Thrifty Rent A Carthrifty are thieves - unethical administrative toll charges

T Mar 23, 2016 Review updated:

Beware of renting a car from Thrifty particularly if there are highway toll charges. They operate the biggest scam of charging a $15 administrative fee per toll in Florida without explaining it to customers in advance. Once you unknowingly sign the rental agreement there is not much one can do to dispute the charges. Contacting Customer Service is useless as they tell you to fight it out with the Collection agency. I rented a car for 1 day in Cape Canaveral to take my children to Universal Studios. Car rental was $36 for the day, toll charges were $12, administrative fee $105 ($15 per toll x 7 tolls). Total cost for that 5 hr rental was $153 USD = $201 CAD! This is highway robbery and Thrifty are THIEVES! I have been a travel agent for 26 years, rented cars worldwide and have never come across such poor business practices! Other than launching a lawsuit, the only way I can fight back is to never recommend them to my clients and spread the word about their terrible scam and their malicious ways of making money from innocent customers!


  • T
      Jul 15, 2017

    The sent me a toll bill for $3.33 and added $60.00 administration fee...Thieves blatant overcharging.. I will not pay $60.00 but will pay $15.00 plus toll which other companies charge. NEVER EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

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  • J
      Sep 05, 2017

    First time I rented from thrifty and it wil be the last. They are cheaters. Trying to get your money. They sent me a bill for 33.33 for a 3.50 toll.
    There is no way I will pay this or any of the new toll bills coming. They should send you the toll bill form the Port Authority and give you a chance t o pay it w/o charging you an exorbitant admi fee. Highway robbery.

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  • K
      Sep 28, 2017

    Well now you have no choice but to pay the fee because they will charge the credit card that was used for the rental if you don't pay by the due date. They won't EVER get my business again and besides that, the car SUCKED, too. Dirty and nasty smelling.

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  • C
      May 18, 2018

    Thrifty just billed me $225.00 for tolls in and around Miami, Florida. The problem is, I was never in Florida. I rented a car in Raleigh, N.C., and used it in North Carolina and Virginia. When I called Thrifty, I was advised I should pay the bill, and if they determined I was billed in error, I would receive a credit on my credit card. I told the "agent" I would be contacting the Attorney General in my state, and you can deal with them.

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