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Recently booked a 3 day get away with my sisters Friday 27th sep the Saturday we was due to go to liver pool for the day after everyone was seated on the coach the driver asked everyone to get off the coach has he was at the wrong hotel. So we waited a hour and half at the hotel for the same driver to turn up and tell us someone has taken his passengers from another hotel so he had to take us... So we didn't get the full day in Liverpool.. The day to come home the coach should of picked us up at 1pm but it never arrived we got told it was because of a accident on the motorway but we was left 4 and half hours.. We had to pay for drinks and food at hotel my sisters birthday was the Sunday she had to cancel her party that was arranged has we couldn't get home.. The holiday was great but on both days the coaches was horrendous.. If 1 day was delayed that would of been acceptable but not both days.. Why was other hotels picked up at 1 o'clock but our hotel was left... We stayed at the Prince of Wales hotel in Southport.. We wanted to book another get away but with the messing about we had with the travel we are not too sure..we paid all together £405 but can't justify that amount now with getting messed around Yours sincerely Gillian Powell 7 greaves avenue lupset Wakefield wf2 8ay [protected] ref number R760751 #1
Tour ref number 5332H 1

Oct 03, 2019

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