Thompson Cigareverything

C Nov 13, 2018

What a scam of a "business." Dont do it!!! About a month after ordering $80 worth of cigars we decided to order again. As I'm on the phone about a question I'm told I need to go through "age verification" because it's my first time ordering. Well if you read the above correctly you'll see that I in fact ordered one time before without this mythical "age verification." I agreed to go through "age verification" and that consisted of the very confused sounding customer service agent reading my address back to me.

Not 3 hours later customer service calls back and tries to essentially trick me into buying a monthly box of cigars. They made it seem like something was wrong with my current order, asked me what type of cigars I liked and not 5 seconds later I was told it would be like $180 a month. The audacity!!! If I see 1 penny on my credit card bill from them that I did not authorize, they better pray they got some good lawyers on hand.

These types of people are what's wrong with this country. Tricking and scamming people into buying your product because you can't sell without it. I'm thoroughly disgusted and I wholeheartedly regret sending my money to you in the first place. When every response to a negative yelp review is "we apologize for the inconvenience we've caused you" you might want to rethink your business practices.

I will never ever ever buy cigars and accessories from here ever again and I urge you to do the same. Find somewhere reputable, because this is not it.

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