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Feb 07, 2018

Tinder - unethical behaviour

tinder took down a photo with a sign that said 'jewish and queer: a nazis worst nightmare' without any explanation of why it was removed. This action by tinder is homophobic and antisemitic and inexcusable. There was no explanation from tinder on why this was done and I fail to see how this would violate any sort of community standards and I think that Tinder is violating community standards by creating an uninviting environment for minority groups.

Girl are you serious? Tinder won't allow anything that offends or gets complaints from any other members.

Feb 07, 2018

Tinder - account under review

So I've been using tinder for a while now and I've never had an issue, as far as I know I've been respectful and followed the guidelines to use the app. However, tinder has now got my account in...

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Feb 07, 2018

Tinder - tinder subscription

Tinder has debited an annual payment of $209 from my account when it is supposed to be a monthly payment of $17. You've left me so freaking poor you [censor]. Google play wont refund when it say...

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Feb 03, 2018

Tinder - tinder gold - case no. [protected]

Hi, I have sent various emails to Tinder for help & the problem could not be resolved. In fact, Tinder has totally stopped responding to my emails as evidenced below. Please very kindly ...

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Tinder - account deletion

My account was deleted (Jan.11 2017) due to a "terms of service violation" but there was no violation listed and also no record of any violation at all. I feel like if there were any such issue the company would at least provide me with what it was that violated the contract and any evidence of it existing so I can either resolve the issue or find out if my account has been hacked. I've never posted inappropriate pictures, or said anything mean to any of the people I've matched with so any physical or digital evidence of the infraction would be useful.


Tinder - just a better application

Instead of just swiping come with a different but better swiping system. The group swip was dope when I traveled I would meet awesome people all over the world. The limit on swipes is good so you make the money but most guys will swipe yes just to get pussy there should be a limit to that lol. Also make it more like a bumble or blendr or hinge kinda app where there fb and instagram have to be real accounts to start with the dating application. Either way just trying to help better the app I found awesome friends on there and happy what about all the other wild time tinder has brought.

Jan 20, 2018

Tinder - teen daughter may have an account

My teenage daughter (16) came to me this morning saying she received a message from a guy stating he found her on tinder. She came to me to try and figure out what is going on as soon as she received the message. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to find out if she has one and who created it. She has had an issue with a woman she works with so I need to know if you can tell me if it is this woman or someone she goes to school with so I know who I need to contact other than you. Thank you for your time. I can be emailed at [protected]@yahoo.com my name is Sharonda Lockwood and my daughter's name is Mikenna Jackson.

Jan 18, 2018

Tinder - someone is using my name

Someone has made an account using my name and pictures. I have never made a tinder account because I am married. I have been with my husband for 9 years and this is causing an issue. I have had...

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Tinder - misuse of cell phone numbers

My name is Priscilla Cutlip and I would like to report a person who is using my cell phone number to catfish women. I've received several text messages from random people who send me inappropriate...

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Dec 28, 2017

Tinder - tinder gold refund

hey guys i would currently like a refund on my tinder gold account i purchased last night for $209 as i read the description from what i understood from your wording it was only costing $18 a month which is affordable., but it has taken out the whole $209 as i cant afford that. i also know there is a 7 day cooling down period by law., i purchased this last night at 7:36pm on the 28/12/17.


Tinder - subscription

I purchased tinder gold membership for one month, only. My account was debited in Nov and now again in Dec. I would like a refund for the Dec debit. Also, this gold membership is questionable... The...

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Dec 21, 2017

Tinder - banned for no reason

HI my account on tinder was banned for no reason. I got an email saying i violated the terms of service and therefore my account was deleted. I went through all the terms of service and community...

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Dec 18, 2017

Tinder - fake tinder account

Dear Tinder,

it has come to my attention that someone has been using my own personal photos under an account called Emma (aged 18) this is a fake account, and please if you could reassure me that this will be reported and deleted as they are using my photos to catfish other people .

Please get back to me on this when the account has been deleted,

Thank you,

Poppy Nunn


Tinder - made purchase but did not receive what I paid for

On the 15/9/2017 I made 3 purchases via the Tinder App. 2 were for $53.99 to receive 60 Super likes and another was for $139.99 for annual subscription. These have not been mad available to me and I am still using the free, standard usability for this app. There are no contact details for Tinder so I am unable to put the complaint forward to them. Basically I believe I have not received what I paid for.

Dec 13, 2017

Tinder - scam fake profile

I met a guy about two weeks ago claimto be in Army against My better judgment I download an app called Kik any ways honey did not add up please stop this guy I am smart but most woman are desperate...

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Tinder - subscription

I deleted tinder over a month ago and it's still charging me. I wish to end my subscription. I was under ther impression that I paid for a tinder plus with a one month subscription but apple billing...

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Dec 11, 2017

Tinder - tinder

Dear Complaints Team, Re: Romance Fraud Complaint, I would like to report a 'Romance Fraud' which recently happened with a person found on Tinder App. I started an online relationship with one...

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Tinder - tinder gold

Hello, it's impossible to cancel my subscription to tinder gold. This is robbery. I've tried everything and there is no option to cancel it and manage subscriptions button is nowhere to be found on my app. Please cancel my subscription to tinder gold before you rob me again. It's linked...THIS IS MY HARD EARNED MONEY, so please next time before charging, think this- there more stuff we need to do apart from dating.

Dec 10, 2017

Tinder - plus subscription

When I try to open tinder it says that my account is under review. Then it says "you have been warned too many times." I've never been warned, not even once about anything. I'm sure I'm not violating the guidelines. I paid for a full month of tinder plus but I'm not able to use it and I'm not getting what I paid for. They're taking too long to review and want my account back.

Tinder - very few profiles to swipe through all of a sudden

Hi Tinder support

Thank you for a great app I've been using for almost a year now with great experiences.

However, there is a big issue, which has been a problem for a little over a month now.

I don't know what has happened or if this is just a problem on the Danish Tinder app. But now there are way, way less profiles to swipe through than there used to be.

Usually when I hadn't been on Tinder for a day I would get around 100 profiles or even more to swipe through. Now I get around 10 profiles or a little more but no more than 20 profiles (unless visiting other cities). I've always searched in a 50 km radius.

It worries me if Tinder has made an update that for some reason results in giving me only around 10 % the profiles I used to get as I historically need many profiles to get a match. I don't want to look for competitor apps before I've consulted you, but I'm afraid that will be my solution unless you can solve the issue for me.

Please let me know if you need further information from me in order to help.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Update by Sporally
Dec 09, 2017

Forgot to mention that my Tinder username is Sporally while my in-app display name is Casper Jensen.

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