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I was charged $35.99 to my credit card by TLG*GREAT FUN without explicitly giving permission for any charges or services. Upon calling them I learned that this service is affiliated with the Columbia House DVD club that I am (was) a member of.


  • Wa
    Walter Littmann Nov 19, 2008

    I am getting an unauthorized charge on my checking accout to this address

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  • So
    Somi Nov 25, 2008

    I just recieved the same charges to my account. If you purchased a flight ticket through and clicked on a link to get a rebate.

    You'll would have had to register with a company called Great fun. I just got off the phone with a customer service representative. Apparently, the first time is free and thereafter you would be charged a membership fee of $11.99.

    Call 866-584-2461 to have the great fun service cancelled if you want to prevent further charges.

    I hope this helps out

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  • Ja
    Jane Jan 18, 2009

    This company should be put out of business - TLG*GREAT FUN 866-584-2461 CT

    One you don't clue who they, how they banking card number, you never get a membership packet and you never get any services. This should totally 100% illegal. Why aren't they out business. Who cleans up the web. They are getting rick robbin people's back pockets. It is wrong!

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  • Ge
    GEORGE SQUYRES JR Jan 18, 2009

    You need to have your bank take care of it...TLG was charging me as well and I did all the phone calling, had promises made to me, to no avail, and I went the next day to my bank, signed a form, and they even refunded me my money to my account, and THEY are pursuing TLG federally. Now granted, they probably will get nowhere, but you won't as well.
    I praise my bank for stepping up for me. I did copy this link and they actually looked it up while I was there, etc. They were amazed as I was. So if I was any of you (and I was), forget about talking with TLG...they will promise you's what they do!!!...that's how they keep going.
    Go to your bank with this link, and if they value you, they should step up as mine did.
    International Bank of Commerce gets kudos from me!! IBOC on Nasdaq.
    Mahalo...George in TEXAS

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  • Ru
    Ruric Vred Feb 27, 2009

    Not a member of Columbia House, but this number was associated with a $14.99 unauthorized billing to TLG Great Fun. Have no idea what that is... didn't authorize it, and when I called the number, got a message, not identifying who i was calling, but that they were closed.

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  • Do
    domesticatedbeauty Jul 15, 2009

    I found the same on my account! I called the number and they were open. It is a company that bills you if you go online and purchase airline tickets or hotels at a discount.
    I did do some research but I NEVER booked anything! So I called and got the money credited back to my account.
    Those discounts may come with a back end charge!

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  • Dd
    DDu Jul 21, 2009

    I found the same on my account:
    DEBIT AUTHORIZATION Jul20 04:08p 0623
    AT 16:08 TLG*GREAT FUN 866-584-2461 CT $ 11.99

    I never authorized. I only booked hotel on line.

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  • Br
    brittanys Sep 05, 2009

    ive never booked a hotel online or anything online. the only thing that ive baughten was billy mays slidder cookerthing wich sucks by the way. and the charges started like 6 months after i baught that.

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  • Li
    Lightdancer7 Oct 17, 2009

    I just found a charge of $149.95 on my account from this company. I bank with Chase and called but they said that it was a pending charge and until such time as it went through I couldn't report it. I am printing out all the above and taking it to my bank first thing! I purchased an airline ticket through Priceline about a month ago!!! I am so furious. I hope that my bank Chase (formerly Washington Mutual which we LOVED) will indeed make good on this fraudulant charge!
    Kit in Georgia

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  • Ty
    tyon Jan 26, 2010

    This iz booshit . I found $15.99 transactions from great fun posted though ma ccount unexpected and i don't even know this busnss.

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  • Ja
    JaxCole Nov 02, 2011

    I didn't buy any priceline tickets like those above, so I'm not sure how they got my info. Being that I caught this "charge" ($0) on the same day it was initiated, I have to wait until it posts so the membership ID will post on the transaction. This helps them to better find you in their system, they say. They also say that the membership ID will have 'proof of enrollment', which will help determine how the enrollment was made. I can't wait to find out just how this happened. When it posts in 2-3 days, I will def be calling again to cancel this sham of a membership and order a new debit card from my bank so they def can't charge me again.

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