The Salvation Army USAthe manager of the location was super rude!


So today I went to shop at the location by my house, it was not my first time at this location. Every time we go there is a lady with black hair, about 5 0", she is kind of chubby, she always treats us SUPER RUDE as if were asking her to give us thing for free or if we were homeless, and she almost kicked us out the store, my husband is DISABILITY and shouldn't have been treated this way. She kept making fun of us with her co-worker in Spanish while pointing at us in the store. When i tried to talk to her she said I can treat you the way I want I am the manager here. I can't describe how rude she was with us, I couldn't hold my tears after she did that to me. She refused telling me her name when I asked her, I have two receipts with me from today one has name "Nicole", Reg: "RDBM07270", the second named "Maricela", Reg:"RDBQ06423". Store number: 95.3.
I don't know how you let RUDE worker with [censor] customer scervice work there. I'm not stepping into this place no more.

My email: marsilinou.[protected]

The Salvation Army USA
The Salvation Army USA

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