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TNT Express UKfailure to deliverconsignment, lost goods, inconsistent info on matter

Deatils of the events showing how incompetent the staff at TNT are and how Unreliable this firm is.

The level of service I have received from TNT is appalling and unacceptable. I have been trying to track and receive an international consignment from the 30th Of Dec 09 and it still hasn't been delivered. This isnt due to the weather but incompentency of the staff employed by TNT. I am told this morning by customer suppport at TNT that the parcel has now been lost and the sender show call their TNT office to process the claim!

Sequence of events that have driven me to write back via this forum are as follows:

1) attempted delivery on 15th, 16th & 17th Dec 09 by TNT - no note left to advise me that a delivery was attempted but comendable for the supposed number of attempts to deliver!

2) 18th Dec - delivery attempted by TNT and this time, a note left to advise that no one in to receive so to call TNT back to arrange a redelivery.

I left the country on the 18th early morning so didnt receive this note till my retun on the 30th of Dec at which point I called to rearrange the delivery.

I was advised that the next date for delivery would be the 31st Dec between 8am and 6pm.

Eager for the consignment, On the 31st of Dec
I called their free phone number at approx 11 am, 14:00 & 16:30 - all these times I was advised that there were no issues and that the delivery was on its way and should be with me by 6pm.

With no sign of any deliery till late evening, I called TNT back again at 17:30 at which point I was initially advised that the driver had left a note on the system saying he couldnt find the address due to the post code being incorrect.

A few minutes later I was advised that the reason was incorrect and instead TNT had taken the decision to call back all drivers at approx 2pm on the day hence I would not receive the consignment on the 31st and would need to rearrange for delivery next week (in Jan). The goods were sitting at their Enfield depot at this point.

I queried the reason for withdrawing the service and was advised it was due to weather conditions however there was no snow or bad weather on the 31st Dec in London.

I requested for the consignment to be delivered the following Monday to a different address. This request for change of delivery address couldn't be processed on the day as the department to do that had left, so I was told someone from customer support would call me first thing on Monday 4th Jan to rearrange the delivery for Tuesday (5th Jan).

Disappointed to say the least. Not much I could at this point but give up chasing the delivery!

At 6pm - I received a message (voicemail) from another rep at TNT advising me that if the post code was incorrect I would need to contact the sender to have the details corrected.

Odd - as they had found the address on the 18th and were able to leave me a note.

I called TNT back however I was told that the depot had closed so would need to call back on Monday.

Further to this - I checked with the sender to ensure the address was correct. I have a scanned copy of the docket from the sender which is proof that the postcode was/is accurate.

4th Jan 2010
I did not receive a call on Monday Morning as promised so called myself in the afternoon. Requested for redelivery to a business address. I was informed this had been done and that the parcel would be sent from Enfield depot to Park Royal depot and then delivered on Tuesday to the new address.

5th Jan
No parcel delivered. Called TNT again and requested for a status update.
Spoke with 'Ryan' who contacted the depot and was informed that' Mic' at the depot had the goods and would put a request to have them sent to the Park Royal depot so that the goods can be delivered on the 6th
Following this call, I received another call from TNT at approx 4pm advising me of the above and informed me that I would be called on the 6th AM to confirm when the parcel has left the depot.

6th Jan - no call received till 11am.
so I called TNT again - was informed that the Goods were received by Liverpool Airport!!!

The rep on the phone wasnt sure why that was and would need to call all the relevant depots to get more details. I Was put on hold for 5 mins and then the other person hungup.

I Called back again at 13:00 - requseted to be put through a manager. Put on hold and then the other person hungup again.

I called the Park Royal depot myself- they confirmed they had the new delivery address and informed me the goods were no longer with them butwhat they can see is the goods have been lost, according to the system

Apparently the goods were received by Park Royal yesterday at approx 2AM with an empty box. As there was nothing in the box they have concluded the goods have been lost and advised I should call the 0800- number again.

Frustrated, I requested to be put through the GM of the depot 'Kevin Ashton'. I was advised that he wasnt in and to call back tomorrow, so I asked what time would be best? was asked to hold and then was offerd to be put through to his secretary, then on hold again and instead was offerd to be put through a manager, put on hold again after which the call failed (approx 5 mins) and then the other person hung up

AT approx 1:30pm on the 6th Jan - got a call from their International support team, Paula. She advised that the goods would not be delivered today and they are investigating whats happened. As soon as she hears back she will call me. Finally someone sensible on the phone!

I called the liverpool depot at 14:25 - they advised they have nothing coming up in their system for this consignment number so cant tell me anything about it.

4pm -Ppaula called back - said the park royal depot did receive the consignment last nght but it may have been sent to liverpool airport so as to return to sender. The person dealing with it was now off so to call back tomorrow to check for more details. She did pass the details on to her team and advised them to call me the next day.

7th Jan -
Got a call from TNT who advised they are looking into the matter and will get back to me.
11Am - Second call received, advising me that the goods cant be located and that they are probably lost but TNT are still trying to locate incase someone has found them.

Clearly the redirection is where the problem apperas to have started from however there appears to be no signs of tampering on the package or damage - depot indicate that the seal of the package is broken so and the goods may have slipped out!

Also advised to contact sender who should put in a claim at their end..

13:00 - TNT still trying to locate the goods...


  • Ti
    TimeWalker Jan 20, 2010

    Awaiting a parcel from Trinidad that was to go through UK and then to be posted by TNT to my country.
    The parcel was send on 28 of Dec and reached UK on 30th. Public holidays and bad weather conditions delayed it so it could not be sent even by 7th of Jan. Tracking code provided for TNT is not working, Trinidad's Poss Office has no idea where my parcel is because TNT is not updating them with the proper information. After continuous attempts the person who sent me the goods managed to reach TNT's Office in the UK on 15th of Jan and they claimed that items are still in their possession. Today Jan 20th I get a message from the person who sent the parcel that the goods dispatched from the UK on 18th and (it's been 20 freaking days ... what the problem at their depot?) that I'll be getting them in 3 to 5 working days. TNT's tracking number still doesn't work, so I'm unable to track the parcel. Looks like it takes them about about a month to deliver from the UK to LV when every other courier company does that in 3- 4 days! I'm loosing faith already ... I even considered my package lost at some point ...

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  • Pa
    PARCEL NOT DELIVERY Nov 07, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Pa
    PARCEL NOT DELIVERY Nov 07, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am from india 30th i booked one parcel to uk no.[protected] 22kg till date not delivery
    please find out parcel

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  • Ka
    Kashif Anwar Dec 18, 2014

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kashif Anwar <[protected]>
    Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 1:36 PM
    Subject: Fwd: read
    To: rafiq.[protected], farhat.[protected], zaka.[protected]

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kashif Anwar <[protected]>
    Date: Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 1:29 PM
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    To: zaka.[protected], waqar.[protected]

    Dear Mr. Zaka,

    Ask your staff to provide you the copy of de-blocking from customs.
    Now, he is saying to provide the readable copy.
    Your staff do not need copy.
    If my NTN is blocked, provide me the copy of blocking.
    I will talk to my related Customs office.
    Your staff in Karachi is not interested to do work.
    Their aim is to create problems for the customers.
    They are destroying your image.
    Since one month I am asking for the delivery of my tools.
    I imported these tools to complete immediate supplies.
    But because of TNT, my orders are cancelled.
    Your staff in Karachi is Non-serious, Non co-operative.
    Your seniors should take notice of this issue.


    Kashif Anwar.

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    Colin Bruce Feb 01, 2017
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    Next day delivery - Nonsense, excuses/no delivery

    Feb 2017 - Unable to deliver on their promises, let down again - Rubbish company, you will be left waiting, maybe days in my experience, for a next day delivery - Use Parcelforce, received 2 items off Parcelforce today, no excuses, just what they said they will do, deliver.

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