regarding customer services, and the most shocking thing is that a very reputable professional company as you is having such agents giving such bad services to your customers.
First of all it took them a week to come to my house to check the problem with my refrigerator, without considering that here in Egypt in the summer season the temperature degree can reach 40 celsius, and then after they checked the refrigerator they told me we will sent another technician after another week to do another inspection on the refrigerator only to say that since your refrigerator is imported and not from Egypt we won't be able to fix it for you. and they did sent another technician after a week, which to my surprise he thought he has come only to place furrion gas in the refrigerator not knowing the real problem or the case he has come to check or fix. I contacted them again and it took them also another week to bring someone with a new motor for the refrigerator, which turned out not suitable for my refrigerator, then again i kept contacting them and then they sent another technician with another with another wrong motor. this kept going for more than a month in the summer season with the highest temperature. and their only and last solution which has been suggested to me by a very rude and unprofessional engineer that my only option was to give them my refrigerator so they would sent it to their factory to bring me another motor which will also take a month or two. i can't believe that anyone with a motor problem would have to go through all this headache for three months to get their refrigerator fixed and not only that. i'm in this situation because i've made a mistake of buying your products. everyone gets their refrigerators fixed immediately in their homes and i have to go through all of this trouble because your agent is unprofessional and works like we are in the dark ages. and for the record none of the people who contacted me had a feed back regarding the situation, every time any of them contacts me or come to check the problem, i have to go through the whole story over and over again and no one of them even bothered to take the specs of the motor or make a full report so that they would fix the problem of bringing me another one.

I want this problem fixed as soon as possible without another delay or any excuses and i want it to be fixed at home not having to go through all this trouble and extra unnecessary charges just because it is imported and for the record i don't trust them to take my refrigerator since they are so unprofessional, they might damage it some more. all i'm asking from you is to help fix it for me and take this matter seriously.

Name: Sara Hassan Hussein Abdelkader ElGendy
Address: 30 sudan street, Mohandessen, Dokki, Giza, Egypt
Phone: +[protected]
date of incedent: June and July 2019
Requesting a repaire
Toshiba agent in Egypt: Elaraby Group

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customer service complaint
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customer service complaint

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