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I sent a complaint and wondered who I could contact in your office that might help me get my payment from Panda Research. They owe me $151 and I have like $5 approved after doing all the work. This was very upsetting I was just getting started doing surveys and mystery shopping. It doesn't take long to figure out which companies are the best to work for and the ones to avoid. I can be reached at [protected]

payment due

I completed 27 surveys from September 10, 2018, until November 4, 2018. It is now a month after my last survey was done and they owe me $151.03 and a mere $5.08 has been approved but that isn't enough to request a payment. I have e-mailed at least 5 times to try and resolve this issue and to date I have no response. I am asking for your assistance to make this right. I would never have wasted my time if I was getting paid to do it. I have plenty of other work and could have perfomed jobs and gotten paid.

payment for surveys

I have completed over 75+ survey's, to which I have sent proof of all to the company. I also jumped thru all...

having my phone's approved yet and it's been a week

Lunsford I have over $100 in funds and only $3 have been approved $97 have been verified and I still have not been able to get any money off I would like to know why my funds have not been approved you say one or two days but it's been over a week and I cannot figure it out so you can email me at [protected] I would like to get this resolved and be able to get to my funds so I can be paid for the time I've spent. are y'all just trying to scam me and not pay me at all so that's what it feels like

Non payment for survey

Panda research is a scam!!! I have competed 120$ in surveys and have only been approved for 25$.This is all I've gotten in 3 yrs plus. I keep sending tickets ...because that's the ONLY way you can. But I completed a survey to sign up with another survey company to get paid. I completely followed directions. I keep getting ticket replies asking for screenshot proving I signed up. I've done that 6 times and panda keeps telling me I didn't send screenshot where I ordered the product.THE SURVEY WAS NOT TO ORDER A PRODUCT. I even sent them screen shot of their directive for survey. I still have not gotten credit. They are a scam and I believe have no intention of paying me. I don't understand why you can't communicate with a real person. I don't understand how you can follow directions clearly and still not get paid. Can you explain panda research?

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Doing surveys

I've done several surveys over a 1 year period and the amount is over $205.00.and have never received any form of payment. They said they go through Harris polls for payments.I've never been paid by them or through them, I would like my money.

Surveys And Research

My name is Maduka Anyaogu.I have been in panda research surveys and research in a month now.I earned a little...

Online surveys - scam

Panda research online surveys is a complete scam and something should be done they have you completing all these surveys for nothingand all up all thoe sells and you cant even hit the get paid button i have over 4 hundred dollars.They say you cant get paid unless you 50 but i have more then that i took the time to do the surveys and i want to get paid is there anyway we can get a lawyer involved

This company is absolutely untrustworthy

I've been a member of Panda Research for almost 6 years. I've paid my own money and completed every step I was told to complete to earn my keep with their service. For about a month now, I've been fighting tooth and nail to receive my $50 check from them. I was even told by one of their service representatives that the check is on its way and has been approved. After checking the mail box day in and day out, I finally contacted them and was told that the manager has declined my payments because my money has been sitting in the account too long. All that hard work, for nothing. Instead, I'm left defenseless and regretting ever signing up with them. For years, their sketchy surveys have redirected me to websites that have left my computer with malware and my email account with more spam than I'll ever know what to do with - some of which cannot be unsubscribed from. My privacy has been violated and, in this surveyor's opinion, this company is absolutely untrustworthy. If you want to make money from legitimate services, I recommend Amazon's Mechanical Turk or Global Test Market. I just hope that someone is reading this right now and can back out of Panda Research before it's too late.

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    jaxsterjoe May 19, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fulfilled my end of their terms and conditions and amassed $50 in approved earnings. You have to wait 30 days after you request payment for the funds to be released to you. 30 days came and passed and I received nothing. I contacted them 4 times about this with no response. Save yourself the hastle and do not do business with this company.

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Survey scam

Years ago I got suckered into completing surveys for money by Panda Research ( When I was ready to cash in and receive my payment they stopped answering my email. I then reported them to the better business bureau of Chicago and they where able to contact the website owner and inform them of the wrong-doing that they where commiting and actually got them to pay me my balance that I earned which was a shock to me! If anyone has not gotten paid by this ripp of scam site I suggest reporting them to the better business bureau. After a bunch of attempts I finally got paid because they where forced to by law. Do not ever try to earn money through surveys, they are all scams I don't care what people say. Panda Research you suck! Here is Panda Researches contact info.
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This site is free to join and all the sites listed on are free to
participate in. Panda Research tries to fool you into thinking they are a paid
survey site, but they really aren't. They send you "surveys" to your email
address, but the only way to receive money is if you buy the product at the
end of their survey. Plus we have read some pretty bad things about this
site on the Internet. Many people complain that Panda Research has never
paid them, and that they don't respond to emails if you have a problem with
receiving payment.

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Panda Research is a big waste of time don't bother joining them.

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Company Contact Information:
Address: A&A Marketing Inc
1477 E Winslowe dr, 102
Palatine, IL
Phone Number: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Non Payment OF completed Surveys

I completed the CableTV Survey and was Promised I would Recieve 75 Dollars Once Completed. Now I have been givin the RUN-AROUND, about them tryin to verify the completion. I have done every thing they asked me to do forward and backwards, but they still come up wit excuses!!! They are a SCAM and everyone who has been SCAMED by them need to get together and file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS PANDA RESEARCH!!!

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    Valariedsampson Jul 10, 2018

    I completely agree with you. However, the wording that is used on most of the websites (Panda, Inbox, etc) say that they are not liable if they don't pay us.

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Relentless spamming

Call me a sucker, I went to Panda Research website, lured by the possibility of getting paid for taking surveys...then had 2nd thoughts immediately after taking the 1st survey and unsubscribed. Started receiving unsolicited emails within minutes and they haven't stopped yet, have been unsubscribing non-stop all day. The telemarketers started calling at 8:00 am (I had logged onto Panda research at about 11:30 pm the night before for about 15 minutes). It's amazing how much aggravation they can cause from such a short period of online contact. I'm an old person who only recently purchaed a computer and I am learning my lesson!!

Non payment, Scam Operation

This company is a total scam! I started completing surveys for them, and they were approving monies left and...

Resolved lies, deciet,failure to pay

filled out surveys and met all requirements, next time i tried to access my account they wouldnt accept my pass word, said they would email new password, still waiting, after reading up on this site i have decided that it is a total scam.

  • Na
    naana#14 Oct 21, 2009

    Is there any recourse ?? I asked for my money back in March 2009 and got a verifaction f=phone call eventually and still have not received my money.. They did answer my email and said no one was home... Not true I have caller ID and no who calls at all times. I believe they just don't want to pay?
    Does anyone have a way to get them to pay and if not who can we contact, official etc to turn them in for keeping our money

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    grady murphy Apr 06, 2011
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    Verified customer

    keep trying to put my info into panda they say its can you do the surveys if you cant get in. they said they would email me an still waiting

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No payment for completed surveys!

I've completed several surveys totaling up to over $1,000.00 and was only approved for $40.00 and can...