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the social security administration is a very flawed and corrupt system and place to do anything. They put people who arent on disability, on disability, because they have abusive family members who can do this. They do not give disability to people who need it and the system is a big scam and hoax. Worse, if you have disability, they will give you all sorts of false information, screw up your financial info, lie to you etc. They will allow abusive payees who want control to run your financial life and won't let you change that. The people who work there are blatant liars and will make up false information and lie to people constantly. The Social security administration is one of the worst groups out there, with the way their stupid offices full of incompetent lying people handle everything. This is a system in a civilized top notch country that does this to people?

Update by danjohnson45
Jan 25, 2011 8:59 pm EST

social security is so members can actually file for benefits for people and trick them into signing papers---then they can become their payee...and control their this stupid flawed system adn the person isnt even disabled! Then the family members can use the system to control the person and abuse them in various forms...and the person who is victimized cant' even get off disability because there is a procedure to do so...what kind of stupid corrupt bad system is this...? people have no rights or anything and others can control their lives at the drop of a hat... this can happen to anyone so beware...of this bad stupid system designed to ruin people's lives...BUT if you have a serious disability and are in dire need of dont get disability! its pretty cool...if you lie or corrupt family members lie...they get disability but if someones disable they get nothing...just lie and you can get waht you want anywhere apparently...


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Lakewood CA, US
Jan 15, 2022 11:37 am EST

I was born and raised in the USA.
I retired from a City job but I worked in the private industry long enough to obtain SSI.
In the day I retired I was told and have proof that I’d receive $677 per month.
Immediately following that I received a letter indicating that they’ve reduced it to $292 per month. When I called and asked for the reason
The clerk said “you receive enough pension from your City pension and you don’t need more.”
I asked for reconsideration. That was two years ago. Still nothing. During that time I had bought a home and used their promise of $677
As part of loan qualifications. I got a part time job to make up the difference. I pay into SSI at my job. Now, SSI wrote to me and said they’re not giving me another check for 4 months because I made too much money. That place is so screwed up. I know foreign people who receive up to $1200 per month and the never worked an honest day inside the USA and never had paid a penny to SSI and they’re nothing but dirty filthy pigs.

Carlo Rossi
Deltona, US
Mar 17, 2014 10:02 am EDT
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In the spring of 2006, the Veterans Administration became the biggest
bungler of all time with 26.5 million social security numbers misplaced
by an employee taking home a laptop computer and software disc.
Still the agency hasn't learned any precautionary lessons among most of
its after-hours 24/7 Tele-Care Line nurses (usually middle-aged,
linear-minded bossy women, some okay, most not). Admittedly I think
presumptions are manifested by abusive, belligerent veterans sadly
finding I’m no angel needing to work hard at not becoming one of those
myself. Throwing her authoritative weight around, one will
badger the veteran to state his/her [full] Social Security number over
the phone. For me, it’s a stressful argument that ensues along the lines
of pointless sparring, only to find that some Tele-Care nurses get a charge out of delaying my prescription refills, not to mention disrupting rescheduled/cancelled appointments.
Exasperation (perhaps at both ends of the phone) often finds me
disconnected for an “attitude problem” simply because I refuse with
resolute firmness not to surrender my full SSN giving hard examples:
that for those very security breaches misplaced in 2006, I am mandated
by the VA Healthcare System policy to ID only the last four digits of my
SSN (i.e.: *** ** 0999) – this being the very reason the VA Healthcare
System itself, directs client vets at help desks about to state their
full social security number to stand in queue behind a red line painted
on the floor waiting his/her turn behind another vet being served!
Uh-uh! "Not so. …No, no it doesn’t work that way" sayeth the
mean-spirited Tele-Care ‘stranger’ from ‘who knows where’.
Digging in her heels to waste my valuable time to play this absurd game,
what this veteran can expect next is a roundabout, nonsensical lecture
on the whys and wherefores of the Tele-Care nurse’s absolute need for my
full Social Security number. It always turns out that I
finally get honked off and pull the plug on the entire tank of bullying
by lying to the nurse that this Tele-Care call I’ve just made on a cell
phone is within earshot of strangers who can jot it down and make off
with it. Funny how all of a sudden a little neutralizing psychology
finds it’s perfectly okay for the bullying Tele-Care nurse to readily
accept the last four of my Social Security number continuing on—service

Richmond, US
Sep 09, 2011 5:30 am EDT

I have had disability for about 3 yrs now, since being on it they have changed my payment about 9 or more times. Nothing has changed in my household. The bottom of the letters in in my state say that you can make no more than 2, ooo dollars a month so I don't understand why they keep decreasing the amount. To add to my mysery my daughter was receiving ssi also because of emotinal issues. Social Security has stopped her money because of what I receive. In the beginning I received 970.00 dollars and my daughter around 640. They then gave each of my children 250, well because they don't want you to survive they have taken my oldest payment from her and she is in college part time my youngest now receives 445. I dont receive food stamps and it is hard keeping my household bills down with just the 970 and 449 now they want to take me down to 855 for medicare payment. I just dont understand what is going on I set up an appointment to discuss what is going on they said they sent out a letter with my appointment which i never received, but I received their denial for a meeting because I was a no show for an appointment I never got. I am now trying to obtain a lawyer because of this. I also believe they are liars and people who have very little knowledge of the law.

Lakewood CA, US
Jan 15, 2022 11:39 am EST
Replying to comment of Beliciouse

I hope you win your case.

no hate
anyplace, US
Jun 28, 2011 5:45 pm EDT

Why are you picking on Jews? Is racism a disability? No its only a very sickening attitude. I have not recieved one single death threat from SSA since SSA cut off my SSI/SSDI and I have to tell you: there is life after SSA. For 40 years SSA harassed me with size 10 font and smaller. I cannot see that small print and they refuse to enlarge it. Advocates are like buzzards circling me. I would rather starve and freeze than be a slave to SSA or to these advocacy scams.

Reno, US
May 07, 2011 7:29 pm EDT

I totally agree that they are liars and will do anything to keep you down and try to pimp you out once you are homeless and on the street. That's what they have been trying to do to me from day one. I have been disabled since 12 years old and am a liability under current laws which means i cannot get work anywhere due to prior injury that could reoccur and then i could sue my employer. So they lie and say that i was not disabled before age 22 so they can keep me at the lowest posible payroll and try to slave me out ### a sex servant to homosexuals. I am not and will never be a prostitue or a homosexual. These people should goto prison for what they do to people. Everyone else that has had my surgery before they were 22 as i did were put on juvenile disability despite the age at which they filed, however in my case the lie to say each case is individual, which is a falsehood. Disability can be determined by physician at time of xrays and you can be classsified disabled by the surgery that is performed. I want these people in prison! Lower lumbar boney spinal triple fusion @ age 13, first private practice test case. My doctor promised disability if i volunteered and i was never given until i was 27, wtf! I hate these jews so bad!

Dawn Chappuis
wheaton, US
Apr 18, 2011 4:47 pm EDT

I am disabled and getting SSI but may not be for long. It took me six years to get it, lost my home in the wait. Now back on my feet just barely they are bent out of shape be cause my son turned 18 yrs old. They are asking me to prove things I can't, he was home schooled and legally I don't have to prove he is still in school according to my states rules. So I told them don't count him now they say my husbands whole income will count, he only mad 11, 000 dollars last year for a family of four. How do they think people are supposed to live? It is much deeper than this but I could type for days about all the crap they want and are putting us through! We are just getting by. And to make things worse the woman I am dealing with says she is trying to help me but she is rude and wont listen to me sounds agitated all the time, trying to help RIGHT.

wichita, US
Mar 06, 2011 7:38 pm EST

I fight for my Sons' Disability being harrassed that I make too much money (although he is over 18) when I indeed make less than 21K a year! Yet my ex sister in law is on SSI because she claims she is mental and fakes additions and claims she wants to be a man or she'll [censored]! Then laughs about it when telling others how she got on! Take her off and lets see what happens! Frauds the State for Food Stamps also, lies about living arrangements! Yet my son who has problems functioning in society fights for any type of assistance! Clean out the system and start over!

Dothan, US
Feb 18, 2011 11:58 pm EST
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There are many families here in my small town, the mother and at least one of the adult offspring (some cases more) get SSI. Most all grown men). They all get food stamp separately. (in some households thousands in food stamps, yet they always run out of food. I think they sell the food stamps. They all got lump in tens of thousands (up to $36, 000). Some of the families had to move out their houses and back together because they were kicked out for not paying rent. Most of the men got SSI in there 20s or 30s claiming they suddenly became illiterate and can't read are so depressed that they can no longer take care of themselves. No matter the fact that as they are telling social security that can't read, count or see after themselves, they do just fine in the various illegal "businesses". They count and change money with great ease, keep up with their inventories. They know how do complex thinking as to how they know how to walk into a store and somehow with their simple thinking go through the thought process it takes to shoplift (even expensive items, gold jewelry, perfumes, cameras..) read the tags, labels just fine to know what items they know will sell best, hide the goods (some large items, shoes, coats jeans. bundled socks, purses..). They think how to get themselves out the stores undetected, negotiate prices, sell the items, make the deal. Every few days they repeat the whole process over and over. As for the other "business" that's everyday, they take in buyers, count the money, make the change, measure out any amount of the product for each sell. They do all this with ease and quickness, all this while talking on their cell phones, playing video games, basketball. cards and so on. After they got approved for SSI they seem to no need to Seek treatment for their so called impairments. They have not seen any type medicals professional since the day they got the decision in their favor, years in most cases. Strange isn't it, how they got instantly cured after receiving years of back pay and monthly checks. As i stated above they are functioning great now. They have no physical impairments at all. They are strong healthy young men. They can stoop, bend, stand all day, sit in any position, walk and run, lift ( weights that weigh up to 300lbs) All have 1, 2, 3, 4, most by different mothers, who they offer no support of any kind for. The thousands they got and some are getting still in SSI installments back pay last a few days at best, with nothing to show where the money went, even the money made in their "side" businesses. I don't see the common sense in someone in my condition, in constant pain, with every responsibility responsible adults have, worked from my teens until my disability made it I could not work at age 50 years 9 months should have to my benefit date offset over 4 years back. While healthy, strong young men, who work under the table (legal and illegal) lie and get disability, onset 4 or more years back, get tens of thousands dollars. They are rewarded for for their fraud. Working people have to also support their kids. Seems if a person worked all her/his life to have decent life becomes disable in the latter years and can no longer work, SSA punishes the person for being responsible, and truthful. And I am telling you the truth.

These are just people I've observed. I'm sure people living in other communities are just as fraudulent, and cheated their way into disability as well.

Dothan, US
Feb 18, 2011 9:41 pm EST
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So correct, what can we do?