Tires Plus Total Car Careservice

E Jan 16, 2018

I purchased a set of tires for my Honda CRV and have driven the car approximately 13, 000 miles - and one of the tires had a nail - and went flat and was driven a short distance (few hundred feet).

The Tires Plus on S. Virginia (near S. Meadows) service representative said that the tires were in great shape; but that, it was company policy that, even though the tire is repairable, their shop would NOT remove the nail and repair the tire, because the inside of the tire was worn from when it was driven flat.

He said that the manager Alan would fire him if he violated company policy and repaired the tire. The manager was not in the Tires Plus Store - he was out for the day.

I even offered to purchase one tire - and he said that it was company policy that he could NOT replace only one time and that he could be fired for violating company policy.

I drove my Honda to Les Schwab where the nail was removed and the tire was repaired for free.

I have been a loyal Tires Plus customer until this event - and the obvious 'must sale 4 tires' approach to customers - even though these tires have less than 13, 000 miles and are in great shape. Very disappointing and unethical management.

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