The Salvation Army USAprescription help. brainerd, mn

2 Aug 16, 2018

I asked for help with a prescription, the woman who handles the prescription services received my prescription from cub foods. When I went back to speak with her she was very upset already. She starts screaming at me about what the prescription was for. I am a disabled, depressed woman already. She tells her whole office about my request grabs my paperwork and folder very aggressively, insists I call my doctor to have him switch my medication. There were people waiting that listened and saw her terrible conduct. Her co-workers each came into the office to get a look at me. I feel I was discriminated for my medications and she actually took my folder and made copies of paperwork that I received earlier, it had nothing to do with this visit. I am embarrassed and she made me cry. I would like nobody else to suffer at this workers discrimination.. It was at the Brainerd, Mn crow wing county office. People were waiting for the food shelf listening to this woman scold me.. My phone number is [protected]. My name is Cristy Becker. She also made sure to tell me about how low her budget was and what I was requesting was ridiculous. She waited until she calmed down to tell me there is a 200$ limit. She should have stated this prior to humiliating me. Thank you in advance please feel free to email me back at [protected] or call my cell..
Cristy Becker

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