Thorntonsemployee conduct

J Nov 11, 2018

I went into Thorntons on Mannheim in Bellwood as I always do sometimes twice a day. And as always on the weekends I run into the ignorant employees of course because the manager is not there! She went on as to how she had to charge me for cheese for my nachos when the sign clearly says UNLIMITED toppings mind you there was no cheese on my nachos as you normally would do in the container. so where was the extra cheese? She continued to get ghetto and proceeded to say well your shopping in the hood when I asked her why the attitude! When I asked her name first she said Denay then after the incident she gave me a receipt for $15.00 of pre paid gas with a name of Akaria.?! I didn't pump any gas i got nachos and a drink! My husband got the last of the incident on video. Shes the cashier in the middle. I will be calling corporate and the store manager this weekend behavior of employees is unacceptable they need to hire better quality employees like they have during the week mornings those employees are A+ but the young weekend girls need not be there.

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