The United States Social Security Administrationcancelled appointment and inability to provide basic medicare information or to redirect me

In September, I called the 800 number and requested an appointment at the local SSA office to obtain answers to medicare related questions. The Representative told me if you are enrolled in social security you automatically get Medicare. There is no need for an appointment. I explained that I still had questions and wanted an appointment. When I arrived at the office on October 7, I was told the appointment had been cancelled with no explanation for why it had been cancelled. I was also told that there were no appointments available that day and that the next appointment was not until November. I was also told that they were not able to answer any Medicare related questions. I was given a pamphlet and told to go online for information. This contradicts the information in the pamphlet that was provided which clearly lists Social Security as a source for additional information.
I have since begun researching answers to my questions on line. My concern is for other individuals who may be seeking this type of information and who do not have the resources to deal with cancelled appointments and the staff's lack of interest in assisting them. Staff need training on how to be proactive in resolving problems rather than simply passing people off to a website.

Oct 08, 2019

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