TicketmasterEmbarrassment! Tickets not accepted because of Ticketmaster screw up!

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If you really want to be embarrassed, just buy tickets from Ticketmaster, the biggest, most arrogant evil in the entertainment mega-industry. Bought tickets to see Garrison Keillor at the Fox Theater in Atlanta months in advance. Had trouble downloading the tickets to print. Called Ticketmaster, and, to make sure everything was safe (for me, that is, because Ticketmaster sure as Hell doesn't give a damn, Scarlett), I backed them up as a PDF file. After a lengthy and frustrating time with the usual over-worked, under-educated rep, the tickets printed. They sat on the calendar for months. Not a word. All is well. Arrive at the Fox for the show. Line up with the rest of the sheep, get to the door, scan tickets. "You can't enter. The ticket scan says these tickets are to be refunded." All the way back to the ticket booth. Guy takes the print tickets and disappears for a long time. Back with a poorly hand written piece of crap to get in. Never saw our tickets again. "Ticketmaster said that the tickets had been printed twice, so they stopped your using them. You can go in now." Frustration, anger, embarrassment. Not over yet! Take the piece-of-crap hand-written ticket in, usher glances, sends us in, second usher listens in the roar of the crowd, glances at hand-written p-o-c and seats us. There we are about where row T should be, twenty or so rows back. "Sir, please come with me!" New Gestapo dressed super, er, Uber-Usher demands that we follow. "You're in row C not T." Re-seated, seething. (By the way, never trust the Fox about row C or row T. Row C was behind quite a few rows crammed in with temporary seating in front of it, so row C was a literal bait-and-switch as far as a third row seat. So was row T. NEVER use Ticketmaster. Skip the show. Why bother. They don't care! They'd sell tickets for their own burning, if they thought they could give the customer less-than-nothing for a fee. Piece of crap all around.


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      May 13, 2012

    POT meet kettle. You're stalking the OP's.

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      May 27, 2012

    Ah, using the "this is a public forum card" as an excuse to air your dirty laundry. Nice try.

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      May 27, 2012

    You recognised that there was a printing error and that is unfortunate. However, it did not have any issue on your ability to actually see the concert. Ticketmaster was actually trying to prevent you from having issues with seeing the concert by putting a flag on your tickets. This prevents someone from hacking into your account and printing off tickets you purchased so they can show up and see the show instead. You would have been writing a letter to TM if they didn't have these security measures in place asking them how they can let more than one copy be printed.

    You never saw your tickets again is incorrect. You never saw your printout again, sure, but what difference does that make? Why would you care if you got back that particular print out? And the handwritten tickets would be an issue to take up with the venue, not a fault of Ticketmaster. Besides which, you did get in to see the show.

    AS for your issues with the ushers etc, that has nothing to do with Ticketmaster, that is an issue with the venue.

    I have used ticketmaster myself on many occasions, will-call, printing off and mailed tickets, and have never had any issues. It is a shame that you did have a minor printing issue, but all the other events that followed were issues due to the Venue and not Ticketmaster itself.

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