Tolunaunable to get a single survey in toluna...!

N Jul 11, 2019

For the past one year or more, I am not able to take a single survey with toluna. I have mailed them so many times as even my survey center always shows the message "sorry no surveys available at the moment".
I have mailed them number of times, but they simply reply everytime to clear cache and cookies which I have done many times, but all efforts are in vain.
There is no proper action taken by toluna as there seems to be problem at their end, may be a bug in software or something.
Atleast till now if it can rectify it is very useful for us all we are missing many surveys and brand invitations from big companies.
Ps: attached is the pic of my problem. And the message I have been showed not a day or two, but for the last one year. Neither the survey center shows surveys or if any survey I do from my mail, it will land in this page. Request toluna to correct this problem as I am writing on behalf of many sufferers like me who are reporting in site as well as online.

unable to get a single survey in toluna...!

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