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Vindale Research Complaints & Reviews

Vindale Research / payment center

EdwardColeman103 on Jun 20, 2017
My name is Edward Coleman my phone # is 661-674-8234 I have not been able to move my $50 earnings through the second step of the payment Center. When I get to the page where you have two options (check or pay pal) neither one will work.. I tried first on my laptop then Tablet and finally...

Vindale Research / The sole oufit who cancels your 100% finished work alleging you are not SLW enough

Yaitso1 on Sep 14, 2015
They do not warn you that you are not SLOW enough during process. They wait til you finish 100% to announce you are not getting paid.. but they are !..This after I complained tp the BBB 3 times ..It does not happen in other survey companies to this frequency.

Vindale.com / No gifts and I wasted time

decadix on Jul 25, 2015
I signed up for the website www.vindale.com. I wanted to make several surveys and get the gift from the rep. It was mentioned that after 10 surveys, they provide small gifts and new opportunities. Ok, I finished these surveys today and waited that they would reply. I was so upset and...

Vindale.com / They didn't provide gifts or bonuses. Another scam

380R on Jun 10, 2015
People, don’t waste your time on the website www.vindale.com. I filled the surveys in order to get some bonuses and gift. But they sent me different surveys and asked to fill them as soon as possible. They promised to provide gift after 5 surveys, but later they started to tell me...

Vindale Research / Scam survey site

Tessa Dick on Sep 12, 2014
I am leaving Vindale Research, a website that offers to pay you for answering surveys. You see, I recently spent the better part of an hour on one of their surveys, only to be told when I clicked the 'SUBMIT" button at the end of it that I did not qualify and therefore would not be...

Vindale / Scam

zaccius on Oct 16, 2013
Vindale is a scam pure and simple. 1. They pay selected individuals which is how they get away with the pretense they are legit. Keep a few people happy. 2. They will let you get them referrals but they wont pay you for them. I had 10 referrals and not paid for one. They tell you it...

Vindale Research / Vindale surveys

Lorraine Williams on Feb 15, 2013
02/15/2013 I lorraine williams did not get paid today. vindale researce owes me 50.00 for my surveys i worked on and i received a email stating vindale only pay out on the first and the 15th so today is the 15th and did not receive my payment. I was advise to send thee complaint in first...

Vindale Research Online Surveys / Did not get paid

ladybugbonnie on Dec 16, 2012
I spent hours doing surveys to finally get to payout of 50.00 i requested payment on friday, then on saturday i tried to log on account. It said vindale has cancelled membership. So all my time is wasted, and i get no money. Left feeling scammed. Im not the only one.

Vindale Research / Sends personal information to outside sources without your permission

bwindi on May 10, 2012
When I signed up for Vindale Research, I was asked to answer a few questions to complete my member profile, one of which was if I was interested in receiving a subscription to Forbes magazine for an 80% discount. I checked yes, expecting to get a link or more information sent to me, but I...

Vindale Research / Fraud/Misleading Information

Dale Goldberg on Dec 20, 2011
I have been completing Survey after Survey for this company and after 10 to 15 minutes of answering questions, I get a screen saying I did not qualify. Okay but I GAVE THEM ALL THE INFORMATION ALREADY!!! Which means they just scammed me out of all my information first, then they don't...

Vindale Research / You CAN make money from Vindale!

As for Vindale, ...You CAN make money!!! When you have to submit the required info for the survey, ...YOU ONLY HAVE TO WATCH OUT FOR THE SURVEYS THAT ASK YOU FOR A CREDIT CARD!!! THERE ARE SURVEYS ON THE SITE THAT DO NOT REQUIRE ONE!!! I found this out because I don't have a...

Vindale Research-cash Surveys / Cash Survey alright-YOURS

I signed up for Vindale Research with the understanding that I would be paid for my time. I have not been paid a single penny; and all of the ?surveys? they have sent to my e-mail address: commanderelby@rocketmail.com have required the use of a credit card! These ### do not want my opinion...

Vindale Research / Another 'members' personal information was made available to me through Vindale making me suspicious that my information is shared sans per

I received an invitation to join Vindale Research via email. Normally I do not respond to these types of offers but stupidly answered this invitation. Within a week I was inundated with phishing and spam emails. After opening a techinical support ticket about a survey problem ( which wa...

Vindale Research / Scam

Vindale Research, also known as SayForExample Inc, Paid Samples and Survey 4 Profit is not a research company at all. I doubt any of the forms you will fill in actually go anywhere but the trash file on vindale's server! They are quite simply the same as completing "yes and no" boxe...

Vindale Research / Online scam

I actually did receive one payment of $50 from them. The idea is that payments are sent in $50 increments, so if you earn $114 (like me) you'll get paid $100 and the other 14 will roll over towards your next payment. Well when you do surveys they are clicked (meaning you've clicked the...

Vindale Research / Business Partners

I thought I would try online surveys to make money through Vindale Research. I tried the Extreme Acai Berry 14 day Trial. I cancelled twice 9/22/08 & again on 10/8/08 after seeing an unauthorized charge of $8.51. The second time I called 14 times busy I then caught a break in the evening...

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