TicketmasterFailure to supply tickets


I bought tickets online to a concert for my girlfriend and friends, I chose the option for them to be sent to my home via mail, as I have before, knowing we would be late due to having to work that day. I was sent confirmation that they had been printed and was waiting there arrival. No tickets, so I e-mailed there customer service and was told they would be waiting at the box office. I wrote back and explained we would be late. I got no response. I then called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do. We decided to go anyway. After driving the 200 miles to the venue, guess what, the box office was closed!$500 and 8 hours of my time and no concert! I can not understand why they are so unwilling to fulfill their legal obligation! Needles to say the only concerts I will be going to is ones that don't sell through Ticketmaster!

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